top 10 Unique from some of the Most Dangerous natural Phenomenon

Top 10 Unique from some of the Most Dangerous natural phenomenon. Find out the rarest and some unique kinds of most dangerous phenomenon: storms tornadoes tsunamis clouds volcanoes lightning Note: a video created in informative and educational purposes. The background music is from a free YouTube Audio library The link on the video

Of course she had to get the propaganda of Global Warming and Climate change out in her narrative.
This is so fascinating to watch. I was most impressed by the unusual cloud formations. I can watch these kinds of videos all day long.
You Won't Go Without If You Go Within
That lightning is trying it's best to kill the Socialism in Venezuela....
Brown Sugar Baby
The lighting in the sky is drawing out maps and gang signs! 😂
lean wil
Correction: the widest tornado funnel on record is actually 2.6 miles wide.
My Lamp Doesn't Work
A underwater tornado....... Most normal people just say *WHIRLPOOL* And its not really that rare to be fair.
Micha Grill
The video itself is very interesting but pls... *_the VOOOIIIIIICE_* 😖
Nora Nora
Dangereux mais magnifique les éclairs
Messi Goat
I don't know which is scary these natural phenomena or the women talking
Erik Thompson
You know, since the content of this video is so spectacular, I can easily dismiss the robo-voice. Normally I wouldn't, but this video simply rocks. Captivating.
Helen Coyne
They should call the fire whirl a Devils Tail
Michael Tack
Now i wanna touch the clouds
5:46 H2O mermaids!!!!!
muhannad baabbad
she sounds like siri 2.0
0:49 is probably not ball lightning. I think this is a power line with a short that's burning it's way down a road in the distance
rick seifert
Mammatus clouds and Lenticular clouds are common here in Kalgoorlie Boulder western Australia Goldfields before and after severe thunderstorms, sand/ dust storm clouds are also a regular occurrence preceding massive thunderstorms here as well, as is massive hail content for good measure. The ocean one with the foam wave is quite common on coastlines in Queensland from experience preceding the imminent arrival of a cyclone ( hurricane / typhoon for those that aren't aussie) crossing the coast very shortly thereafter as was the case in 1992-93 summer on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane that year. The fire devils I've seen a few times in massive bushfire events here in western Australia in the last 3 yrs ( fires caused from lightning strikes) and in far north Queensland when I was a teenager in the 1980's. You also get the fire devils when they burn off large fields of sugar cane prior to harvest.
Nancy Hatcher
Thanks for covering up the last cloud formation with you ads.........not too bright!
vidhya Ramesh
It's not ball lightning it's a person who is driving a two wheeler😂
the occupier
You gotta watch out for those Volcano's, they sneak around unseen everyday … crafty buggers
😱😱😱😱😱😱 OMG 大自然反撲的美與恐懼!
Northern Major
The lightning is so cool
World Top ONE is the name of the channel and it has the number 10 next to it? 🤣🤣🤣
First chance Trying boy
So shall it be in the beginning so shall it be in the end . god is calling out to us all
Moro TV
1:15 goku going SSJ
Toxic Klown
1:13 dose anyone see that cloud looking monster
hanyu riku
0:48 dragon ball z man
Ibson Dwolf
You found it dangerous. But some are beautiful.
Donald Cameron
If the ice melts the sea levels will fall. Just like in vodka on the rocks.
Koito rob
Why didn't you include the Humerous Cumulus clouds? You know, the funny looking ones...
Rishi Nagbhirey
Amazing, What a great countdown that was... Really I became to know about some wonderful things on earth. Thank you very much 🙏🙏🙏🙏
That ice jet was awesome
0:48 its mr burns from the simpsons the Springfield files😂
Денис Викторович
Страшно красиво
Ramdinthara Tlau
8:04 i thought they were penguin..
Elisa Sauceda
I wouldn't consider most of these a "phenomenon" they're naturally occurring on this planet. They happened long before we walked the planet and they'll happen long after we're gone.
I love my India
Subhanallah.......... Jo chahe wo karta hai tu...... Maula
Blue Steve
You make this last month
Que Snow
Me with that voice:"this is the end of the world"
Use Logik
Spoilers : 5:10 and 6:18 are the most dangerous phenomenons LOL
The Diary of Magic
No.6 is beautiful
Ash Smith
only low info people believe in climate change.
Mysterious girl
This is one of the bestest video 👍👍👍 lots of love for this outstanding video 💘💘👌👌
Billymadisons Shampoo
I love ur videos!!! This is my fav channel!!! You're awesome!
Hemlata Chuneelall ಠ_ಠ
The melting ice broke my heart.💔
ivan kerr
Rolex Ad should change the name to datejust are us.
marifil bioco
did you Know that a ICE Tsunamis hit Worland Wyoming in 2017 when i was Staying in a Storage Unit Within that Time' AND i Seen Clouds at 9:26 in Cody Wyoming Back Around 2010...
A Sojourner
FYI: The icecap in Greenland is growing 😉 I've seen lenticular clouds regularly over Death Valley. Only "rare" in some places.
michael John Curry
In other words they just guessing 😂
chem dog
Tesla was the only man capable of capturing nature's thunderbolt.
2:54 this reminded me i left a soda in the freezer
Mike Martin
even though the robo-voice and poor grammar are irritating,there's no denying the awesomeness of the videos. Just amazing videos!
Sonya Harriet456
Morning Glory !!!!!
Ginger Bread
This is a great video, even if you have sent it to us twice.
Wandering Lion
1:00 im pretty sure thats a UFO lol
Afifi Adnan
Seeing what nature can do here made me realize how insignificant human are in this planet
First time i did see a fireball i thought i have lost my mind :) (well, the only time actually)
jimsim /|\
I think some mistake ICE Tsunami, no no that just shore ice, and the tornado at sea is a water spout, and the under water tornado is not rare there whirlpools. or eddies.
Moro TV
0:35 THOR join the group
Bioluminescence is very pretty but not in the least dangerous.
' wow very beautifully high power electric lightning sound thunderstorm... love to watch and listen the sound of powerful bass of sound from electric lightning
Josh Fry
That 'ball lightning' isnt lightning at all. Its when an arc travels down a power line where there is one line below the other and they essentially short circuit, the poor camera quality makes the light appear as a ball
Rose SA760
5:45 Moana idk😂
Increíble y maravilloso
glass mender
I knew there would be global warming,
yesca jasta
so see when mother earth dumps a bunch of co2 its cool but when man dose it someones got to pay for it !
Brody Gilmore
1:11 please tell me you saw that human figure in the volcano
Eduardo Reolid
Excellent compilation, congratulations. I´ve been living in Maracaibo Venezuela for 14 years and seen this phenomenon is called relámpago del Catatumbo. And as you say no explanation for the time being...
Biyamso Tayang
Global warming is normal and the Greenland Ice sheet is growing now faster than ever as well as all Glaciers. If theirs money in it dont trust cherry picked data.
aijsfhoasr ÒwÓ
I feel related to the thunder/lightning
Moises Gmz
Why would you drive towards a sandstorm 😭
#3 - If we have 6 inches of snow, what makes it melt? The weather getting warmer. No Car, Plane, Business pumping out fumes. Just gets warmer. What made the Ice age end? What triggered the thaw?
floyd plays roblox
2 of that happen common in philippines and 4of them are happend only almost 1 time only
Kemal Mustafa
Lightning Balls! Damn even in clear weather! Would like to see that phenomenon
Miraaj Muhammad
Everything was ok but wot about that Ball type of Lighting phenomena ?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔....
William Orr
Feeeeeeeeeeeeel the power.
Akihiro sugiyama
as if i'm watching animation. Cool lightning, very phenomenon
Bradley Golden
dont show this to AOC shell have a heart attack...dam that last one looks like independence day
When Clouds Attack!
youness badaoui
lightning volcano is the most dangerous lol
Das Pranoy
jaehyun 27
4:00 almost reached the people
5:18 저곳은 우리나라에도 있습니다. 충격을 가하면 빛을 내는 미생물 때문이라네요
ashley klotz
I ACTUALLY CAN SAY IVE SEEN "SNOWDOGS"!!!!! In Colorado too which never happens! And even more rare was I got a lot of pics of it, it's a really cool thing! I was happy that for once i saw a scientific phenomenon and got pics!
Ryan Knapp
Tsunamis can be caused by landslides as well, or volcanic eruptions.
Master jae
I love you mommy!
Charles Show
Did great up til number 3
Luke Oshea
I'm having a stressful day it's nice to sit back and watch these kind of videos to unwind
Carlos Rodrigues
0:55 it happened in my city here in Brasil; it was 3 days of this, same in New York and North CArolina 2 weeks before, it was 2018 final
Auset Ausar
After watching this video i don't want to hear the word "Phenomenon" ATTT ALLLLL, ever again.
Lavanya Kalwal
Global warming is a hoax by those who get rich scooping up the Green taxes. WHAT THEY DON'T TELL US: The ice is forming on the opposite side AS FAST AS THE OTHER SIDE MELTS!! This is NORMAL! The Earth is in balance, look at the miniscule temperature fluctuations over recorded history.
Top ten unique what? It doesnt say videos or photos.
Former Red Truck Guy
The "English" in this video is VERY STRANGE.
John Sabaku
Fell asleep due to the unnatural phenomenon of monotonal narration
Warmaster 7
Global warming. My left nut.
Santanu Roy
This natural phenomena "Global Warming" 😶
Falling Jimmy
Title gore