Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise - Lyrics

Movie by Nuno Rocha - Momentos

Phil Collins Another Day In Paradise Lyrics

gp johnson
Kick ass good acting in this music video. Anyone else agree?
Nunca me había detenido en la letra, ¡wooo! Mis padres la escuchan muy a menudo. Maravillosa, hoy Septiembre de 2018 la comparto en mis redes. ¡Más música como ésta!
Emotional song for father's and daughter's.loved it...
Dr. Superblazer
What an amazing actor, I hope he got some offers on movies!
Ria Stuart
I lived for 7 months on the streets. I have bipolar and had gone psychotic and so at first I was not in touch with reality and with no lithium it took a long time to get back into reality and realise what was happening. It took me 6 years to get to this safe home of my own. I found the majority of people who also lived on the streets were good people, if they used drugs or not, they were good people. I found people I stayed with and one who called herself my friend the most untrustworthy for the so called friend was stealing money from my purse. I moved out 7 weeks after and have had no contact for 7 years. I learned much from that time and apart from the usual cold and no comfort, which was the downside. I felt a sense of belonging with the street people and they would help each other and they helped me find places to sleep and sometime a mucky blanket to wrap myself in. I am not saying all were good but the majority. They did not know me except for how they saw me on the streets. They did not know of my past life and they never asked. We always use to say 'Pay it forward' if we had bought a tea or coffee for another or food and they offered to pay it back.I got benefits of £30 per week by giving a relatives address. I use to earn £20 per hour before I ended up on the streets but it seemed such a lot when I got into the hostel. So I learned you do not need to go under stress to earn a high salary and providing I have enough, then I have enough. I have just one photograph from when I lived on the streets and it looks nothing like me. Only a few people who know me have seen it and their shock is apparent. I never begged or asked for money from people, some did and that was their choice. My psychosis was eventually resolved, when back on lithium. I am in the UK and was homeless in a small city and so it may be a lot different in other countries. I may have been cushioned with psychosis at first but it was not so terrible as I thought it would be and that is thanks to some of the most wonderful people I met, including some of our ex-service guys and I hope they all found their way back, like I did, eventually.
El carlos 411
Tengo 17 años y digo que esta es una de la mejores musica de la historia 👌👌
Boris Boka
CYA to je samo zivot! :D
Balarama Bhaskar
Abdul Aziz
This is music. Not those K pop, Gucci gang and niki minaj stuff..eww
Will Smith
joffre silva
No hablo inglés pero por lo que veo es una exelente canción
Adnan Akıncı
Tek kelimeyle Beşyıldız. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
adeir ferreira lopes
muito emocionante está música. eu ouvia está música é ficava triste pelos toques mas vendo o vídeo tive uma noção de como diz a letra uma belicima música uma história. agora vem um idiota com funk e diz que é música pela mor de Deus funk lixoooooooooooooo
Romy Ruiz
I like
Trumpet Records
Amazing video ! Very emotional! Most important things in life are free! We are just guests on earth for a short period of time and what we must learn is to love each other.
Eskilere gittim nerde benim türk kardeslerim
emran sayed
The best song in the world
Beautiful. Good good
chandradeo andrew
Thank God for the 80's I really can't stand today's music
M Mahtab
I'm crying. There is nothing to be happy about in the world than watching family came back together. Family is the haven in this world if you love and care. Don't want any family to break again ever.
Madhusudan Banerjee
Family is all what matters, what we all long for, we can die for. Money or property doesnt matter, My prayer to God would be that, no little girl or boy should be departed from their Parents!! Rest everything will fall into place satisfactorily..
Сергей Сергеевич
Это охуенно
aman manik
Reminds me of pursuit of happiness
Jafrin Ali
She calls out to the man on the street 'Sir, can you help me? It's cold and I've nowhere to sleep, Is there somewhere you can tell me?' He walks on, doesn't look back He pretends he can't hear her Starts to whistle as he crosses the street Seems embarrassed to be there Oh think twice, it's another day for you and me in paradise Oh think twice, 'cause it's just another day for you, You and me in paradise, think about it She calls out to the man on the street He can see she's been crying She's got blisters on the soles of her feet She can't walk but she's trying Oh think twice, 'cause it's another day for you and me in paradise Oh think twice, it's just another day for you, You and me in paradise, think about it Oh Lord, is there nothing more anybody can do Oh…
melhor atacante das Americas guerreiro
BR 🇧🇷 2018?
Eliziane Mendes
Sad, but beautiful! Wonderful!
Aldenia Rosa
Música linda ❤ essa
Sergey GG
Italo Rabelo Petrolina-PE
mais que uma simples música, uma lição de vida, da qual percebermos que não somos nada sem nossas lembranças!
Flight Radar 24 pro world
The great sound
Jrandon Boyce
Luke 16:.19-31 the rich man and Lazarus. Feed and help the poor and the homeless
Игорь Гоголев
Всегда слушал иностранную музыку вы супер.
jared ndr96
why is here someone cutting onion😭😭😭😭😭
Piękna piosenka i teraz odświeżona coś pięknego dziękujemy my którzy są wrażliwi na ludzką krzywdę...
Mauricio monstro
Caiu um cisco no meu olho. Temos que refletir o que passou e o que ainda está por vir
Barbara Aspengen
So many people live on the STREET IT TRULY IS SAD.
Sometimes I think every once and a while, God shows mankind a glimpses of life, through music. It does not happen all the time, but when it does, like in this song, you get to know what life really means.
Moh Otmane
Tooooop. 2018
Krisztián Kiss
Brilliant video clip! I cry... Who no? :) Brilliant!!!
Batu Han
I like this music.. Love from Turkey 🇹🇷❤🖐
Vasu N
I lost my brother in a Plane crash in 1990'he used to love these songs very much. whenever I listen these songs today. I can't control my tears.
Ahmet Alp
Dehset verici insanin kalbi zor dayanir
Tofiq Selimov
Grzy Len
is there anybody cut some onion?
Наталья Олеговна
Сердце кровью обливается, я своего отца нашла, но его не стало😭
Monica Bohorquez
we are in another day in paradise!!!! thanks God...... I'm worry for the people that is not there!!!
Nunya Business
I know this songs from the the 80s 89 to be exact but seem worse than ever... anyone been to a city in Northern California lately... In cities that had maybe dozens in the 00s now have hundreds of homeless transients. The economies getting better....????
Judgement Ravi
What an excellent mild in da beginning
Валерий Батченко
Круто, и песня и посыл клипа!
adeir ferreira lopes
vó posta na face está linda música com o clip
Коннстантин Квасюк
Филл Кроссава
Gady Marcus
oh wow phenomenal sound love it thanks
Cadan Vendedores
Thank you very mach!
Abhijit Pathak
That man in the song has shown outstanding acting skills
Apart from the rest of the video are the man`s eyes. His look is priceless as someone rightfully said. That look on his eyes is the look of a man whom has tears to cry no more. And if observed closely at the end when they all 3 are hugging he`s looking towards the sky with a look of a complete human being who has lost everything and now he has everything he ever wanted back. He is homeless but his soul has come back home. Food for body and thought for all homeless and teared apart families. The video is mental open opens undiscovered doors inside of many of us.
Azeri Daqli
Idriss Idriss
Collins Comes back! WE need you again!
I grew up in the system both my parents dead. Slept on the F train to Coney island. Finally made it trucking when I hit 30 now I'm middle class. Smh. They'll never understand.
Valentina cassarà
Nexus Net
El poder del perdón y el perdonarse es uno de los mas poderosos de este universo
stalowa bestia
My favorite song 👍👍👍😂😂
Marcio Mello
Alcir Cicero Lins
I want to die when I listen to this song. I don't know maybe it seems like everything is a letdown after this song.
Ankit Singh
great song very emotional
Phil Collins, with or without Genesis, simply great....
2:32 made my day!
Денис Билалов
Троготелный клип
Mauro Cobian
Totalmente estupido, el tema con el corto metraje
Марина Пономаренко
Ralph Johns
Heartbreaking Emotional Sad But at the same time so Heartwarming
João Pedro Ghedine
I cried. Who cried too?
mouad sidiikhlef
2018 🎸🎸😍😍
Mihajlo Ćulum Culum
Masterpiece! damn tears go on it self.....
Shivam khapra
It's fantastic song
Starman75 Glez
Me adelantó.. 2019! Seguirá por siempre y para siempre.
Brigitte K.
💐 Fantastic song and wonderful video dear friend 💐
Wooderford Clesca
Wooderford clesca My day
Ilnur Mavlyutov
Miguel Boglio
Nunca había llorado con un video musical así.......¿debo agradecer este momento de sincera tristeza? lo sé.
Ramon Villa Santana
This is good music yes is my favorite music
Steve Camara
This goes so deep. Stopped talking to my father for like 10 years because he became a bad alcoholic. As of today he's been sober for 4 years and better than ever ❤️👌🏼
Manuel Ferreira
É forte ... é emocionante ...
Vri Renthlei
Will Smith
Wow 😢😢😢
Hamza Zizoue
Really impressive Yes grow flowers Even in the ashes should be cultivated roses instead of bloodshed Love and humanity win in the latter
Leonel Cedeno
Recuerdo a mis niñas cuando yo era su super héroe,el hombre más importante en sus vidas, ahora ya son adultas y no se que seré para ellas
Tarek Tarkan
I have already been confirmed the best song for ever
Lucas Leandro de Sousa Pereira Lucas
Relata a realidade de vários seres humanos.
steve clark
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Sergio Arreaga Garcia
viva la guerra fria
Arnaldo Rodrigues
eu não aguento ver este clip toda vez choro muito lindo
NATALI natali
не отправляйте своих мужиков на заработки-дома работы валом
Uğurkan Demir
Berraaaaaaa 16.10.2018 doğum günün kutlu olsun kalbimin ekvatoruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
David Solomon
не каждый поймёт )) это грустно и жизненно
Evanio Fernandes
Que música bela que bom que nosso Deus nos deu o poder de nos emocionar através das músicas e que clipe com história perfeita .bravo
Ankhesenamom Ishmaelle khurshah
Alguém sabe q filme é esse?
Adriana Chaves Ferreira
Eu tambem esculto ate hoje 15 10 2018
Love this song and Wonderful video dear Tina, Happy Week,much Love:)