Tony Hawk Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Legendary pro skater Tony Hawk goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about skating in Air Jordan 1s, getting sneaker deals, and the importance of Vans in skateboarding history. Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: />Check out more of Complex here: /> /> /> /> /> COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.

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Sneaker shopping with Obama
This shop is such a scam.
Lmaooooo his face when she said the total price 😂😂😂😂😂
Osvaldo Galvan
Half the people who wear supreme don't even know it's a skate company
My Email
The guy is worth $150 million and was still shocked at that price 😂
Jay K
Did complex just upload something good today?
Grab Life By The Bulls
This man is the true G.O.A.T. Period.
Gerold Gerry
Finally they invited someone on the show that can actually talk
Eric Song
Mah guy Tony was like "TF is this price bruh?" He didn't know he was getting the collabs lmaoooooo
These prices are ridiculous, he payed almost double what the market price is on a lot of those.
Carl Johnson
Riley Reid Goes Sneaker Shopping
Eric Song
Nobody's talking about that intro that thing was WILD
Formula Page
Tony hawk is like the Michael Jordan for the skating community
I used to get my ass flamed hella bad for wearing air walks
Ethan Stahlkopf
Tony Hawk needs to be talked about like he's a goat in the sports genre. He's up there with Michael Jordan, Lebron, Babe Ruth, etc. He really did have a whole generation loving to skateboard and introduced so many new people. Tony Hawk is just an all around great person and a beast at skating.
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All these comments about tony hawk being old lol he landed a 900 and on film not that long ago. What have you done lately?
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day <3
Spaghetti Ninja
$600 for some 2016 white cement 4's?!?! You'd be lucky to sell them for a bit over $300 DS. Man the markup of some of these large sneaker boutiques be selling at..
These shoes probably cost no more than $20 to make...then they inflate the price way up into the hundreds..ridiculous. Can Tony Hawk afford these? Yes, absolutely. But I don’t think it’s in alignment with who he is as a person. Pumping up the prices unnecessarily high. Advertising to the youth that somehow the big luxury lifestyle is where it’s at and where you need to be...he’s more about the simple, important things in life. I think that’s what his reaction was to when the price rang..cause he knows it’s ridiculous. And it’s not the message he wants to send to our youth or people that look up to him, the whole materialistic aspect of it.
He did not want to pay when he heard the price fam
Maya Gardiner
Tony was just talking about how he started a brand to make cool affordable clothing for kids and then this place charges him over 2 thousand for some shoes that are only worth like 20
Dylan Garcia
Do they really buy the shoes or is it just for the video, cause they just put him on the spot not knowing he’s about to drop a couple thousands on some shoes lol
Isaac Barrett
Tony Hawk is such a down kind and humble guy
Sneaker shopping with Rodney Mullen.
J Delgado
These stadium goods prices are so high evwn Tony Hawk is trippin lol
Ham Boney
lol even tony hawks like "what I gotta pay for these?"
Draking Bruh
What a ripoff. No pair of Vans should ever cost $500. Ever. The whole point of this show is whack. Ask rich people questions, then say, “Now is the easy part, spend money!” Then at the end they thank them as if the celebrity just did something great for community or something. This ain’t charity, it’s just really fucking expensive shoes. Lame.
Bring an sneaker shoppin with: *Nipsey Hussle* *Dave East* *Bam Margera* *Lil Wayne* *Snoop Dogg* *Dr Dre* *John Cena* *The Game* (again) *Akadmiks* *Gucci Mane* *Fat Joe* *MICHAEL JORDAN* comment below if I forgot anybody so *COMPLEX* can see this !!!!
Barack Obama Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex please
Tony Hawk is one of my heroes. He’s such a humble and down-to-earth guy
tony hawk is actually bill nye the science guy
Tu Pac next!
El Viperr408
His face lmao I wouldn’t pay for shoes over $130
Anyone else notice that Tony Hawk is basically wearing the same outfit in the video, and in the “Blessed Supreme” picture that they showed? Now that shows his true priorities
King JAXKid904
10/10 For the intro 💯
Samuel Hagberg
Dang he looks old now Makes me feel old now
Dante Flores
Why has supreme not done a photo tee with Tony hawk
aMUSEing thoughts
Tony Hawk even influenced thugs to skateboard 🛹
-. J \
Soo your telling me those vans costs 500..ok :-)
David Maleh
He’s a really cool guy
Elitebunny 1265
have more football players
Damn they’re trying to scam Tony hawk lol
Episode Beats
Hawk talks about affordable shoes & they charge him $500 for a pair of Vans. He'll probably never shop there again😂. Humble rich people don't like wasting money.
Jaiden Herrera
They scammed him on those 4s 😂
Felix Bärtels
Sneaker shopping with blueface
Joel Weber
Why is every shoe covered in plastic?
mrpinch oloaf
wait so they make money bring famous people to the store to make a video and then make said famous person spend $2500?
They stay overcharging at stadium goods, holy shit. Can buy all that for like 1650 tops if u go anywhere but stadium goods.
Cojo French
Looks like a 50 year old computer technician/ legendary skateboarder
Moneymakin K
Why would he pay $700 for some sb 1s😂😂😂 .. And $500 for VANS 😂😂😂😂😂
skateboarding florida
You guys ripped off the legendary Tony Hawk so hard, it hurt watching him pay, those shoes should have been for free. lol
Señor Vac
$140m net worth, shocked at the price 🤣
Ricky Rodriguez
I feel like people forget how big Tony Hawk was lol he was literally why I started skating I've been passed those days for a long time but he's truly someone who deserves all the love he gets
Those prices. Simply double from what the real value is. Thanks Stadium Goods
James Hite
I could listen to Tony talk and tell stories for ages. Such a legend!
Eric Champlin
"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" for N64 anyone!?
Gabriel The God
Kylian Mbappé goes sneaker shopping
Tbh i wouldn’t be able to recognize tony hawk bc he looks like a regular white guy
Bring Floyd Mayweather.
Aaron Dutra
Crazy how the greatest skater of all time seems like just a regular guy. Humility is always a good look.
Aidan Mailley
Sneaker shopping with Nigel Sylvester?
Lmao they had him do a little interview and didn’t even give him free shoes come on it’s Tony hawk. TONY HAWK!!
Lil Trippie
oh shit a legend!
Aaron Whitmore
Y’all gotta get them on : KD LeBron Lil Wayne Will Smith Jim Carrey Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg G Herbo Dave East Moneybagg Yo Gunna Travis Scott Obama
Dean Rojas
I'm still laughing at the "...okay" when they told him the price HAHA
Davey J
I always remember Tony came to the skate park n my hood in like 04
Kiyahn Tapiki
JuJu Smith-Schuster goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex
Doc 777
Lol they tried shoving supreme down his throat, he was like eeehhh whatever it's just there😂😂😂😂
SuperDuper Producer
That damn store be charging like hell🤦🏾‍♂️😭 My cements only cost 150 at Dtlr in USD
How y’all haven’t booked Kim Jon Un to go Sneaker Shopping is beyond me
Ty Mitchell
Thats was so rude how he said tony u grew up skating in vans and now decades later people are still wearing them😂😂
Imre Csebits
ApG BeastMuffin
When you look up the word “legend” in the dictionary... Tony Hawk’s picture comes up
J Stacks
Tony hawk pro skater 3 🔥😎
jonathan perry
Damn how expensive were those vans? At journeys, new vans are like $60. Edit: $500 for vans? Oh hell no that’s crazy.
Sneaker shopping with Donovan mitchell!!
One of the only interviews that mattered G.O.A.T
I always cringe at the prices. They’re ridiculous tbh
Luis Crespo
Can u please get the host to ask more guest based questions he asks the same questions every time
yo boi memes ,
You should do j-cole. (sneaker shopping)
katrina beana
Intro music 🔥🔥🔥
Brian Thicc
Y’all seriously charged my man $600 for some white cement 4s 😭😭😭
ForestGWolfy Productions
He aged faster than my clock.
Daisuke Young
Tony Hawk's Skate Jam is literally Mike Vallely's Skateboard Party.
Lance Moutain has $700 Nikes. Wow.
$600 for cement 4s.? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Guilherme | Ghost
The "...okay" at the price killed me
Joshua Velazquez
Damn he's really 50 now
Max's Brandy Review
NY Mob + skateboard = Tony Hawk
Sneaker shopping with Oscar Pistorius
Mads Hansen
Supreme making lvl 3 backpacks now?
Smh this is why he hasn’t hit us w another underground game, collecting all them damn shoes On a side note, who tf has been sucking the soul out my mans like that?
Let me hear him yelled!!
Tony hawk is awesome loved watching the guy skateboard and make crazy trick styles, amazing chill dude honestly
Tony Hawks look was priceless when he got that $25 hundo bill!😂😂😂
Anthony Camacho
He probably thought each pair was 50 bucks or 100 lol
These prices are ridiculous man 🤦‍♂️