Learn Family Relations Names for Kids | Family Members for Kids | Family Relations For Children

Litchi Show presents Family Relations in this episode. Family is one of the most important aspect of human life Now a days most of the kids are immersed totally in smart phones and video games, They find no time for bonding with family. In this episode, kids learn about Family Relations, with animated characters with most exciting way. A child introduces her dad, mom, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother and her siblings whom she plays with and how they helps her in daily life. It is very much easy for children to learn and to remember their family relations, as it is most crucial factors in determining how a child develops as an adult. We as parents has to explain how a family enables us to feel a sense of belonging and about who we are. Family is a source of comfort and support, warmth, security and protection. Subscribe to Litchi Show to explore the ultimate fun for kids..... ♥For More Videos►► /> ♥children nursery rhymes | kids rhymes | Children songs by Litchi show promo ►► /> ♥Fruits song for kids | Numbers for toddlers | color names for nursery kids bye Litchi Show. ►► /> Easy Clay Modeling for Children | Simple Play dough(Doh) Making Videos ►► /> LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: /> FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: /> Thank You for watching, thank you for your shares, comments and likes!!

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