Tony Hawk: 50 tricks at Age 50

I never imagined being able to skate into my adult life, or that anyone would still care if I did. To celebrate, I did 50 tricks that I've created (and/or pioneered on vert). Thanks to all of you that made this dream possible. It's been an unreal ride, but I'm not done yet. (trick names and years in closed captions) Ride Channel brings you original content every week featuring top shows such as Shoe Review, Free Lunch, Spencer Nuzzi Basics as well as exclusive interviews, events, contests, parts, premieres, and a whole lot more at: /> SUBSCRIBE to RIDE: />Like RIDE on FACEBOOK: />Follow RIDE on INSTAGRAM: />Follow RIDE on TWITTER: />Check out the RIDE WEBSITE:

Only a legend can get thousands of non skaters to watch a skating video even after a *_year_*
Ram Ferdinand Divina
You know why hawk is a legend? At 50 years old He skates into a pole Says "lets try a new one, i can still move" Now thats a true pioneer skater
Definitely scored at least 127,000 points in THPS2
Cant wait for tony hawks 80 tricks at 80 video !
My 7 and 9 year old sons were reading a story and Tony Hawk was mentioned. They wanted to know who he was. I pulled up this video and now my 7 year old wants a skateboard for his birthday.
David Badger
when he said that he may never do some of these tricks again that hit right in the feels
Hadley Wolf
Watching a Tony Hawk vid in 2019. can you say legend?
L. Gyger
"Let's try a new one, I can still move." What a legend this guy is, haha.
King Ninja
“But it’s ok we had a good run” wow
Sciurus Hound Alpha
So, here he is. Getting older all the time, but feeling younger in his mind.
Brandon William
Turn On Subtitles!!!!!! has the trick names and the years he invented them!
Nasir Snow
As a non skater.. tony hawk is in my top 10 athletes of all time.. iconic!
Tony Hawk makes skateboarding look easy.
Brudny Brudas
next up on the list - Tony Hawk does The 900 at 900 years old lmao
Tails Seven
720 at 50, that's badass
Adrian Burnette
Dude looks great for 50 .... he twice my age and in better shape then me
Master Knight Dluk
The song is from The Clash, it's named Clampdown, for anyone looking for it :D
Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this
Tony Hawk destroyed any notions of skateboarding being for short guys.
Manuel Gonzalez
Who came here after watching him teaching his daughter how to drop
Merry Christmas
Any other 50 yr olds wanna line up some excuses why they are too old to work out?
Life Of Chris
Imagine how different our lives would be if he never started skating..
Piggy Pig
no one gonna talk about how he got his soul taken away by that pole.
Timo mit Hut
I don't skate but Tony Hawk is still an Inspiration for me!
8492 FPV
I've never skated and I know nothing about skating but anyone can instantly tell that this guy is a legend
Damon Day
The way Hawk is moving at 50 clearly shows he's going to stepping on a board for decades to come
ZeleBigz TV
When Tony Hawk is skateboarding it's like Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa painting, such a masterpiece.
Brook Chloe
I am not really in to skateboard but this video is the best I’ve ever clicked on
I hope he DOES A WHOLE BUNCH MORE....with no injuries
legend says he'll do 100 tricks at 100 yrs old
Unknown Battlegrounds
Why it isn't cool to wear a helmet!? Even Tony Hawk wears one!
Chris Keegan
Living proof that transition skaters knees last longer
I can't even stand on a skateboard without falling..
Wow, skating takes off the years. Seeing him do tricks here, if I didn't know better I'd think hes 20.
2:03 how does he move his hands so many times with no effort in such a short period of time
the god tony hawk. dude i love u since 19 years XD omfg dude the legend himself
*Why Am I Watching This? I Can't Even Put One Foot On A State Board Without It Moving* 🤦🏻‍♂️
RHS Team
50 years later. Tony Hawk: 100 tricks at age 100
Scooter Blalock
And next up..70 tricks at 70.
Justin Natasmai
Tony Hawk has always been one of my idols...and i never even skateboarded
Timmothy McCandless
Love his attitude towards getting older "some of these tricks, this will be the last time I ever do them, but that's ok we've have a good run."
Daniel Akachi
1:55 - 2:00 Best part!!
Tony Hawkes is better at skating than I am at Tony Hawkes, go figure?
James Bong#420
Been watching you skate since I was a kid.. You're the 🐐 # True Facts
An absolute pioneer of the sport, and my personal hero. Thanks for all the insane tricks you've invented and all the countless hours of entertainment you've given us Tony! Make another secret skatepark tour!
Thayara Moab
This guy expire many peoples around the world,inclding me .Thank you for all you are in our lives .maximum respect
Golden sheep
I skated with him in 1989 ,when Ray and Tony came to South Africa, they skated our South Wind vert ramp, I was so inspired, he was signing autographs at the edge of the ramp, that I was doing backside 5-0 grinds to impress him, I was 17. I noted his trucks were very loose, and he was using small Rat Bones wheels.
Tony Hawk is the definition of a *classic* pro skater
Can’t wait for tony hawks 100 tricks for 100 years old video 🔥
He looks great , I can't believe he is 50. He looks better then people I know in their mid 30's .
Chris Poindexter
Me at 50, this is totally one of my goals for by then.
This def one of the top 5 coolest things I have ever watched!
Who else thinks Tony Hawk needs his own YouTube channel
Jose Mejia
I can’t even do an Ollie and he’s literally doing this at age 50 😂
Ok YouTube I watched it. I am happy, thank you
Lilith X
This man is a god lemme tell u that💙
I can barely walk in sneakers on flat ground.
Le Chat
Really cool guy. To do stunts like this at 50 is remarkable. THUMBS UP and God bless :)
Cody Wyatt
My grandma's friend is friends with Tony Hawk's aunt
Remember looking Tony Hawk videos when I was like 9 years old, can't believe he's still amazing
RIDE Channel
Click the "CC" button for an overlay of the trick names and the years Tony created them.
Kirigaya Kazuto
Tony hawk in 50 years old :Still skateboarding Me in 50 years old:*skateboarding AHH MY LEGS
Imagine his son do scooter...😅 respect legend you're verrrryyy good
Blue Skies
Tony Hawk making us 30 year olds feel young.
Death Cheaters Guild
🦅 Keeping it old school! 🤘🏻
When he said "Some of these, these will be the last time I'll do 'em. But it's okay, we had a good run." It's like I almost teared up.
Clem Left
Whoever disliked this video has no heart, or is jealous as hell ! Never been a fan of the vert style, but dude, Tony Hawk remains the best one here ! <3 "We had a good run." Freakin' onions.
Great. Keep it up Tony. Keep on doing what you love doing. Why I never heard this song (Clampdown) before by The Clash? By the way: I am probably world score record holder of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation), level 2: School II. 😁
sa800-_-? OfficialYT
3:18 ouch haha , You´re incredible
These legends come once in a lifetime. I'm honored to be alive at the same time as you Tony Hawk!
I want to see Tony do a 900 at 90 :).
Sapphire Spire
He needs a bigger board. He was small when he learned most of his tricks and his board was comparatively large. Now he's big and his board is small, that changes all the physics. It's like watching a pro basketball player do tricks on a BMX.
Still a better skate video then most skaters these days have.
Ty Lee
I damn near bust out in tears when he said some of these will be my last time doing" reality really hit me that everyone I grew up respecting is getting old now.
Bastard Kitten
Thanks Tony for giving us the early 2000's we know and love.
He may be 50, but he moves like he's 30 years younger
chad yoshi
Title of the video for me: My inspiration dose 50 tricks at age 50
Forrest Gump
Tony Hawk should make a new video game on the PS4 for God's sake this guy is an amazing skater holyshit
Wullie Mcbride
Who would have thought a skateboard game would be the best game ever 🛹👌🤘🤘
Even Tony Hawk's video has fire music 🔥
Are you kidding me!!??? Tony Hawk is 50yrs old!!!?? And a 50yr old can throw down like that!!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hustle Union
best vert skater of all time. thanks for all the good times Mr. Hawk.
Lightstar 10101
I felt like I was playing skate 3 watching this lol
This video possesses a quality of life that simply worries me.
Arch God
he still can compete with the best out there even at his age
Marlin Roth
I'm not impressed. I could do a 32x hardflip in Tony Hawk Pro Skater at age 10.
Bought a PS2 and the first games I ordered were THPSs.
Tronicum TV
The greatest of all Times, love you Tony Hawk !!! <3 You changed my Life as a Gamer with THPS ! You r LEGEND !!!!
Joshua Taylor
legend of.skateboarding but the Pappas brothers my personal favourites
And he still wears protection. Safety first
yos doggo
_I cant even do some of these in skate 3_
Eldias Mahdi Sastra
I'm waiting for 900 in the end of video. You are the true legend Mr. Hawk.
0:25 choked up a bit when he said this he's literally part of my childhood and i realize now that many of them are just getting older or dying off...
what a legend! 3:13 he pulled a 720 and bailed threw the gap and the first the he shouts is: "YESS"
LEGEND!! Brings me back to my teen years skating with Tony Hawk... on my couch... gripping my PS controller :p
Daniel Alvarez Bicycle Garage
Smooth as butter, what a style!
Skating Marine
Tony hawk is one of my favorite idols and he inspires me to have balls when I vert skate.
Hey I Don't Know if Tony Remembers my Dad But he skated with him...! Scott Sorenson..?
Jaxson White
Legendary. Beautiful!
Tony is literally the coolest person I have ever seen
Jacob the Cyber bully
Any one else watching this in July, 2019