Freestyle Football Skills - Warm Up - 2014 HD Pt.2

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Alkan Güler
Ozil's smile ;)
And part 3 :D why not ! haha  I love it
Ricardo Nakane
No dislike = Part 3 ?
Amazing video bro , keep it up , neymar made the video more beautiful. :)
Mathews Football
PART 5: Freestyle Football Skills - Warm Up - 2014 Pt. 5
Nice video brooooo;)
Edward Pena
Real Madrid doing tiki taka Lmao
salim albadi
Show ! Muito bom mano :)
*André Aquino*
Sdds desse final do Vídeo kk #MTSRaiz
Wiktor Lipina
Yes, we want pt. 3! Wow, nice MTS ;) Amazing vid, bro. Great music tho... Fantastic.
Mathews Football
PART 6: Freestyle Football Skills - Warm Up - 2014 HD Pt.6
Ceyhun imran kisa
The Part at 03:50 / 04:25   xD
Elior Share CarsSpotting
amazing !!!!!
Einar Eduardo Zaizar
FutSoccer HD
Nice manoo....Fiko Top...Show bro
neymar and ozil
Bliss skariah
6:44 song name ?? plzz
Anwar LeoNardo
good frestyler
JD 10
love song like this like oliverhelden
Next _7
the best video. congratulations!!!
Mo Football
oh Mesut Ozil you cheeky little man ;)
Kizzgsfg Kizzz11
fantastic bro 
England Is My City
Ozil wtf hahaha
TheBR Prime
song name is welcome to ibiza-tiesto
ATZRed Nono
J'adore ce freestyle
Darwin Arriaga
Who said soccer players cant dunk?
What is the second song?
Samuel Persson
what's the song in the end?
edwin moxqura
me gusta tu videooo pnaaaaaaa
Kolast Brown
wow very good
indian killer
Musica oficial do Youtube mas o video ta massa!
Hammad Shinwari
Nice video keep it up
iffy zxc
Ozil sick!!!!!
Second song pls.!!!
Natchapol Inploy
Ozil,Like a boss
Jose Montes
Part 3 ???
cesar jimenez
saben cómo se llama la canción del último
Stas Pogorelov
Song final ?
Miguel Isaac Camarena Gamez
no pueden ni decir como se llama esta puta cancion
Orxis Lamounier
Pt.4 ??
trump very nice
Love neymars hair at 5:53
alper kaya
Özil naptı lan oyle :)
Miklós Nagy
At 0:45 who is the guy behind neymar?
Who's the kid juggling with neymar just a freestyler or a young player?
Tomas Gutierritos
Ozil is a pro with his bubble gum
Hey Hello.Neymar and????.
pablo osorio
song two: K-391 - This Is Felicitas
Kaas Kiis
absolute spectacle of a video! Gosh, makes me feels happy to play and relaxes me while I play :))
+Lee Ore is better than you
What name song. Plzz
Saul ¡HD
as the background song called?
Rajkumar Yadav
I. Later👟👞👟
Sam B1919
nice vid, but where did you get the first song playing from?
NeymarJr. 11
Song of the Outro? pls
Railson Araujo
Muito bom, as músicas tbm :)!
Na Ds
Manuel Neuer Ultimate Saves & Skills 2011 - 2014
fulgencio castaneda
Murtaza FL
who is that player on 2:35 who tricks that kid??
Symme Schutters
Julio Muños
como se llama la cancion por favor
Ozzy Orozco
Mis respetos simplemente futbol :3
Mehmet Ali
what music name??
lớp D1 Tập thể
cho mình hỏi bài nhạc đầu tiên là bài gì thế
God of freestyle and football is Ronaldinho 
C quoi la musique au debut
Trường Đỗ
ozil :))))
Alessio Borrelli
0:23 Dragback Fake! I love this Video.!<3
Ахуел когда увидел что Кержаков умеет
Danilóvisk Cavalcante
caralho o melhor canal BR de Freestyle tu é mito manowww
Song name?
Fearless Jake
First song?
Misha Pavlov
0:53 кто это с неймаром чеканит?
4 years later
Злодей Злодеев
Вы никогда не увидите на подобных роликах Месси.Ну если совсем чуть-чуть)
I'm guessing before Neymar went pro he did skills
oduwa Feddrick
I like neymar
Ezequiel Miranda
Neymar dribbled that ball with that 15 year old in the red bulls stadium I should have gone >.<
Django Yes I'm
Awesome 😀😀😀 Hachim mastour N1
raja nagari
01.36 amazing cool 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
fala o nome desse remix
almendra valdes diaz
modelame asi de reggaeton asi se llama
Yassine Harrach
0:50 Muet Video .. then play  ''Nicki Minaj - Pills And Potions'' . Enjoyyyy !!!
Ich habe immer Probleme damit Mastour und Neymar zu unterscheiden die sehen sich gleich
nelson palacios
amm el video y la musica comvina el futbol y a musica pe ejjeej XD
Nicola Nugnes
bellissimo! come si chiama la musica della prima parte? p.s. guardate Nugnes Francesco palleggi!!!!
Christian Garcia
marcelo lmaoo
Cristian Foster
why people call freestyle to this? Andrew Henderson, Kamalio, Tobias Becs, etc, they are freestylers, no that shit
Victoria Lago
ozil looked at the camera like... this could be yo nuts
cheukhin yau
What is the BGM at first
Resonance Маркетинг
Messi has finished career after losing WC. Shock! |
Legendary Sacareor
Real song Tony igy - Astronomia
Esdras Martins
esses caras são de outro mundo
ignacio Arguello
songs: Tony igy - astronomia , k-391 - This is Felicitas
Liam Ristoff
who was the guy on newcastle( not ben arfa)
Mirabelle Tambe
nice video. everything was amazing
Adriano 94
Van persie c'est un ragale !!! Akakakakaka