Refuelling -- the film of the film.

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As you can imagine, refuelling a moving Ferrari Formula One car with a flying plane isn't easy. Filming it was just as difficult (but brilliant to watch). The original commercial can be seen at /> Welcome to Shell’s official YouTube channel. Subscribe here to learn about the future of energy, see our new technology and innovation in action or watch highlights from our major projects around the world. Here you’ll also find videos on jobs and careers, motorsports, the Shell Eco-marathon as well as new products like Shell V-Power. If you have any thoughts or questions, please comment, like or share. Together we can #makethefuture Visit our Website: />Like us on Facebook: />Follow us on Instagram: />Follow us on Twitter: />Look us up on Flickr: />Linkedin:

Refuelling making of Shell ferrari f1 formula one car desert plane refill scuderia

Vridhachalempillay Subramaniam
What a brilliant idea as well as synchronization of the risk-taking photographer on the ground ! Would you kike exchanging places with him ?
Farhan Maleq
If Michael Schumacher watch this video... 😭😭😭! IT'S EMOTIONAL!!!
This is awesome. Proud to work at shell.
Guillermo Pava Silva
Me encanta! Muchas gracias por compartir este vídeo, siempre quise ver el detrás de cámaras y como se filmo este comercial de tv.
Great flying by Jim Blumenthal (Kingman Az)