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Svetlana Vini
Они не бабушки! Очень крутые!
Steve Repa
I did sell moonshine, I did sell it I had gathered for myself a bit of money In the bazaar, a bicycle I had acquired, Became the most dangerous woman in the village   Chorus: O Bicycle, my bicycle, Two-wheeled "Grand Cherokee" And it has a big loud bell And a good wide leather seat I will put there on the trunk Two big sacks full of beets I'm flying through the village On my bike, as in a tank   I race around the village - wobbling To stop the bike I don't know yet how And on the frame, my Koom there sits and he is laughing I say to him: "Had, get off", - but he still refuses   Chorus.   We flew through out the village until night fall Embraceing me my Koom then tickles me Well then, whose business is this now any how That I take, my Koom, for a ride about out the village   Chorus.   Then the bike had eccelerated down a hill Where some jerk had placed a rock onto the road Oh, we made a fine summersault with my Koom He with his teeth, I with my chest to the asphalt   Chorus.   My bicycle had collapsed most completely Thank God, my Koom has remained alive But now he is crippled and he is toothless And yet for me, he is, still very charming   Chorus.
Tesla Show
мои родственники!!
віталік Скріпніков
они башку очень круто
At -Lit
я была на их нем концерте они к нам в город приежали
Павел Гурба
Классно 😍😍😍👍👍👍👏👏👏👍👍👍😍😘😘😘
Батюта Лилия
Катя Гужик
Ганя гей
Саша Богданова
А хуле они вообще делают в финале УМТ ???