How water polo MVP Ashleigh Johnson smashed stereotypes | Game Breakers

Джонсон не только стала первой афроамериканкой в сборной США по водному полу, но удостоилась также приза лучшему игроку турнира в Рио. Когда-то они считались маргиналами в своих видах спорта, что не помешало им разрушить барьеры и добиться успеха невиданного масштаба. Подпишись на Olympic Channel:

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thecute ks
This is such an inspiring story ❤️
Sydney Bent
She went to my high school. Awesome person!
YaBoyCurtis 1
Its gonna be hard for anyone to score a goal over her yet along other womem.
IckySticky 1
There isn't stereotypes associated with skin color, longer reach in swimming in ball sports is what you need. For the most part people who have longer limbs where they're needed would be successful in that sport. Most black people just don't like certain things.
IckySticky 1
حماده الملكي
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She has my birthday😂😂
"Great Challenge Ladies" Great Thinking Always Leads"""Keep The Good Work""""Thanks""Great History Always Leads""♥️♥️♥️ Good Health And Good Heart Always Works.... Good 2018""""👣👣👣👣👣
Deb 7
Great story! Very inspiring!
Emilio Mason
I love this
Cameron Foster
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jaisnav rajesh
She was amazing in the olympics and was the anchor of that GREAT USA TEAM
Billy Lee
I don't know too much about GK save percentage in water polo, but can somebody tell me if 64% that she recorded was a great record?? Thanks!