Five Nights In Anime 3 ALL JUMPSCARES

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Excuse me YouTube Why are you recommending me this
Master Thg
The Only Horror Here Is Your Parents Walking Into Your Room
Angel Vazquez
Sustos que dan gusto :v
Chris Hatfield
It's 5 nights at Freddys but bit titty anime women are coming for you: immediately opens all the doors and blows all the power
Cody Hyzims
1:41 What the hell was that for?!
Greasy Grape
It's large, It's thick, *AND IT'S OUT OF CONTROL!!!*
Zeke Chan
1:11 Yes! You caught me off guard, Now Piss Off!
I love anime, but... what?
Ninja SF
In normal fnaf game : *Tries to save some power for lights and doors* In this game : *Wastes all the power left*
black Squidward
FAP FAP FAP FAP 👀 Don't judge me I know your doing it too
Like si venistes por la miniatura
Ticci toby Lover 97
Also, I just now notice there’s a key blade I love kingdom hearts.
micheal afton but a horny teen
Ticci toby Lover 97
It’s so hot it won’t let me subscribe it keeps saying error. 🥺💔
ReallyGoodGirl TM
Search "FNIA all jumpscare" *A few moment later* Search "How to escape from the FBI"
I Swear I Had Pants On When I Clicked On This Video.......
Zuzka Vajbarová
Look at that cup on the table.... Maybe Alphys from is security.
Rocked WAW
Imagine your girlfriend walking in on you seeing this
M4RC0 [87]
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Best jumpscares ever
Looks good.
This game just refuses to die
I'm watching you
Phone Boi
*sighs* *u n z i p s p a n t s*
Ok now to remove this from my history... lemme wash my hands first actually
Solana HD
Por que esto es monsters incorporainet... Sustos q dan gustos
Vasilina Pro8
Что тоже ищешь русский комментарий? С тебя лайк❤️
dr wolf
Huh... fun time chica slaps you
Annonymous Watcher
*Knocking on the door* FBI OPEN UP!!
Neal Young
Casual Man
I was expecting someone yelling "baka!!" And then slap me. Kinda dissapointed
dis isnt anime dis is hentai
ItzIsaiah 0405
Always use incognito mode.
mincraft fanbase
I am a simple person I saw hentai,I watch it
Hunter Bennett
My favorite one is the last one where she just cuts the crap and slaps you.
Greasy hair
This game as a great story line.
Tedi Tesfaye
*Door Knocking Intensifies* FBI OVER HERE OPEN UP
Kid Gohan
The SMACC that KNOCKS you back Oh shi-
GibranAs 3
Like si eres mexicanote y estás en septiembre sin fap :'v ya no Yupi el ganso está feliz
Berleezys Chair
Is about to get jumpscared* VIVA LA FRANCE ZIS IS MY CHANCE
Cezio Alvert
I love this game UwU 😍😍😍😍
Akane• •Tsunamori•
No continue...
Punadian Prime
i entered between youtube and pornhub again
DeXend PR
Me: watches the video. Also me: plays the game *OPENS ALL DOORS, OPENS LIGHTS. DESTROYS POWER*
Anime foxy
._. you get slap or kiss Why did mairusu go sfw ;-;
Albin Gaming
More pls XD
Charlotte Dunios
Finally i have mastered the art of "Dick-jutsu" and it felt satisfying because now i can defend myself from aggressive women. Lol
Guards Man
Doc: how did he die? Doc 2: anime tiddies
Quincey ’
My brother said “why my pp hard” i was like “You failed no nit november dude.”
[GD] TheMcChief / QuantumBlaster
fbi wants to *KNOW YOUR LOCATION*
Some amazing anime body pillows.
Dino the Betatt
1:41 What the f*** was that for, Chica?!
What tf do recommendations get too
When Am I ever excited for a Jumpscare. . .
lovely butterfly
*mom walks in* me: I swear the lotion was for my face😓
David Michael Aguilar Vento
les apuesto a que la mayoría le dió click al vídeo por la foto de sus pechos :v
El Kakarot
No mames casi me cago del susto
Jeff and Sal
What did I get my self into? Again... XD
cristina bojorgez
Ya valió verga sensualmente
Moigal Z
Arest this video♿♿♿
1:40 when you wan't to see a sex jumpscared
Julio Neto
Excuse me YouTube Why are you recommending me this
Big Chungus
Hentai was made for a reason guys we don't need this stuff.
Bărbulescu Andrei
Mega milk
ItsMe Wilson.
*you bangs on the door *nobody came out *you bangs harder *And said fbi open up.
Foxy 38
And where is fap-material?
neki0 playz
Im just gonna save this... For "reasons"
Fret Ser10
Las manos me tiemblan
Ryan the phone
THOT patrol's greatest enimies Also the slap at 1:40 put my sides in orbit
Sr kolosus
Que!!!!! Que verga :v
WarriorCats4Life Bloodclan
**cries** I want my mommyyyyyyy 😂
Friend: Shos me any reason you playing with headphones in closed room? Me: look at this fnia jupmscares
Ajsicndosiskxos,sold,edmekeod edpd,o 10/10
Shant PlayZ
Man: doctor but i'm afraid of backstories! Doctor: when did this all start Man: well AGHHHHHHHHHHH
Nice thumb :3
Anime girls are not scary but I love this
Yunato Romero
Someone cosplay? ;) I Neee it!!! >:v
they worked especially hard on the... nevermind... this was in my recommended
Shiny ;3
1:38 Oh hi! :3/ 1:41 AUU ,>3<,
Fireeye12pro ghost
Remember if the FBI doesn't catch you it's legal
Leah Animations
I don't think that these r jumpscares these should be called... *Love Jumps*
Night Mind Fan
Sleepy Autumn
Well, i get scared Of Everything, Anime CAN'T be That Scary. *AAAAAAAAAAAAAMOTHER*
1:42 WTF?
Key Man
You know u came for the thumbnail. In more ways than one....😉
oskt sae2
We should call the freaking FBI!!!
Shadow Marco
"Did i catch you off guard?~" Actually, first time this jumpscared me, YES it DID catch me off guard xD Also, can we just take a moment to realize of how pretty Baby looks in Mairusu's style? SPECIALLY her face, she looks so plain adorable :3
I'm scareoused
Dee Lucky#7's
Getting suffocated by boobs are actually pretty scary. I've been through it and it's not as fun as everyone thinks it is.
Mattronus The Combatibot
Gets bored on watching the vids I usually watch Gets recommended this video
Elim Burnuma Gittide Burnundan Sümük Geldi
0:01 toy on the table looks like Natsuki from DDLC
Zane Playz Survival boy
This is the cops and you going to jail for being a perv Worth it
mikalov [GD]
Angel gaming
Continue? YES PLEASE
Sebastianjose Pérez
like si viniste por la miniatura
Sato Hioshida
A poem for that channel... Roses are red Violets are blue The title is in English Why aren't you?
ZachThe Hero
Welp, looks like my right hands broken now
Nick Tubinovic
Gotta love that youtube recomendation 👍
Poisoned Soul
T h i c c 👀👌