Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Full Length: Parts I - IX) - Pink Floyd

This is for people who have always wanted to listen (or download) Shine On You Crazy Diamond in full. All nine parts of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, which is one of the greatest pieces of music made. This composition was a tribute to former band member, Syd Barrett. Written and performed by Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Richard Wright. From the album "Wish You Were Here". Lyrics: (Parts I-V) Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond. Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky. Shine on you crazy diamond. You were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom, blown on the steel breeze. Come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine! You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon. Shine on you crazy diamond. Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light. Shine on you crazy diamond. Well you wore out your welcome with random precision, rode on the steel breeze. Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine! (Parts VI-IX) Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far. Shine on you crazy diamond. Pile on many more layers and I'll be joining you there. Shine on you crazy diamond. And we'll bask in the shadow of yesterday's triumph, sail on the steel breeze. Come on you boy child, you winner and loser, come on you miner for truth and delusion, and shine.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond Full Parts II III IV VI VII VIII IX Pink Floyd Syd Barrett Roger Waters Richard Wright David Gilmour Nick Mason Dick Parry Carlena Williams Venetta Fields Wish Were Here Echoes The Best Of Good Music Saxophones Progressive Psychedelic Art Rock Abbey Road Studios London

In my opinion the most fasinating and most unbreakable sound of music ever recorded en made by those beautiful band called PINK FLOYD
Bartje Bartmans
More than 14 million views, minus the 1 million times I listened to it.
Elmer's Glue
This song is not crash
moncorp1 Inc
Remember when you were young?
Philadelphia Winner
Man I'm black as hell 26 born In 91 grew up in north Philadelphias worst hood always listened to rap until I moved out my parents house when I turned 16 n moved to Smyrna Delaware n started smoking weed with white friends who took me under their wing when they introduced this song to me I lost in it was so beautiful n soothing I cried when I heard it since then I listen to Pink Floyd faithfully ever week I went thru an addiction to coke they helped thru it I took losses from friends who lost their life Pink Floyd help me thru it psychedelic rock is amazing n in 2017 we sill hear u Pink Floyd thank u for your contribution to my life u helped me shine on like a crazy diamond n 2 all my shining crazy diamonds keep on shining n never stop rocking please
Shubhankar Bhardwaj
Doctor: You have 25 minutes to live. Me: *listens to this*
Elmer's Glue
2000 people deserve to get run over by ambulances for disliking this
Music QuirkyHD
4 notes!
If anything needs a 10 hour Youtube version it's this.
King Crimson
I wish I can shine like a diamond, but I guess I will turn into stone instead..
Enzofjdjw Fdsgs
art 1: 0:00 Part 2: 3:54 Part 3: 6:27 Part 4: 8:42 Part 5: 11:09 Part 6: 13:28 Part 7: 18:13 Part 8: 19:16 Part 9: 22:18 You're welcome and enjoy the song!
Tim Rapone
I used to think 8 minute songs were long.
Attention is my drug
What did you just say about my hair?
Nuwan Fernando
Back then I used to think that Nick Mason was a boring, lame ass very standard drummer that didnt suit Pink Floyd. I thought what if there was an extra ordinary drummer like John Bonham, Steve Copland or Mitch Mitchell. Always wondered in some places, "Oh man come on, needs a drum fill there" and a Jon Bonham snare sound etc. But now I realize I'm wrong. It was a heavenly mix of five people , who came to walk on this earth and created music like no one created before, and Mason was the perfect drummer for Pink Floyd. His no nonsense approach is a part of Pink Floyd sound. In a Buddhist point of view I'll call it a 'Karmic Effect' where some old friend's or acquaintances of previous lives met in this soul as genii in this life to finish up the incomplete magic that was left previously! Don't care if some had to leave, and fuck up each other in later years; in their unified years what was needed to be done was done.
Ted Huber
i love how in the end of part 5 you can hear the saxophone losing its mind as it fades away just as syd barret lost his mind as he was taken away to a mental hospital. they are artistic geniuses
I have a sudden urge to fix that spaghetti
Eryk Byrski
Longest porn I ever watch
cheshire cat
Here because my girlfriend turned this on and then blew me.
Jack Rees
(S)hine on (Y)ou Crazy (D)iamond. Syd.
3:54 - How can such a simple chord and plucking 4 strings sound so fucking cool and iconic?
Somebody just drove down my street at 2:12 a.m. with this really, really loud...I still have hope in Mankind.
Alex P
19:40 That moment when the song goes to another dimension and you can't tell how they got there
is this a god damn j o j o s r e f e r e n c e ?
Meb Themes
Pink Floyd is legendary. I haven't heard a single bad song from them, not one. And their music sends chills down my spine at least once per song. One of my all time favorite bands.
Game Hoarder
I thing u mean shining diamond.
Jessica Zabala
25:25 Oh my God, you can hear a brass instrument playing "See Emily Play"
Part 1: 0:00 Part 2: 3:54 Part 3: 6:27 Part 4: 8:42 Part 5: 11:09 Part 6: 13:28 Part 7: 18:13 Part 8: 19:16 Part 9: 22:18 Your welcome and enjoy the song!
Chris Celeritas
Been hearing this song and this album and this band since growing up as a kid and hearing my parents play it... I'm 35 now and it just grows on me more and more with age.
This song healed me.
This is my first time hearing this song, and omg i got fucking chills, this os simply fantastic
The Half-Blood Prince
The best song by pink floyd hands down! R.I.P Syd Barret
Scott Lewis
Shine on You Crazy Diamond. S..............Y................D
rockies52 9
Part 1: 0:00 Part 2: 3:54 Part 3: 6:27 Part 4: 8:42 Part 5: 11:09 Part 6: 13:28 Part 7: 18:13 Part 8: 19:16 Part 9: 22:18 You're welcome and enjoy the song!
RandoM Videos
Stephen Patrick
Spectacular us usual! Prophetic and touches the soul! Thank you Pink Floyd!
Nicolás García
this song would perfectly fit in Blade runner
all the pink floyd songs are good imo
Schack G. Lystrup
There aren't words to describe how much I love this song
Peter Lange
Best song if you have to drink alone
Matthew Abell
(A# F G E) = The soul of Syd Barret
Can't really say it was one of their best. If "Echoes" was the hard drug, this was just taking a shot, still love it, though.
Alvin Csunderlik
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Vladan Šobajić
Gilmour gitar is not normal
Peter Lange
Man im so drunk
Tiago FIlipe
Words cannot even describe the feeling and power in this song it's pure pleasure. Having sex to this oh my god.
James Garner
I hope this is the first song the ET beings heard from humanity.
Robert Foist
that is Donald Trump in the handshake there...I'm sure
T.C. Bramblett
This song makes the planets move
Gilmour's bends and vibrato are unmatched....master of feel
this song makes me feel so good, it has some kind of healing power on me.
Avneet Singh Khorana
this and echoes... masterpieces
Not saying the whole song isnt bad but from 13:18 there onwards really does it for me <3
I had thought I had heard almost all of the good music, but listening to this song I realize there's much more good music to be found.
Umar Rashdan
This song has no weakness
JoJos Bizzare Adventure Anyone XD "Crazy Diamond"
Pink Floyd will be remembered in the same regard as Mozart or Beethoven
Carl Smith
Part 5 is probably my favorite.  That sax man.
G'n 'R
hard truth
Entire album is a beautiful synthesis of progressive rock and progressive jazz done in a sort of intelligent simplicity that everyone can understand. And still has alot of those out-of-this world electronic effects carried over from the psychedelic 60's. - I Hope that sums it up.
Pamela Hopkins
Sublime, just sublime.
Chose to listen to this instead of watching porn. Best decision I made all day
Fred Pettis
I well remember the 1st time I heard this album, in full, in the "new" Quadraphonic format, on a Stereo designed to play said format. A 4 way windowpane party was the perfect venue to "experience" it in! With a sufficient quantity of THC on board, and the acid coming on, we were all frozen in place until it was time to flip the record over! Then rinse and repeat! I truly miss those days of black-lights, and luminescent backgrounds, and the grand friends who shared those treasured times!
Doktor McNasty
If any part of this is playing while I'm dying I think I'll be okay.
Zoran Ramzo Kamenycky
we all know how great song is Stairway to Heaven, but when you hear Shine On.. it become just normal pop song. I dont have enough knowledge to put in words greatness of this song. It is greatest piece of music ever written and no other comes even near, except Echoes which is maybe even better !
Emiliano Herrera
Happy birthday Crazy Diamond.
Juju Rawr_428
The beginning nearly put me to sleep.. this is awesome!! I love this!! This song is so awesome, people that don't like this are missing out on so much good music!!
Stuart Davy
The best record ever made.
shakespeare da vinci
Bugün bir güzel adamın sonsuzluğa karışmasının üstünden tam 11 yıl geçiyor. Ben, o bu ahmak dünyadan ahmakça, fakat göz ardı edilemez sebeplerle gittiğinde henüz çocuktum, ve farkındalığım onu tanımak için yeteri kadar gelişmemiş ve toydu. Onu ve onun müziğini tanıyınca, kendimden geçerek dinlediğim ve, -bir acizliktir şüphesiz- taparcasına sevdiğim grubu da tanımış oldum. Şu an bile, giderek hayran olduğum bu adama ve diğer pembe adamların müziğine aşığım. Onları dinlerken sorguladığım yaşam, içinden kopmak istediğim dünyevi hayat, kendime bir türlü veremediğim hain anlamlar, kelimelerden taşıyor adeta. Bu üzücü mü, değil mi bilmiyorum fakat, kendime koyamadığım kesinliği ve mutlak fikri bu adama, bu adamlara koyuyorum. Sizler, herkesin dinlemesi gereken, müziğiniz ile sarhoş olunması gereken, sanatsal ve müzikal estetiğinizin herkes tarafından bilinmesi gerekenlerdensiniz, şüphesiz. Bu genelliğe karşı, yalnızca özel insanların anlayacağı eşsizliktesiniz. Ben söylediğim ilk düşünceden çok, ikincisine inanıyorum, ve de inanmak istiyorum. SYD BARRETT İÇİN varlığınla bir müziği oluşturan faktörler bir mucize gibi yan yana geldi, yokluğun da bunun ve bunun gibi olan harika şarkıları var etti. Parla deli adam. Hiç sönmeyeceksin.
Luck and Pluck
And I thought Roundabout was long.
Benjicobz z
Today is the 42nd Birthday of the WYWH album, I don't know how many times I've listened to this song today alone, and I still get the same chills similar to the first time I heard those intro notes. Powerful. I cry. Inside.
Kilhara Komeiji
Pink floyd is ecstacy for your ears
Alex Tsimpoukis
you cant dislike this song . neautral at the wosre situation
i will be 63 in 2 weeks. i have been with the Floyd since the early 70s. and THIS sounds so fresh to me and still moves me so much!
Yoshikage Kion
What do you say about my hair???
Nikola Babic
this is on level with compositions by beethoven, mozart, bach...
Mike Martin
Better than The Wall... sorry Roger.
Chroneplays von Chrone
stEvo lution
Back in the day we started playing with music. Look where we are now. Thank you.
Can David Gilmour play guitar? Is a frogs ass water tight! i think he's the most unappreciated guitarist ever--its all about Clapton & Hendrix--not that there is anything wrong there, but David deserves to be in the discussion. Anyone agree with that?
Giovanni Nero
pink Floyd is porn for the blind
Anonymous Scrub
I actually creamed my pants, not joking.
Zeno de Bruyne
My dog starts howling everytime I put it on :p
Choco Cheshire Cat
When that beat drops at 4:31 it's like a cool drop of rain on my shriveled up little heart. 👌
Jason Kruger
This song is way more longer than relationships nowadays.
Grant Rogers
This music gives me existential crisis. It cries truth.
This song sends chills down my spine every time i listen to it and brings tears to my eyes. The music sets off an emotional rollercoaster that keeps on going and going till the end
Lennon McCartney
This song is very good to listen to when you are doing work
Ingmar Deen
I am not even a Pink Floyd fan personally, but this is simply put the best piece of music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.
Sir Krigeon
Nicolas Araya
the last moog solo , its so perfect !!!!!!
Zeljko Platisa
During the last few seconds you can hear the melody of 'See Emily Play'...
It wasnt till 8:42 that there were any lyrics. Yet this was 2.5x longer already than any contempary song, and 200x supeior. Now It just gets better to the end.
Empty Spaces
The first 3 n half minutes of this song, is what i imagine it's like traveling up to heaven.
Came for jojo stayed for the vibes
Doogle McBerry
Gencaps Noises
Wine glasses guitar cover here
Wasn't there an easter egg where you can hear see emily play