System Of A Down - Revenga live (HD/DVD Quality)

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The Dreaded Salt Packet
Julien Genty
SOAD will NEVER make a NEW ALBUM Me : 2:59
Someone: Hey, how's life? Me: 2:59 Someone: Ah, I see.
2:59 everytime i step on a lego
Collingsworth Gilbert
John must surely be one of the world's top drummers
Federico Vázquez
0:09 "You know, there's a lot of melody happening, there's a lot of harmony happening within vocals"... 2:59 ...
Katie Frank
Some day, I want to be as happy as Serj Tankian rocking out an itty bitty little keyboard.
what that drummer's doing during the chorus is simply amazing
Logan West
Those drums are just sick.... It's the greatest drumming I've seen in a god damn while.
Varg Succorbenuth
John is the shit man!!!! Amazing drummer
Fernando Rosas
This gotta be the most flawless and tightest soad performance ever; John's playing is just fucking insane, Daron didnt miss a single note and the guitar tone was in point, and the keyboard gives it a symphonic metal touch, its a shame they hardly perform like this :(
2:59 = My life
Daron looks 500% done with everyone's shit. Then there's Serj who looks so joyful and happy to be playing his little keyboard. Idk man this video just makes me so happy cx
Damn, John is one hell of a drummer. 2:02 That is amazing.
David Rangel
Aww Serj's jamming out on the little keyboard!
sickle cell
I love the bass line in this song . The bass is always left aside 
Ivor Panno
John speaking! <3
fazy lucker
Doctor: You may take away all your burdens by shouting Me: 2:59 Doctor: Security
Drake Davis
It's unfortunate because Daron Malakian has matured and become a better guitarist, while Serj is aging and losing his voice. You can just hear the difference because he's not hitting those regular Serj notes.
derposaurus rex
3:00 my cats at 3 in the morning, when I'm trying to sleep
Brainwashing Sako
Serj's scream brought tears to my eyes. That was beautiful
The Dreaded Salt Packet
3:00 when brother does not give you the oats you so desperately desire.
Lars Erik Brobakken
Love all the comments, they are spot on for once here on youtube. John was simply crazy here, and Serj's scream could give an orc nightmares.
Tripped me out that John started the song with a vest, then finished without..
Enoch Nox
I just had an eargasm
Tobias TK
2:59 are you okay?
Juan Lopez
these type of shows is when S.O.A.D didn't do drugs that day. EPIC PERFORMANCE [:
Buckethead was а Dadaist
2:59 - Where can I find 10-hour version of this scream???
+ObeyYourSysteM  Damn, everytime I search for any SoAD songs the video is from your channel! Keep up the good work! :)
Omar Bernal
Lastima que con el tiempo Serj este perdiendo ese toque que tenia en esos momentos :"(
3:00 When I see Donald Trump naked.
Jasmine McAvoy
Did anyone else notice John's shirt disappear
Felipe WF
Oh my sweet revenge!
Kello []
It's crazy because the drum on the chorus, every limb is doing some sort of pattern and the way John can do it so fast and not miss a beat a fucking amazing
best band ever
Insigne Plays
2:59 Remember 2015, this scream.. 2:59 Lembra 2015, esse grito...
Javascript Kiddie
2:59 when there's a spider in your shower
I love this live version so much better Serj and Daron harmonize so well.
Sand Castle
Damn! John is so hot that even his shirt dissapeared during the song
Robert River
I love them so much.
Perfectly Imperfect
Serj playing on his tiny keyboard is the most precious thing that I've ever seen
Es malo que ya se esté convirtiendo en costumbre escuchar esto al menos una vez al día?
El loro Master Race
realmente muy buen canal amigo
Porraaa 😍😍🎶🎶🎶🎶
Orel Arokidas
Serj is so happy :D i love your channel my man
Eva-Luca Theunisse
When are people finally gonna admit Daron is a better singer than Serj
Clementine!!!!! The Walking Dead!!!!! :,D
SOAD is an Armenian American band, yet Serj is the only that doesn't have an American accent when he speaks lol I think it's because he's the oldest
Caio Araujo
People saying serj cant sing like this anymore are totally wrong, he is a total different singer nowadyas but sure he can scream like this, easily...
Deus Ex Machina
-Men, are u ok? -3:00 -Ok .__.
3:00 coolest screams ever
Beeseless_Beese_Churger _
RIP Serj’s vocals
Serj's Weird Al Yankovic era
Jhidan's #87
My Sweet Clementime....
2:59 When my favorite video game crossover ship was ruined by canon preferences.
Darons voice during the chorus should have been lowered so Serj's is louder. I like Serj's voice better for the chorus
Saviør Allef WØŁF
Foda pra Caralho
Pan con mantequilla
2:59 Everytime they announce a new album but is a lie.
I actually like the scream.
2:59 When she keeps sucking.
DDevil Sako
2:59 Daron: Watch this sick solo! Serj: AAAUUGGHHHHH
Vandriy. iD
John can talk?
MakeLove NotWar
3:57-3:59 all the group headbanging. And also Daron looking funny
Debra Wynne
My favourite song buy system of a down
Hadsunn c
2:59 - that's how Serj lost his voice
Jael Geerman
legend has it that john drumming burned off his vest that he had at the start of the song
El Ganzo Loko
3:00 mi pixula
Wow, what a way to sing at the begining...Amazing!!
Muf Fin
I've never actually heard John and Shavo's voice before
McQueen 95X
where is the guy that comment the lyrics?!
Даша Саратовцева
◕‿◕ I love this song
Poke Alexis Z
2:59 That scream!! *~*
I just laughed tears at 3:00, rofl
Madison Stafford
This is amazing and so is SOAD...but it doesn't sound normal. It doesn't sound like them
Omar Lopez
Watching them live it really makes me respect them more due to how hard most of their songs are to sing including this one in my opinion dreaming must be the hardest one to perform live since the only time they have done it was a small part when they were in Armenia
Thomas Grandsire
Kaan Cel
2:59 = When its been 8 years and you still making WoOaAAaaaAAAAaAaAAaA joke YANITLA
Clayton Ward
So anyone else picture Ross from friends on the keyboard?
peter sanchez
estos alex lora tocan muy bien
I would love to get high then watch this :3
I loveeee This channel
rebel_mindset !!
flawless performance! !
Poke Alexis Z
My sweet revenge🎵 OH!
Well done!
Diablok 62
<3<3<3 O_O <3<3<3
Kenny Keelan
What was with the vocals on this performance? Levels off, harmonies off, just... not up to their standard, I feel.
Silvia Crespo
Is it me or Daron isn't as crazy on stage as he used to be? :(
Jesús Núñez
2:59 cuando te subes la bragueta del pantalón y te agarra las bolas
given name
Its all a recording..
Lewd CauseNewd
2:59 Me when i find triple A batteries
ztirom kip
they were even faster than on the album.... poor john XD
Troy Scarlett
The Drummer in the hook, all I hear is "dingding dingdingding ding-" you get the idea
Jose 11
Creo que serj ese concierto lo iso enfermo por que todas las canciones de ese concierto son con esa voz de serj
Caio Araujo
Mr. PopoAMV's
What makes soad great is the fact that they have that metal that makes your heart race and screem combined with the musicality that makes it beautiful and very pleasing to the ear
Scott Sullivan
imagine these guys at Woodstock 99