Mitsubishi Evo 8 FQ400 vs. Noble M400 #TBT - Fifth Gear

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It's #ThrowbackThursday ! Vicki has a shootout between the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 FQ400 and the Noble M400, but which car will be the quickest round our track? This video was requested on our Facebook page! Want to request your own classic video for #ThrowbackThursday ? Then leave us a comment on our Facebook page: /> For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel:

She did say that the Evo has to be "MAN-Handeld"...did she just admit that she cant drive the Evo? XD
i am a automotive technician i wark for vw group and its true how hard germans try you just cant beat the evo
I love a the simplicity of the Noble M400; wonderfully balanced lightweight chassis, rear-wheel-drive, and 3-pedels; a true driver's-car! :)
shiyuan ang
i dont think she is driving the evo correctly. she overdrives both of the cars and her steering input is very rough
Soo Rui Bin
The moment where you realize she drives better than most of you....
This is why i believe only people that CAN drive like Jeremy Clarkson should do reviews.
linlin lixin
ok, now take them off road
all that trickery must bow down to proper chassis engineers ;)
I Don't believe for a second that the Noble M400 is quicker on a track than an EVO MR FQ-400 NO WAY. I think she needs to learn how to drive first, the amount of time she went off the track shows how unskilled she is.
To the hell with the cars, I want to have a family with Vicki.
Wish the wife could drive like this lol.
what a joke. she says its hard to keep on the power band in the evo. it looks like a circus clown is driving her lines are shoking and jerky. she clearly thinks she can drive, but she clearly cant.
Its quite obvious she is doing it wrong. Im not saying she cant drive, but going sideways in an Evo is not the fastest way around a track.
Cool cars. And Vicki, is amazing and a heck of driver.
M400 = 1,200kg  FQ400  = 1,400kg   With the same kind of power and torque you don't have to be a genius to predict the outcome.....
Evo X would've closed that gap significantly, but to be fairer it should be the cheaper Noble she drove, or a race/track-prepared Evo for an honest comparison!
Laurynas S.
Well I presume that Noble is way lighter then Evo and also a bit more powerful too.
Need to play it again to hear that giggle from behind the wheel of the Mitsubishi. I still prefer the squeal from when she drove the Integrale.
one thing i hate is people complaining about the turbo lag. it is not an issue if you know how to drive it. shes going off the boost through corners and wondering why its sluggish. she should bot be doing a tv show on cars
You do realise Vicky Butle-Henderson was a racing driver
the m400 looks like a esprit and an elise had a daughter. Its a fascinating little car.
Junior Ellis
Evo 8 very heavy compare to the Noble still :)
Noble all the way .. These are monster machines British engineering at its best
Pascal ///M Power
The Nobel wayyy lighter than the EVO. The GTR may do it better but this tracks is too small and tight for cars that big.
Vicki, you look good in the M400!
Jose Acosta
well she couldnt have said it better herself, an Evo has to be "Man Handled", Girl cant handle all that grip, she aint getting the max out of that Car LOL
That girl is awesome
son of SAM bear
Anglesey is a tight twisty track that suite the noble best.
Wats the weight of that weird looking car?
Eric. E
Craig Eillison
i want to see toyota camry vs arial atom around a go kart track please.
paul hunter
evo just looks like a nissan bluebird to me
Craig Eillison
can't take your granny to the clinic in a Noble though.
1 1
Man British people are so obnoxious with their stupid slang. Well sorted proper bollocks
God i hate that voice
In the description of the videos you post, you should write in wich episode the shot was and when it aired. Just curiosity, sometimes I wonder how old (or new) are these throwbacks XD
Lots of butt hurt evo fans. The noble is a purpose built track car the evo is a economy car that's been beefed up. The evo is a awesome car that can survive in the real world and on the track where the noble not so much. Both are brilliant in their own ways. The evo is not this unbeatable car the fanboys wish it to be. That being said I would take the evo over the noble so I could drive it year round on and off the track.
Noble is like roughly less that 900kgs I think and Evo is well over 1300
H, honda?
Vicki <3
Tiger 97.1
The boths are favorites cars...!
Dorifto Kingu!
Did they make any m400's in left hand drive?
Francisco Villavicencio
Yeah the Evo holds more way more people . Its cheaper.. heavier.. and is meant to be daily driven.. Unfair match, should do Evo vs STI
sugar-ray palfrey
Awd not 4x4
Porsche Collector
How many butthurt evo fanboys are here?
Ko-wing wong
once again, i state that the EVO is an all condition rally vehicle. So comparing cars on the track is no point.
Jose Javier de Haro Alba
Get the Evo, Forget the Noble.
Quacktics are Go
Because as we all know, when it comes to choosing what car to buy, lap times are the only relevant factor.