When Ronaldo and Batistuta Met For The First Time In Serie A

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Ronaldo vs Batistuta ( Inter Milan vs Fiorentina 1997 ) 1 goal each .. Two of the greatest strikers ever faced each other in such an intense game .. For daily updates and videos join the Facebook page here: ◄ ► Disclaimer, i bought all the matches and made the video all by myself including this one. Serie A 1997-1998, day 03 Inter - Fiorentina 3-2 (Ronaldo, M.Serena, Batistuta, Moriero, Djorkaeff)

Diti Diti
A lot of people can say pele,maradona ,crojf,zidan,ronaldino,mesi,cr7,but when you hear name ronaldo all people smile because he gave you the best amazing feeling in the football history!the best of all time!
Jay Murthy
Batigol was a great player but there is a difference between the two. As a striker Batigol did his job but when Ronaldo got the ball he could take on 2-3 players every time. A constant array of moves to beat multiple defenders, combined with speed theres nothing that he couldnt do.
Nazarene Christian Soldier
Ronaldo at that time was at his prime and that Ronaldo is the best football player of all times
sandro gabriel
sem baba ovo porque e brasileiro mas RONALDO só se compara a PELE , ROMARIO , MARADONA o resto não chega perto da técnica desses três
Juani Kelly
Go directly to the goals: 9:18 Ronaldo 10:38 Batistuta In this one I think it was harder and better Batistuta's goal. Being smart and fast he intercepts a rival pass, He pass through the goalkeeper and makes the definition from a difficult angle.
RuReaDy Dear
batigol !!
frank Barboza
bati was always with less talent on his side
German Zalazar
Cómo se extrañan ésta clase de jugadores.los delanteros de ahora comparados con éstos son nenes de pecho
Edeer Vergaray Matos
ronaldo mi delantero favorito
Bati was the best n°9 and Ronaldo the best n°10. Anyway they are two of the greatest players of all time, players that nowadays they can only dream of.
Klaudia Salvatore
ronaldo amazing❤
20fadhil: Revolution
Man, can you imagine Messi playing with such lackluster talents like Ronaldo (offensive wisely here at least) and Batistuta in this season? It'd be the equivalent of Messi's only other talented offensive players were Suarez who was out of his prime and Busquets, and Suarez only played like 20 games. Really, Messi was blessed with such a consistant team while Ronaldo's clubs were Barcelona that was so offensive minded it conceeded like 50 goals, Inter with lackluster squad in the beginning and poor management in the second season, and Madrid that quickly degraded into worldwide money making club and practically pissant defensive side. Messi won't do as much as he is today when he played in 90s, not just because there are many players that at least just as talented as he is like Ronaldo, Baggio, Bergkamp, Romario, Rivaldo, Zidane, Piero etc. but also because he would be much more likely playing with mediocre team. Playing in a team with talents that could annihilate opposition into 8-0 without him was certainly a different experience compared to playing with a team where your second best scorer was a DMF.
Dipayan Das
The best there is, the best there ever will be
batistuta- boca juniors- idolo
Pablo Vallejos
Que tremendos jugadores. si Argenti a tubiese un jugador como el Bati hoy. la historia seria diferente. un centro delantero es eso recibir la pelota y romperle el arco.
braa abdulrazak
bti gool😢🙌🙌🙌
aguante el Batigool !! el mejor !!!
chris hayate
5:11 - is that referee david hasselhoff?
rapi karya nusa
i'm never seen a man that can make every defender extremely want to crush except Ronaldo R9, NOT even cr7 or messi
Benjamin Breeg
During the 90's, the "Calciio" was the best and the more competitive league in the world where the most of best players used to play.
Diego Diego
impresionante estos dos jugadores que peligrosos que eran!! se te extraña BATIIGOOLL
lucifer chithu
Ronaldo Phenomenon The Best
braa abdulrazak
bti gool😢🙌🙌🙌
gentleman 1983
its like comparing mercedes to bmw no one can decide which car is the best
Alex de Barros
Yo stupid there's no comparison Ronaldo when healthy the best player of all time.Batistuta not even top 10
Three best Argentinian players of all time: 1.Diego Maradona,2.Leo Messi,3.Gabriel Batistuta :)
roni king
Alejandro HV
Ambos unos genios!!!! Excelentes delanteros!!!
Thomas von Aquin
at this time Batistuta and Ronaldo were the best striker ever in the world
Tachiban 14
Ronaldo and Batigol two greatest Forward or "9" of all time in the history of football.
Jaime Patiño
Mossab Salih
Awesome ty for the upload!
Min Htet Ricky
Batistuta 》Ronaldo.... The best ever No9 G.O.A.T Bartigol
Iqbal Muhammad
The time when literally almost all the World football stars were playing in Serie A
سعد الخالدي
كفار قريح
Andoy 1
I only saw the phenomenon and Batigol played in the same team for 45 minutes, but that went to me not to forget them, because in those 45 minutes they scored 5 goals against the opposing team that had Zidane and the best of Europe.
Lili Avramovic
There is no need to compare. Each one had their set of skills that other one didn't have. Ronaldo was better dribbler, Batistuta had immensely powerful and precise shoot and great headers. Super efficient against the best defenders ever (Nesta, Maldini, Baresi, Cannavaro).
julio hif
Frontlu Enddan
Yeah R9 was great goalscoring machine.........But there is one man who is a machine at everything, not just goalscoring.....assisting, passing, scoring, dribbling.......you know what i mean
frank Barboza
ronaldo is my favorite player n yes we never seen his prime or what could of been of due two or 3 career ending injuries 1st major one in 98 he was 20 i think but anyways bati was more efficient yes more practical n more efficient love them both
Hi can you upload Zidane highlights (second leg) vs Juventus 2005 CL 9 March 2005?Please let me know!
Oscar López
Xin Liang
This is not football, just battles. Two many mistakes that the offensive side made, even Ronaldo. It seems they just don't care losing the ball. This is not the modern football.
محمد الظفيري
ايام عز الدوري الايطالي كله نجوم ،، الحين افشل دوري
Verdade Verdadeira
batigol e internazionale com certeza foram melhores que ronaldo e fiorentina...rsrss
nick rr
amazing video
Prime Reckoner
Beeko, I love this kind of videos.
Marcus Y
R9 :'(
Thomas von Aquin
Golden Era Football, i also liked Real madrid with Figo + Zidane
Carlos Almeida
Great teams!! Good times when Seria A rules!
Enrique LC
Mejor definicion la del bati siempre
valdemir de olivera macedo. baxinho
Us menhos do modo paro
Israel Tepox
el mejor Ronaldo !!