Oklahoma City Thunder vs Sacramento Kings 1st Half Highlights / March 12 / 2017-18 NBA Season

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demoCRIPS & reBLOODlicans 1
Corey brewer once again balling. Man he's a life saver
Terry_p Powers
Another 1 tomorrow night. Keep it up okc #brewer
Matt The Knicks Fan
melo is todd gurley's favorite player
Luis Salguero
why Melo is not yelling to himself in that first play from the Kings?
Cross Corloene
I like the shooting form of PG.
Falcon Savage
OKC going to choke
demoCRIPS & reBLOODlicans 1
Encouraging game from Melo. Good to see his shot falling. But okc is not shooting well at all but the defense gets the thumb up
If you think trade melo you dont kno basketball
Nigel Ryan
OKC Thunder is three dimensional smh
Bro What Are You talking About
Need the full highlights asap MLG
Matt The Knicks Fan
audio is delayed
Call Me J. R.
Let's goo okc .
carlo andre
demoCRIPS & reBLOODlicans 1
Vince Carter is 56 y. O
HTX 713
Bruh OKC should be up by at least 9
AnToNe-Yo #Dubs #Raiders
PG finna leave OKC after this year