Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Flips after clipping Volvo S40

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► Buy the RoadCams Dashcam: ► Or subscribe for daily dashcam videos: />A Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX flips onto its side after making contact with a Volvo S40. The Mitsubishi Lancer driver should have been driving at a slower speed. The Volvo driver should have done a better shoulder check before committing to the lane change. ---* This video is being posted strictly for educational purposes. Watch people make mistakes on the road, so hopefully you won't. Watch, learn, and drive safe. *--- Social Media: Facebook: />Twitter:

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Red car is at foult he did not look before changing lanes
red cars fault for not looking in his mirrors to see the passing car.
rip white balloon :(
Jorge Rivera
I think i saw the evo's soul go to heaven
Cao Ang
We need to ban all Volvo S40 from entering the country until we can figure out what's going on.
red car fault !!
- -
0:32 boot airbag lol
Balloons fault
Sintech HD
Red Volvo hit the wrong signal and didn’t check his mirror smh...
Its the red volvo an idiot he did not see the road white line is straight
All cars should have balloons in the trunk in case this happens.
Joe DeSalvo
Evo owner driving like a typical Evo owner
Both at fault
The car cut in front of the truck causing it to brake suddenly and set off that chain of events. RIP Balloon.
Whistling K9
It kinda seems like the Volvo was panic breaking and was changing lanes in order to not hot the van. At same time asswipe was driving like ass..
B Lee
If the Evo driver didn't drive like a typical idioti Evo driver on public roads, then this would have never happened.
Nooo the EVO!!😭💔
Warren Jaeger
The kidnapped balloon escaped.. cheeky ballon you 😂
Malick Drive
EVO fault 100%
Modified Cars HD/4K/Gaming/Live/News/Animation
It is Car Crash video. :P
Master Shredder
This was the balloons escape
Did someone die? And that was the spirit going up?
Gary Hudson
It's the Mitsubishi Prancer's fault for jumping in the far right lane. Volvo thought it was clear to switch lane, then the bouncy prancer jumps in his blind side.
Benny Pal
rip balloon straight to heaven
Use indicators
AKB Gaming
This Volvo is beast ✌️
Virginie Jorion
Another ghost bicycle causing an accident!
Julian Katos
"what could go wrong?"
Razzle Dazzle
Airbag flew up like a balloon.
Lkp Xml
Air balloon? That was strike!
So whose insurance is going to give at lol?
Guntur Wibowo
what is that white baloon ?
Eric. E
Jesus Christ the POOR EVO IX😢😢
Aldo Mandovani
Evo 11
Billy The Kud
Mitsubishi Launcher?
James Potenzone
1 following someone not letting someone over 2 evo driver dangerous driving and that red car is crazy trying to block someone from getting by let it go he would get karma now both of u need vehicles
Parece que os retrovisores ficam de enfeite só!! Ñ usam pqp kkkk... muita babaquice.
Charlie Herk
thats a tough call i would say its the red cars fault although not sure which country this is in and there laws but here in Australia when you see the solid white line that means you cannot change into that lane so in saying that maybe the red car checked prior saw no car and couple of secs later Evo changes lanes and bang. Depending on the laws
Сергей шмалеев
Урод на красной,так у нас говорят 😉
Richmond Ras
Evo didn't clip the Volvo..........
New-Retro -Flyer
Solid white line, did not check mirrors or head check, also tinted front windows and tinted windshield.. if you got tint than there's no excuse for not looking not like lights going to blind you lol
Cara de watdafuk
title should be : mitsubishi evo ix flips after gets hit by volvo s40
Team Awesome
MSM: Mirror Signal Manoeuvre. .. Volvo's fault. ...
Red car at fault, if the Volvo wasn't tailgating then it didn't have to brake n swerving causing the lancer to flip, even if the lancer was driving wrecklessly the lancer would of pass the Volvo. Didn't they learn the 4 second rule
Schlykn Fivem
He didn't clip the Volvo the Volvo rammed him
stupid volvo driver
John Kintanar
Thats wat happen if u speed and abruptly cut 2 lanes. Btw overtaking on the right is not a good idea. Evo gets what he deserves.
Benjamin Colon
Hope he has full covers
Arianto Anwar
Redcar stupid!!!!
Marshal General
Evo swerved in front of the car in camera and then karma
shikar babulall
I thought u indicate 1st then check ur mirrors then wen safe change lanes.Where did the guy in the volvo learn to drive.
Seems red car's fault, but I think red car could't see evo cause evo was driving like an asshole. Maybe he checked behind before the evo came into his lane.
this is so sad alexa play deespaciketit
Heru Kagawa
Before you changing lanes use turn signal light.. look at mirror when the lanes clear then you can changing lanes guys.. thanks
Lil_ron 14
They same to pay the Truck's damage hahahah😂😂😂
Aldi Dewantara
His in a Evo you know, they could do stuff that other cars cant. Rally and 4WD, just like Subaru!
Rick Evo
Clearly red car did not pay attention, he must of been doing something then look up realizd it was too close/late and Evo had to be there exactly that time for red car to save himself and yes caused him not to look and just turn right. Also notice if the Evo didn't speed at first when he switched lanes he would of been ok.....
Chonino K9
0:16 bye bye white balloon from the volvo
joekwer08 azodnem
Monica!!!!!! 😱😱
Marty TDD
Both at fault here. The Evo driver was speeding and changing lanes eratically, the Volvo driver also made a sudden lane change without checking their mirrors or having a look over their shoulder.
Robert Bernat
I'm convinced the driver of the Evo was it. Who keeps balloons in there trunk🙄 very suspect...
Suresh Kanna Subramanian
Subaru over speed 😈
Edith Fuentes
El volvo tuvo la culpa 😯😯
Слава Мајци Русији Слава Србији и Космету
Antifa, libtards and snowflakes are weak af
Volvo has a scratch. Lol
Onur Yağcı
Red car Volvo s40 1.6 d
Alex Rudaj
S40 done this? imagine if it was S80 lol 😂😂😂😂
Eric. E
Its soul was the Balloon and it went to Car Heaven😂
Lancer evo is the Goat
It5KuyaA11enMunchies Munchies-Level-Loweyes
I think the red one is at fault evo already at the lane and the red car didnt turn on the signal and probably didn't look over the shoulder.
3vil On3s
Volvo driver is the idiot..for tailgating the truck in that traffic condition! Should hv stay at the safe distance to avoid last minute breaking!
This is why cars are equipped with signal lights
m m
both fault , more is black one
Anyways inspite of volvo being wrong, it was heavier than the tin foil lancer
Isaac Khang
Who is at fault I’m so confused
vlad z
Два дебила это сила !
Vertis Hayes
it's both fault for driving imports Raggedy Ass Bastards!! BUY🇺🇸
Chouun Shiryu
Volvo being a Nokia as usual
Da Rising
Red car at fault
zaaks hammer
Evos lane changing move is too fast to react for s40.
Jackson Liekmann
The Volvo tho is indestructible for this..
Sir Naysayer
All volvo cars fault anyway you look at it. He caused the accident. Not the evo. If only he had the brain to not tail gate then everything shouldve been fine
Michael Lowry
@ 0:15 his spirit leaving! jk, just a balloon
That cost a lot
people dont look at their mirrors these days
Volvo S40 is to idiot he do not need change lanes, Volvo has a great break, it could break easily
No I won't sub if you go begging for it.
Frankie Alvarado
It was mustangs fault):
is evo faults driving reckless and irresponsible, change 2 lane in fast speeding ( racing ) ,
Водила вольво, даун
screaming chivo
if it weren't for the license plates I would have said this was FL ... 😂
Fodzy Miah
Clearly red car fault he indicated left then I think he saw the mitsubishi coming and doing an overtake and didn't like it so he bumped into him
PeekingCoast 412
Evo vs tank
Shera Satpal
Ghusaaa lal gaddi wala
Title is all wrong!
Haşin Samuray
Poor evo :(
The Volvo wasn't paying attention to the task at hand, and the evo was being a complete prick, that's what happens lol