Athlete - Wires (Live @ Jools Holland)

Athlete live @ Jools Holland, 2005.

marni ville
awesome! i remember listening to this record a lot when i was 18 years old in 2005 and it still gives me goosebumps now. great records never age.
Barry Cooper
My son was born 3 month early and this song is a full musical representation of his first year of life on this planet which was spent in a plastic box with wires running in and out of him in hospital.
yeah January 2000 my eldest lad 1 week old Sheffield childrens hospital.. some things you just never forget.. And looking at him now you would never know.. he was one of the lucky ones..
james compton
You got wires? I bet you got goose bumps now, amazing song.
paul jardine
This is fantastic... x
Carlos Eduardo Dias Valério
Essa música é muito boa
Monkeh Monkeh
Turgutalp Günal
jose greenwood how can someone be this stupid to not understand that the voice is ahead of the video
James Colvin
Seen then live 3 times now... They make you cry every time cause they are that good live
how can this beautiful sing exist
Kees Morsch
truly an amazing song. A song you don`t talk about but just enjoy :)
my cousin is steve the drummer
They are emotionless dicks who are ignorant of the context of this song.
did you know they were a church band ?
the song is about the singers baby being on life support in hospital
proud to say the drummer is my cousin
rubbish. This is not the album audio. Vocal imperfections, different strings, longer turnaround after the first chorus, totally different audio mix.
Tornike Davla
very very well
this is surely a live! there are some imperfections in the vocals that make u understeand they're completely live! great band and great song i love them!!!
Gilval Menezes
Yeah. All Jools Holland's performances are live recordings. BUT... this one, the sound on this video was caught from the album one. Not live... disgusting! Just look at his lips... you don't need to be a sound engeneer to figure that out...
its live jools holland is all live
Gilval Menezes
Sorry, but this video is a play back. Not live! Look at his lips... watch the drummer...
niamh carroll
I can't help but cry every time I hear this song..and to be honest, a lot of my friends think I'm weird when I listen to this on the school bus. You know, I don't think it's normal for 14 year olds to randomly start crying on the bus when listening to music...
Naël Soufi
I was asking the same question.. u_u
Derri Leahy
This and 'loneliness of a tower crane driver' by 'elbow' are the only songs that can make me cry when I hear them. Powerful stuff!
Wildson johnny
Perfect !!!
they are obviously deaf mate
still is if you listen to the right bands and artists.. :)
7 people are Rhianna fans.
for all of you who have had to live the words of this song as i have, Peace will come.
Daan Ebbers
7 people have never discovered there's more than Justin Bieber...
11 people don't have children
Having had a new child, it totally changes the meaning of this song for me...
@SupeRealistic cyx forever!
Raven_ Playz
My daughter was born in Dec at 24 weeks and is still in hospital, this song will live with me forever.... I see it in your eyes.... Thank you Athlete, it helped me let it out x
ev h
How can one song be so awesome?
Caroline Cosplay
Man, I don't see how he can sing this without breaking down. I can't even listen to this without bawling my eyes out. I just keep remembering when my youngest daughter was in the hospital five years ago whenever I hear this song and I break down.
quite simply a modern masterpiece
Yorick M
This song is fucking amazing, so powerfull and so deep !
Daan Ebbers
what the fuck is wrong with the people who dislike this video ??
Morgan Griffith
That's my cousin!
Gregory Gerundio
very cool..
When i saw this song live, he came on afterwards; just him and an acoustic guitar and he then got the crowd to sing the bridge. Definitely one of the best moments of my life...
Harri Flora Music
This song reminds my dad of when i was in hospital. That's what hits me most about this song. makes me cry! XxX
Rory Saunders
You got WWOOOOOIIIRES! Fucking fantastic song :D
Agnes Tang
love this song very much.
patrick powell
"First night of your life, curled up on your own" Swear to god i feel like im about to bawl crying everytime i hear that line
20 years ago my daughter was in SCBU...when this song came out it was second time around...major spinal op.....same running down corridors.
ooo they are good live
Heard this on Radio 1 yesterday and almost blubbed like a lil girl. Had a premature kid a few years back and this always brings a tear to my eyes
Jeremy Ballon
5 People are Justin Beiber fans.
Andres Vazquez
graaaciias por esta poesia
Emma Cos
i love the awkwardness of the bassist.
1beautifull song
MT Phamornbupachart
2:59 love it
in my top ...... top of all songs... recomended by my bro one time a long time ago
francisco tello
espectacular, espero que pronto vengan a Chile
It's a Guild. Not sure of the model, if that helps
Ben Nourse
One word to describe this song.... Beautiful
this song man... so sad but so beautiful at the same time.. he unleashes everything in the end. Just amazing!
Nataly Wever
It's a Guild, don't know which model though.
rosey f
Does anyone know what guitar he is using? It's amazing x
beautiful song
very very great song
goin 2 the ritz in madchester on sunday watchin athlete live hope its a gud un !
paul jardine
Saw these today at Trafalgar Square, soooooooooo dignified and flawless... thanks chaps and thanks for doing it for the reasons you did. God bless xxx
the last minute and a half of this is dynamite.
I was led to believe that it was about the younger brother of one of the band members,,,, whichever, its a brilliant song
Iskandar Soekardi
Beautiful. So heartfelt.
why are they wrong if i may ask? Do you have children? If you do, this song would get to you as well. I'm a big metal fan, but when i hear this song i instantly start to cry. You can call me a sisi right now but wait untill your first born and than we can talk.
I was at this studio recording. Athlete and The Fall were my favourite acts that night
Tom Careless
no, look at all the other comments or go on wikipedia, its about his daughter being born premature, not his dad being bad.
Andrew Lemond
ahhaahahah! goodun'
Really nice song and performance.. Thanks for posting *
amazing live performance and sound...great.
What a beautiful song... Filled with so much emotions. A beautiful inspiration for the song also; watching your premature first born child inside an incubator with wires attached on it's fragile body.. Seeing tears running down it's tiny eyes, and crying yourself because you are so afraid and uncertain (scared of the facts). Running up and down the hospital corridors.. And finally seeing the light of hope as the child opens it's eyes and looks at you.
no its not do your research or atleats listen to the words in the song.....
aisia marie
no it was about his dad, he had a massive fall out with his dad, then got a phone call. and found out his dad was in hospital, and he went to see him, and he said he was covered in wires.. and his dad survived and now they are so close it's unbelievable.
It is a truly great song, very powerful.
Joshua Carter
this band are amazing its a pitty not much people listen to all there music, Best not to think about it, in the libary, are amazing they got a new album out in the summer looking forward to it=D
Great to see and hear this with the violin's and cello's and what not. xxx
Harry Yeah
relate to this song so much when i nearly lost my partner and my new born son :(
Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero
rock and roll yeah
Daniel Williamson
Amazing and powerful song.
hey, Awesome movie! have a nice evening :)
Sadie Marchant
This is essentially what I went through as a baby and obviously I remember nothing but just thinking of what my parents must've been going through back then is enough to make me cry pretty much every time I hear it
jorge luis gutierrez garcia
Saca lágrimas,ni modo ,me reencata ver el vídeo y el cd
conheçi o som deles em 2007 , até hoje sou viciada , from Brazil ♥
Sandra Felizardo
Watching in 2017
Ian Gardiner
chris b
Brilliant song
Steve Zodiak
Just Brilliant!
Jojo England miss plan B White Queen
My son was 8 weeks prem you would never know today 15 years old
I wrote the lyrics of this song about my nephew who was born premature just before Christmas