U2 - With Or Without You (U2 At The BBC)

In an exclusive performance at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry play one the classic With Or Without You accompanied by an orchestra for U2 At The BBC - a special programme for BBC One. Subscribe now: Watch more:

57 year old man who has been singing for 40 years...of course his voice has aged. Time waits for no man sadly. Still great
Rose Agaatsz
The vocals, lyrics, tunes. This is one of my favorite songs of U2 ! With or without you..... one of the greatest performance ! Superb 🎸🎼🎧🎶
How after singing this 435,987 times, does he make it sound like the first time? Every time. U2 has managed to remain young while growing old.
Doflamingo dressrosa
See the stone set in your eyes See the thorn twist in your side I'll wait for you Sleight of hand and twist of fate On a bed of nails she makes me wait And I wait, without you With or without you With or without you Through the storm we reach the shore You give it all but I want more And I'm waiting for you With or without you With or without you I can't live With or without you And you give yourself away And you give yourself away And you give And you give And you give yourself away My hands are tied My body bruised, she's got me with Nothing to win and Nothing left to lose And you give yourself away And you give yourself away And you give And you give And you give yourself away With or without you With or without you I can't live With or without you Oh With or without you With or without you I can't live With or without you With or without you
Michael PPX
Still listening in 2019!!!!!!Greatest band in the world!
Prem Nidhi Das
When I played this song ,I raised the volume,my neighbour complained to the police, he was arrested.
Candido Siqueira
U2 muito som ,suas músicas dimais 🎶🎸 tocam muito.🎶🎤
Fábio Kennedy
Se está difícil grandes formações como essa lá fora, imagine no Brasil hoje em dia, a música brasileira é motivo de chacota e reflete a calamidade em que se encontra a cultura e educação neste país.
D Targa
Anyone know if Larry has ever smiled during a performance? One serious dude!
Rafael Liefde
Still in may 2019 this is still a special song and powerfull lyrics...just magically awesome👏🏻
This is poetry in motion...this song reminds me of my teenage days, my first love .. also seperation ...U2 gets better with time... like old wine.. Watching them live is my dream...God bless these musical poets.. They have given meaning to lives of countless millions..These 4 guys have stayed united as bandmates & friends even after so much success.. They are an inspiration..Love u U2...forever..& ever !!
Yubilan Ottermann
through the years better then ever!!
"Love will tear us apart....again"
Miguel Angel Flores Andrade
Best song ever
Fhantastic música,9/03/2019 , BH brasil
Dindo Chiong
Greatly Very Special,Congratulation to all staff and members of the Band,Music so Lovely and Touching all Systems in orders,2019,01.29.🇵🇭.🆒🔛.
Angie Marshall
Here in 2019 loving this still Bono 💓
Awesome band awesome artist you should live forever your music should live forever
Maria de los Angeles Farfan
can't get enough of this song...love it!
S Audibert
Ele esta ficando sem voz, tem que parar por um tempo e fazer um tratamento , ELE É OTIMO !
Albert Vasu
Geez look at the way Edge is playing his guitar....it's like he's playing different instruments at once
Martin Comesaña
Just like wine. Want Bono to hit that high notes? Go and play your CD. This is life, this is live. God bless U2.
paul hall
Proper class version.2019, still going strong!!
Robson Dias
The best Band Rio Brasil março 2019!!!!!!
Natalie Rich
With or without you i cant live with or without you.
Marc English
This is the best version ever for me ! Thank you u2🤙❤x
Amanda Dourado
Maravilhosos! O tempo não faz diferença para eles! <3
chae wan park
I`m in magic. Bono`s raw voice and The edge`s magical guitar sound,Adam`s stable bass performance and Larry`s the rhythmical & powerful beat of the drum.
Omar Rodriguez
Excelente rola, pasa el tiempo y aún sigue sonando.... Temasasaso.!!!!!! 2019...
Humberto Celli
Epic! Just amazing
Dalivox Hewson
This is better than any song in the top 100 on any chart in the world.
Fátima Barros
Música boa é como sangue correndo em minhas veias. Amo ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍🥀🥀🥀
I Ketut Rai Wisnu Aryatmaja
With or without you and One, is my favorit ever!
Antonino de Pádua Nascimento Felipe
Dedico essa linda canção ao meu amigo Sérgio, que se foi...Valeu amigo!!!
juda benhur1218 lc
Etsa cancion es un himno !
Angela Dal Col
This is not music...it's magic.
gilberto mineiro
Canta muito sensacional, nessa versão ficou chiq tb...
Leo Fernandez
The tribute to Joy Division is priceless Yes LOVE WILL TEAR US APART AGAIN!
Steve Yzerman
Joy division at the end <3
Love the vocal on this! ❤️
alex gonçalo
Só musicas de qualidade muito bommmm!!
"love Will tear us apart" grande Bono HBday!!!
Paul Wood
It's quite incredible that over 25 years after they originally wrote this song, they have managed to perform a completely new & brilliant version of what was already an amazing song. Fair play to them. U2 are the gr8est band of all time. U2 forever.
Hammad Ahsan
Love from Pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰
School Discovery
How much I listen to it more and more like very healthy
Elizabeth Efstathiou
Perfect ❤️
Gustavo Contreras
He tenido el privilegio de verlos dos veces en vivo.... Dios, en video, en disco, en Spotify o en concierto, siguen poniéndome la piel de gallina
Vera Lucia
jesus castañeda
U2 grande entre los grandes....
Beautiful. Thank you BBC. Happy Christmas.
Alias Fickle
Hello U2. Happy Motherday. The Boy. Peter Rowen.
Que vídeo lindo!! O verdadeiro artista ao cantar e tocar sente a música e se emociona. Como fizeram neste vídeo....🤩👌👏👏👏👏❤
James Morrison
I thought the bass player was Anthony Bourdain. lol
Silvia Solano
Bono tenia catarro ese dia, su voz se oye muy nasal...
Chris f
Bono & guitar player go into a bar, the bartender says..What...U2 again!!
Sadat Sayem
Still same powerful and melodious voice
Tom's Thrifty Life
I wake up make, coffee, sit and listen to U2 because fills me with energy and wonder.
Riccardo Cendron
Darkness Bright... like Universe... 나의 U2... 수만 번 들어도 매번 처음 듣는 것 같은... 꿈결같은... 최고의 곡.
Quite possibly one of the top ten best songs ever written. Sun Devil stadium version, is just epic.
Renato V V
Nunca pierdas la voz!!! BOno
2:54 Full open voice, perfect pitch. <3 his voice is just so beautiful. and soulful! he still brings it at almost 60 years old :) u2 is the reason im a singer songwriter today .
Can never get enough of such a brilliant band!!!
Jefferson Franco
U2, banda incrível, Bono sempre com essa voz maravilhosa
Steve Melling
It's a great song IMO. He is the man he is but Bono is one of the all-time "voices of rock".
Inês Martins
O melhor da musica está nos anos 80 sem sombra de duvidas!
Jemmy Agung
U2 stil the best till now..
Bono has been together with the same woman for 40 years and married to her for 36 years. This, to me, is indicative of a man who really knows how to love. Moving from girlfriend to girlfriend or spouse to spouse every few years is not passion.
"Love will tear us apart again" 😔😔😔 This song is perfect for catharsis
murdoc 7
A classic greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪
Мастер Кенский
с тобой или без тебя , я смогу жить в любом случае !
Nicolas Melia
OMG this music ! And you give yourself away, and you give yourself away-ay !!
luis alberto damian villa
Temazo....difícil que cuatro genios con estos talentos se vuelvan a encontrar para formar una banda tan espectacular como la que formo U2 ...la probabilidad de que suceda esto es casi imposible.....Tanto talento, tanta magia....La verdad no sé cómo se puede describir está pieza de arte...
Emanuela Perillo
This song has been giving me goosebumps and making me cry since I was 11, and it always will ❤
Jeff H
There will never be another iconic one of a kind sound in a rock band as The Edge achieves with his guitar.
They are wtill with us, it is so great and warm. Thank you guys for all your songs!
Rozaldo Tokarski
A banda U2 faz história.eu curto mt eles.tds envelhecemos juntos.
Roadworn Frets
AMAZING Performance. Great Bass tone from Adam
gata gótica
03/01/2019 eta música boa 🐈🐀🐁🐔🐾🐀🐀🐣🐇 vamos dançar 🐾🐀🐣🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🎅🎄🐱🐱🐱
Vanderlei Amaral
Música legal 😎😎
Ben Huot
oufff, U2 is U2... my god this is such a beautiful song.. and the ending... love will tears us apart
One of the best live performances of this song. U2 & the orchestra sounds so amazing together. I only wish they did Where the Streets have no name, too.
Incredible tune, 30 years old but has gotten better with time. The way it builds and builds, the emotion Bono puts into his singing, the beautiful guitar playing The Edge does is amazing and the orchestra really gives the song a special touch as well.
Parislive007 Great
Always Great this Song 😍🤗✌
Jean Cordova
One of the most beautiful songs of all time, of the worlds, of the universes, of the nations .... now
Gianni Condemi
Emonez 18
the ICON of the New Wave Era. Long Live U2🙄
Eric Coombs
Man... the edge sounds amazing
lilis K
Beautiful as always ... lv U2 ♡♡
Moy Melo
Em pleno 2019 ouvindo e me emocionando como se fosse adolescente. Né foda?
Schmetter Ling
Schöne Aufnahme, immer noch super nach so vielen Jahren👍
neide cendon
Sempre novo, o melhor do melhor❤😝😘😘😘🙌a cada show, INIGUALÁVEIS,,👏👏👏💝❤💓
Dilip Ganison
The way the song builds back up at 3:40, it makes me think of beautiful things, places and loved ones flashing quickly as time flies by. Life is so short. Make the best out of it peeps.
Dullce Reis
Amo amo amo amo demais
Napoleon Bactong
Bono, my idol i miss my wife, hope shes ok there.
renata souza
U2 e suas músicas para sempre!Sensacional👏👏😀🖐
Mikel Whois
Great job boys.. Bono's still got it! It was a pleasure helping the steel build team erect "The Claw" @ Vandy few Summers back, incredible! What a delight.. btw, thanks to the big German dude who was the Carp lead for the last 360 tour, his name escapes me at the moment.. for some reason, i wanna say Lliam, but thats not really a German moniker per se.. at any rate, thanks for the Stellas! Cheers..
Sonia Gutierrez
For these things i love U2......
Max Bunea
Pure class," at the end of experience we can recover innocence with a bit of wisdom" Bono