Special Head - Levitating Monk Defies Gravity - America's Got Talent 2013

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Why is he making up all of these lies. He is just doing common street tricks
Boots attached to the ground. Here is the issue: It seems cool because he uses the whole monk/mystic thing. If he said he was a normal magician, this would seem simple. I guess part of it is in presentation, but still...
Brandon Avila
His shoes. I knew it lol. Michael Jackson also used this for his performances. If you look, he has a black cover hiding his feet, making it unable to see.
Abhay Bhangale
why does this fascinate people when almost every other street performer in the US knows these elementary tricks.. its not levitation if some part of your body is still resting on the ground.. many a dancers perform this routine and they don't claim to have magical powers!
X. J. Senior
If only he can perform this in shorts..
أرقام وعجائب
this game was invented by michael jackson
Juhász Istvan
I never met any gurus in Turkey, I havn't even heard of gurus in Turkey and you know... my frieds's a welder, he made some of those invisible chairs for me before... :D
his core is insanely strong
Barry Allen
Yea...Michael Jackson already did this.. and he did it better. 
A. A.
türkiye de guruyla mı tanışmış normalde hindistan da olur o çünkü bizde öyle uçan kaçan yok ama :D
He was clearly on something like a pipe to hold him in place. Look how he walks near the end of the vid lol too obvious
skinny roach
and the first act he had no boots but he needs boots to do the trick. No monk powers or whatever, just a trick. I bet he's not really a monk. Plus monks wouldnt do this type of thing. A monks goal/ what they are supposed to be is enlightened. And you have to not want anything , correct if i am wrong. So competing for a million bucks is something a monk wouldnt and shhouldnt do
isn't that from Michael Jackson, smooth criminal trick where he uses a special shoe and the floor has a nail? LOL
Special Head? Does that mean he gives special head? Because these common street tricks suck. 1st one---he is simply sitting on a pole that goes up from the ground base thru his arm and down to a small seat he sits o0n 2nd one- Jeesh, do I even need to say how this is done.? Special boot that anchors into a screw or strong nail in the floor and has special braces on his leg to keep it straight. But if the built in knee stop breaks, he could hurt his leg/ankle like some people have already done. He shouldn't say he has special powers though as that is an outright lie. Just say it is a trick/illusion like a regular magician.
M.jackson use this trick years ago ....
Lol Michael Jackson is the one who has a patent for the move so pretty much this is Michael Jacksons trick not his
Madi Bootsman
He is ok but did you know he actually wanted to quit before he started?
Chue Khang
he did said somewhere that he was a street performer. so yeah, just like chirs angel and devid blaine. theres some kind of lie behind his act.
MaKuZa Schmontzi
i totally believe this kind of stuff is real but he give it away when he says people refer to it as levitation. a smart placement of words that makes you think and want to believe hes real. word manipulation. lol not a hard thing to do....you can get people to believe anything with simple word manipulation, just gotta know how and be goood at it. if he really was levitating he wouldn't have said it like that. hes usin such simple tricks that are so easily avoided by the eye and mind cuz your just focusing on how weird, and Gregorian hes sounding. i do give him props on the Gregorian chanting but thats exactly what it is in this case is a prop. like i said though i do 100% believe in these kinds of things, but they usually dont quite happen with such ease. but than again that could be the biggest mind manipulation of it all is he wants it to look like a trick, so that makes his word manipulation even trickier to understand. tricky little fellow right there.
David Harty
I smacked my special head when I saw this guy's balancing act.
guys he's using special shoes to go back.michael Jackson made anti-gravity shoes there's a nail under him to keep him from falling
He is wearing boots
Inside Technology
Do that thing in shorts, Its a trick man, see barely he can walk something is attached on his legs.
Ch Leung
There is just a stick running through his legs and supporting his whole body, nothing to be surprised! Simple magic tricks, he is definitely lying.
Juan Javier
he didnt move his right leg at all.....weird
Advertise Robot
There is a very thin line between a Genius to an Insane person... Looking at this guy - the way he acts , the way he presents himself , his stupid fake act , his need to lie and pretend he learnt this crap in Turkey or what not... when he could go to any Magic Store and get a book or order online - this whole "show" of him makes me quite certain he is NOT a genius...  If he was real - why not let James Randy or any magician "test" him ? we would expose him in a second... I'll take his Cane - he drops... I'll take his shoes - he falls... I wouldn't even need to check things - I know EXACTLY how he does it and I can expose him in a second. But he'll never do it... he's INSANE but not CRAZY... ;)
Herin Richard
A guru???, In Turkey???
Bobby Malone
the fact that people are stupid enough to HAVE To explain that this is not real ,shows America is full of morons. MAGIC IS NOT REAL IT'S ILLUSIONS.
He's like from the doctor strange
Turkey Dedi Ünlü Olduk Lan İbneler :DDDDD
Yigit Deveci
Special Head I am one of your fan but there is a big question I want to learn who has taught you to control your body from Turkey ?
0:34 is that Kennedy Davenport?
kaar 999
good trousers
Mustafa Hasan Öztaş
Are u serious? I'm Turkish
You can see in the beginning when he looks for the thing at the floor , than he slips in with his shoe, lol
Stay for the peel porn Pls
0:34 um Kennedy davenport What u doing here?
Alhazeen Alhazeen
This is a trick used by Spichel Head while he was using the used leg chair ... and using the carpet but underneath it is a lock that puts the left foot in it and then the trick is done ... but we did not see it because it was covered with a carpet
Michael Hardy
I can tell you how he done the first trick. He uses reverse magnets within his clothes and the other magnet is in the carpet. This keeps u floating for a bit. I know cos I have a friend who does the same trick and told me how it's done. Simple when u know how.
Alhazeen Alhazeen
الراهب اليهودي الماسوني سبيشل هيد ههههههههههههه. هذا صناعة الرهبان وتسخير الجن وهذه خدعة لانه استخدم كرسي الساق ..... ووضعه بالساق اليسرى.... ويمكن مشاهدته عندما لم يحركها... وتغير شكلها من خلال السروال..... تابع ثانيا الفيدو كرر المشاهد ة 😂😂😂😂
Si Acil
Head 😂
Dagoberto PA
Micael Jackson used a special shoes on 'smoot criminal ' video i guess he is using a similar trick
Kevin Chan
I've seen this trick before, its easy. Magnetic rug and magnetic shoes, no joke. All you need is a bit of strength and your set
If i would there i would say no because he is doing popular street magic tricks that they are revaled
OMG this so brilliant, i couldent unstand how he done this, muste be for real LOLhahahahah
Prince Muneer
Is this a talent 😂 ??
we all know he's wearing a legg skelet.. look how he walks away
Anandhu 123
1:20 trick reveals
Jason Gaviola
He got someone whom we can't see. Illuminati thing
uni chiya
Madi Bootsman
He is ok but did you know he actually wanted to quit before he started?
Mona Lisa
did he use demons?
Fake, Fake, Fake!!!
nickel back
this is not a talent it is a trick
Matrix without special effects
The look on Taylor's face is priceless!
rob shymalan
How much he bought the shoe? If u r magician , u should know what I'm talking about
Julio Carp Jaime
James Potter
Nice hinges you got there
Yaya _Volgz
How has he not lost his voice😂
Muslihiddin Kobilov
полни обман
There is a peg on stage and a little slot in his shoe so he can attach his shoe Michael Jackson already did this year's ago
Avatar Aang?
Aya Kamil
Me: oh I can do that :me *trys it* breaks back :me goes to school with wheelchair and crutches :freind what happend :me special happend I have a special head now
Nghĩa Trần
ghê quá
Rahul Yadav
om,it's a miracle word with a long purnunciation.
mohammad akari
Dude all this is standard street tricks - all u need is the proper equipment >> this guy should be exposed
ॐ Gaias Erben - Gaias Legacy ॐ
all from special head is fake!
закир салимов
Wesley Noggle
put him on pen and teller
Volkan Keskin
turkeyin neresindenmiş bu deli oğlan :D :D
This is bull...
why am i only getting video in my subscriptions 3 years later
Rep Tille
Shut up, don't ruin it. It's real. This world is so sad without magic.
Shining Cloyster
Old and easy trick :P 
stupid americans! It's him shoes and pants... why he was limping at the end of 1:20???
Kevin S
He’s really annoying
Isar Taheri
Fake. Michael Jackson was better
almighty sosa
It’s called black magic or dark magic demonic entity’s
hidden in his pants for the second one. the first one was the old chair under the rug trick.
Mário Sérgio Silva
Esse cara me deixa encabulado , mais o segredo está no bastão , podem reparar ele não deixa ele longe , sempre perto .
This trick: Notice how his calves (lower part of leg) look solid. He is wearing a heavy object on his shin. This negates the effects of gravity. First Trick: He did a common Indian street trick by attaching the staff to the floor and possibly using an arm support as there was no penetrable group. Second Trick: He had a long robe. The robe hid the seat which made him "float". Then special effects and smoke covered him while he retreated. You could see his head as he "teleported". The guy outside was his twin brother. Look it up.
Atarashi Brave
People say it's just common tricks because people are afraid to believe in something that's supposed to be "surreal". Chakras are real, he lives a spiritual way of life. Some people fake it, some don't. Okay? Everyone will tell you not to believe but that's only because they just want to blind themselves to what can be.
You guys are all stupid idiots. Its a type of Yoga balance. I've seen it a few times before,there are no tricks,and he even explains it on his channel. All he needs is something to put his hand against for the levitation part. For this part...Well,another type of balancing.
stats with chris
You can easily see in min 0:43 how he inserts his right boot into a michael-jackson-type-hook. You can see his eyes how they are fixed into the right boot while making a couple of steps. Once he accomplishes this the rest is just playing with the left boot moving it a bit to equilibrate. In the end of course he needs a bit of force along his muscles.
I think there are had somting at floor and shoes.
Гетлек Бичханов
Правая нога как обычно зафиксированна как майкла джексона система и цветочки всякие хрени чтоб конструкция не палилась
Denis Piereschi
That's not magic! He simply wears a metallic armature on his legs going up to his lower spine to sustain his back when he bends over that blocks when he reaches an 90° angle with his knees. All he needs then is a minimum abdominals. Note his pants covering his body up to the stomach. Same principle when he "levitates" holding his "magic monk rod"; a steal wire going from the ground up to his arm through the rod and crawling down to his bottom with a platform he can sit on at the end of the wire. The whole stuff is disguised in his cloak. Sorry for those who believed this guy is amazing, but his performance is just about fooling people, and I don't think it's right.
Madushan Jayawardane
He was getting support by his left leg. Technique is much slimier to Michael Jackson's 45deg angle thing. Thats why he wears shoes this time.
samsumg samsumg
de mais, otima apresentação
Allen Jann
Stefy Khithie
Anybody notice his not moving his left leg In his 1st audition he stopped moving hir right arm....and now his left leg seem crippled😂😂😂 Just assuming
Armani Nguon
Honestly, that's more spectacular, no regular human can ability to bend his whole body nearly a 90 degree angle. Levitating yea its more crazier, more entertaining, but honestly he put all of his strength in his stick. which is no doubt a great feats.
Devesh Kondiah
Hah! This is stupid, don't you see, something is holding him in his pants😏😂👌 You can watch in slow motion if you want to see clearly!🤣
Айнур Бурганов
у него на правой наге есть особое приспособления для таких трюков transleited
Demon King
I know that dude he was in South Dakota in state fair
Larkin Huey
He has one little levitating trick and he's headed to Hollywood? What! This is just common everyday street magic that a hundred other guys could do. Boy, do those judges live in a world of their own. I sure hope he's not another Uri Geller.