Tony Hawk: 50 tricks at Age 50

I never imagined being able to skate into my adult life, or that anyone would still care if I did. To celebrate, I did 50 tricks that I've created (and/or pioneered on vert). Thanks to all of you that made this dream possible. It's been an unreal ride, but I'm not done yet. (trick names and years in closed captions) Ride Channel brings you original content every week featuring top shows such as Shoe Review, Free Lunch, Spencer Nuzzi Basics as well as exclusive interviews, events, contests, parts, premieres, and a whole lot more at: /> SUBSCRIBE to RIDE: />Like RIDE on FACEBOOK: />Follow RIDE on INSTAGRAM: />Follow RIDE on TWITTER: />Check out the RIDE WEBSITE:

King Aubameyang
“But it’s ok we had a good run” wow
Mr. Batman
Only a legend can get thousands of non skaters to watch a skating video even after a *_year_*
Hadley Wolf
Watching a Tony Hawk vid in 2019. can you say legend?
Sciurus Hound Alpha
So, here he is. Getting older all the time, but feeling younger in his mind.
My 7 and 9 year old sons were reading a story and Tony Hawk was mentioned. They wanted to know who he was. I pulled up this video and now my 7 year old wants a skateboard for his birthday.
Brudny Brudas
next up on the list - Tony Hawk does The 900 at 900 years old lmao
L. Gyger
"Let's try a new one, I can still move." What a legend this guy is, haha.
Justin Natasmai
Tony Hawk has always been one of my idols...and i never even skateboarded
Definitely scored at least 127,000 points in THPS2
Ram Ferdinand Divina
You know why hawk is a legend? At 50 years old He skates into a pole Says "lets try a new one, i can still move" Now thats a true pioneer skater
yos doggo
_I cant even do some of these in skate 3_
Stop subscribing to my channel, It's trash.
My father is 48 and can barely walk...
Chris Drake
The Michael Jordan of skateboarding, Tony is the greatest of all time!
I've never skated and I know nothing about skating but anyone can instantly tell that this guy is a legend
An absolute pioneer of the sport, and my personal hero. Thanks for all the insane tricks you've invented and all the countless hours of entertainment you've given us Tony! Make another secret skatepark tour!
Mike H
I don't even skateboard but I love this dude. Staying active is the key
When does this game come out??? The graphics look amazing!!
Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this
Tony Hawk destroyed any notions of skateboarding being for short guys.
Manuel Gonzalez
Who came here after watching him teaching his daughter how to drop
Adrian Burnette
Dude looks great for 50 .... he twice my age and in better shape then me
Man, I rollerskated in halfpipes as a kid, now I'm 21 and I'm too afraid to do it anymore, falling is way scarier now that I'm so much taller and heavier! It's absolutely insane that this guy is still skating like this at 50 years old. He's the undisputed GOAT, not just of skating, just of action sports in general.
Master Knight Dluk
The song is from The Clash, it's named Clampdown, for anyone looking for it :D
Rod Ferguson
I'm 43. I skated vert 30 years ago. This video inspired me to go to my local skatepark fully padded. I got a bit overconfident and hit a ramp I should not have. I broke my femur in two and clear off my hip ball joint. I'm recovering at home now. Please have fun, but Please be careful out there.
RIDE Channel
Click the "CC" button for an overlay of the trick names and the years Tony created them.
Desert Dog
Tony Hawk's Existential Nightmare
Abraham Lincoln
I don’t skateboard but this guy is a legend. I knew his name since 2000s when i played tony hawk in ps1
Tony Hawk makes skateboarding look easy.
Merry Christmas
Any other 50 yr olds wanna line up some excuses why they are too old to work out?
I want to see Tony do a 900 at 90 :).
Tails Seven
720 at 50, that's badass
bully nados
O cara é foda mano
Timo mit Hut
I don't skate but Tony Hawk is still an Inspiration for me!
Itz Jamajay
Doing it effortless, can I say GOAT🤘
James Bong#420
Been watching you skate since I was a kid.. You're the 🐐 # True Facts
whats that move at 3:16 called? Ive done it a few times I didnt know it was a trick though
Fer Code
What a beast!.. the best of the best.
He moved better than I do at 33.
Ok YouTube I watched it. I am happy, thank you
Wow, skating takes off the years. Seeing him do tricks here, if I didn't know better I'd think hes 20.
Daniel Akachi
1:55 - 2:00 Best part!!
Piggy Pig
no one gonna talk about how he got his soul taken away by that pole.
When he said "Some of these, these will be the last time I'll do 'em. But it's okay, we had a good run." It's like I almost teared up.
He looks great , I can't believe he is 50. He looks better then people I know in their mid 30's .
wish they would remake bones brigade, scene for scene just older
Brandon William
Turn On Subtitles!!!!!! has the trick names and the years he invented them!
Death Cheaters Guild
🦅 Keeping it old school! 🤘🏻
ZeleBigz TV
When Tony Hawk is skateboarding it's like Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa painting, such a masterpiece.
Tony Hawk is the definition of a *classic* pro skater
Axel Borne
Le meilleur à tout jamais
Clem Left
Whoever disliked this video has no heart, or is jealous as hell ! Never been a fan of the vert style, but dude, Tony Hawk remains the best one here ! <3 "We had a good run." Freakin' onions.
He may be 50, but he moves like he's 30 years younger
Tony Hawkes is better at skating than I am at Tony Hawkes, go figure?
Chris Poindexter
Me at 50, this is totally one of my goals for by then.
Alyssa Mercedes
Watching this feels like watching your sibling take their turn on Tony Hawk Pro Skater lol
Great. Keep it up Tony. Keep on doing what you love doing. Why I never heard this song (Clampdown) before by The Clash? By the way: I am probably world score record holder of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation), level 2: School II. 😁
Cody Wyatt
My grandma's friend is friends with Tony Hawk's aunt
Rachel Mayo
Would've been cool if the editor put in a counter for every trick. Oh well, still a sick montage!
Thank you for everything, Birdman <3
Marlin Roth
I'm not impressed. I could do a 32x hardflip in Tony Hawk Pro Skater at age 10.
Timmothy McCandless
Love his attitude towards getting older "some of these tricks, this will be the last time I ever do them, but that's ok we've have a good run."
Lightstar 10101
I felt like I was playing skate 3 watching this lol
Hey I Don't Know if Tony Remembers my Dad But he skated with him...! Scott Sorenson..?
lee nose
isnt that place on goat simulator..
Этот самый Как его
У меня от просмотра от этих трюков сфинктер сжался и больше не разжимается
Jaxson White
Legendary. Beautiful!
Fabián Pazmiño
Que la física me expliqué cómo hace eso...
Even Tony Hawk's video has fire music 🔥
Sonny Bill
Tony Hawk and Jackie Chan are definitely brothers 👍🏻
These legends come once in a lifetime. I'm honored to be alive at the same time as you Tony Hawk!
Hannah Hymas
Video should have named each trick.
I don't know if anyone reads the description on videos anymore But if you look at the bottom of the first part Tony said "it's been an unreal ride but I'm not done yet" This man always seems to amaze
Are you kidding me!!??? Tony Hawk is 50yrs old!!!?? And a 50yr old can throw down like that!!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hustle Union
best vert skater of all time. thanks for all the good times Mr. Hawk.
Imagine his son do scooter...😅 respect legend you're verrrryyy good
UliAPornstart 650
Legend tony hawk 🙏🔥
Mk Gmz
I still play tony hawks old games its kind of sad this is his last skate but a good time doe
Daniel Alvarez Bicycle Garage
Smooth as butter, what a style!
xX ROLEX 666 Xx
Title of the video for me: My inspiration dose 50 tricks at age 50
Bryce W.
amazing man, been rocking with you since thps on dreamcast
Danny Fierro
I Mean really, was there ANYONE BETTER, the simple answer is NO!!! Sure we can all play the style game, YES Christian was AMAZING, YES Caballero was AMAZING, YES, lets be HONEST Rodney Mullen is PROBABLY the best to EVER do it, BUT from a Vert perspective, NO ONE did like Tony, NO ONE could even come CLOSE with degree of difficulty. NO one was even in his class, NOT Gator, NOT Hosoi, NOT Blender, Livingston, Mountain, McGill, WAY, NO ONE. There will NEVER be another HAWK, PLEASE appreciate EVERYTHING this man has done for skating, the parks you skate, the tricks you do, EVERYTHING. I am sick of people calling him a robot because he was a technical skater, what else is there? they were ALL technical skaters they were just NOT as good. YES< Hosoi could fly, this was a standout, but that said, Hosoi WISHED he could skate like Tony,. and NO drugs. Always a GREAT role model, my goodness, lets appreciate the skater who lived it, stepped up, never fell victim, was ALWAYS STRONGER in himself and raise up fro a REAL role model.
The Monster of touchgrind skate 2
tony hawk is the skate god! and not aaron kyro!
And he still wears protection. Safety first
Dude's fifty?!?!?! I feel old now...
Gunnar Eilers
Holy shit he's doing all the tricks from the games and somehow this shit is more nostalgic to me than the games themselves.
Daniel Malek
3:13 - Yeah, great timing YT, you are completely 100% inside my head now. - Anyways I am like WTFWTFWTF, NONONO DONT HIT THAT POLE OVER THERE.. Anyways, LEGEND, Mr. Hawk.
1:58?? A "kip up"?? at 50??
Boileau Patrice
Your are a legend! Seeing you do these at 50 give me hope for myself. My favorite Clash song by the way
David Hempfling
Vert skating really isnt fucking appreciated as it should be. This shit is so dope
Brandi Mullins
Me: NOOOOO!!!! SOMEONE FIND A TIME MACHINE!!! Also me: CHRIST'S SAKE TONY! JUST RELAX! I don't want to wake up one day and see your name and face on the news. And not in a good way.
Tony is literally the coolest person I have ever seen
3:40 R2-D2
Respect to the Legend
Vladimir Jebievdenko
One word: LEGEND!
Joshua Taylor
legend of.skateboarding but the Pappas brothers my personal favourites
Patrik Boström
Tony has affected my life enormously. His skating created a guiding star for me as a 13 year old (in 1987) and I have kept following him ever since. If you read this Tony, you are awesome. Wish I could come by your place and have a beer with you sometime and talk about skating from the 70’s until now.
Fred Zeppelin
Tony's just got such a proper style, he doesn't do any trick half-ass! Props to him still reinventing himself after all these years of being one of the absolute spearheads of vert skating!
Donald Trump
He will skate til hes 100
Colin Horner
I bet Stacey Peralta is happy now to see that that he picked a young amateur to be on the bones brigade and now he realizes tony is a fucking legend
Scrambled Greg
When Tony Hawk dies... A little part of everyone whose life was touched by skateboarding, will die too....
Kamparo Riozo
Тони лучший, всегда им восхищался 👍👍👍