Stanley Cup Winners 1990-2017 [Final Seconds and Celebrations]

I've been wanting to do this video for a long time now, so I figured I might as well. This video includes all of the Stanley Cup winners from 1990 - 2017. It shows the final seconds, the end of the game, and initial celebration. I tried to use clips no shorter than 30 seconds, but no longer than 1 minute, depending on the footage I had available or if there was a good ending point. I decided to add the titles before each video clip, rather than during the video clip, because I don't like when there is text over videos. I did this despite adding over 1:30 of titles. So sorry for that. Also regarding the titles I put the final score/ games won of that finals series - Example: Edmonton Def. Boston 4-1 For reference that is the final score of the best of 7 (First team to 4 wins) playoff series, and not the final game score. All the Stanley Cup Winners in order: 00:08 - 1990 - Edmonton Def. Boston 4-1 00:40 - 1991 - Pittsburgh Def. Minnesota 4-2 01:23 - 1992 - Pittsburgh Def. Chicago 4-0 02:14 - 1993 - Montreal Def. Los Angeles 4-1 02:50 - 1994 - New York Rangers Def. Vancouver 4-3 03:24 - 1995 - New Jersey Def. Detroit 4-0 04:05 - 1996 - Colorado Def. Florida 4-0 04:48 - 1997 - Detroit Def. Philadelphia 4-0 05:28 - 1998 - Detroit Def. Washington 4-0 06:07 - 1999 - Dallas Def. Buffalo 4-2 06:47 - 2000 - New Jersey Def. Dallas 4-2 07:42 - 2001 - Colorado Def. New Jersey 4-3 08:39 - 2002 - Detroit Def. Carolina 4-1 09:24 - 2003 - New Jersey Def. Anaheim 4-3 10:10 - 2004 - Tampa Bay Def. Calgary 4-3 11:00 - 2005 - NHL LOCKOUT - NO SEASON 11:05 - 2006 - Carolina Def. Edmonton 4-3 11:56 - 2007 - Anaheim Def. Ottawa 4-1 12:36 - 2008 - Detroit Def. Pittsburgh 4-2 13:32 - 2009 - Pittsburgh Def. Detroit 4-3 14:24 - 2010 - Chicago Def. Philadelphia 4-2 14:58 - 2011 - Boston Def. Vancouver 4-3 15:37 - 2012 - Los Angeles Def. New Jersey 4-2 16:20 - 2013 - Chicago Def. Boston 4-2 16:57 - 2014 - Los Angeles Def. New York Rangers 4-1 17:44 - 2015 - Chicago Def. Tampa Bay 4-2 18:26 - 2016 - Pittsburgh Def. San Jose 4-2 19:09 - 2017 - Pittsburgh Def. Nashville 4-2 DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE FOOTAGE OR AUDIO IN THIS VIDEO! NOR DO I CLAIM TO! VIDEO AND AUDIO BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

Ryan Clair
When teams win at home it’s so hype but it’s anti climatic when the teams are away
Devid Was
Capitals 2018?
1994 is the best to watch and 2014 is the worst. It’s pretty obvious who my team is.
John Cherep
I remember when Detroit was good
Deaf Leopard
2018: Washington Def. Vegas 4-1
Sallybotz21 :P
I miss when the NHL aired hockey games on ABC and ESPN :(
Ruben T
I was going to say it's time to update because the Caps are the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions, but then I noticed you're a Pens fan. I forgive you if you don't want to do that! ;-)
The Kidanator324
I hate 1994 and 2011 😪😢😭
Music Leaks and Releases
Lundquist needs a cup now
Kaden Evans
2008 and 2009 role reverse
8:30 the star wars theme hehe
Cool stuff! I was thinking about making a video like this too! Mine will have footage from 1960 to 2017 though :)
FaZe FireNoodles
Calgary should have won the 2004 Stanley cup :(
Harv Ster
Really hope the pens don’t win this year
Shahryar Choudhry
That moment when they started playing the Star Wars theme song for the 2001 Avs cup victory 😎
Steven Zogaria
6:20 NO GOAL
Mr BonBon
Lets go Penguins!! 🐧🏒🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Mjh123 #3
I’ll save some time skip 1991 1992 1995 2000 2009 2016 and 2017
Ethan Ford's Dope Videos
Phil Kessell is a two time Stanley cup champion
Triple D III
Penguins fan here!
Nolan mcneill
I feel the kings are the best ones
Toad Man
Penguins have won the Stanley Cup! *camera shot to Hossa*
Wings . #1 Dynasty
Leevi Ahvenjärvi
Why did 2005 haw an lock out??
Gavinn Slunt
how about a new vid 1990-2018 lol
Great job wow
2018 Winner: Vegas
Og maco Sheesh
And the wild will never win one ....
Rockstar EDR
Boo Pens
You can now put the 2018 Capitals in there as well :D
Mayan Empire
I am a big Penguins fan Thanks for this Great highlight video of 1990-2017 Stanley Cups Champions
Paul D
My boys won Stanley cups in 1991,1992, 2009, 2016, 2017
Kristen Linehan
Go kings
Great video!
Miguel Sandoval
whoever did the video should make the 2018 version of this. that would be awesome.
Samuel Attias
Keep washington
The Nice Nerd
You gotta add the Capitals for 2018
Mr BonBon
I am a huge Penguins fan! I just got into hockey this season the 2018 season so I hope the first year I get into hockey the Penguins win. And not my most disliked team.
Real Masters
Great video
Brandon Wendorf
8:48 - Bob Cole: "12 seconds! I'll let them count you down!" *proceeds to keep talking until the buzzer*
chevy Dryden
Tyler Buck
Washington Capitals 2018
Blake Szudzik
The Kidanator324
Lol! I love how you added the lockout year and put “no season” XD
New Jersey Devils
I Hate 2001 and 2012
I am glad that the lockout got the cup in 2005.
Jonathan Harlin
DW 17
Watching this video I was just reminded of the fans when Pittsburgh beat Nashville. Yes, I'm a Pens fan but it's barely relevant here. The media kept talking about Nashville having the craziest fans in hockey that year. The fans really looked bad when they booed Pittsburgh for winning the cup. It's the only time I can remember a visiting team getting booed like that after winning. And I've watched every final since 1990. Everyone boos Bettman, but nobody boos the opposition. The Preds' fans showed no class and poor sportsmanship that night. They threw a slap of shit on what had been a great run for Nashville and I felt the players were probably embarrassed by it.
Cross Crease Hockey
very good and very bad memories but greatest victory for me was Colorado in 2001.
This is one of those "no way I'm watching all 20 minutes" then 20 minutes later... "that was sweet" lol... It's interesting that both times the Avs won the Cup, the Devils preceded them and the Red Wings succeeded them. Bonus fact, the Penguins also lost in the ECF both times lol
Luke Ryan Amos
2013 will always be my favourite.
Ahh! I miss when the Red wings used to be an elite team! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since our last cup! 😢 everything has gotten worse since Lidstrom retired in 2012. They had some great playoff runs!
The Workin Man's Vegan Channel
That was so fun to watch. Brings ya back
Cast And Blast TV
in 2008 he said "the red wings are champions for the first time in 11 years" I'm not the best at math, but i believe it was 6 years lol
Mjh123 #3
And skip 2003
DUWB Gaming
why'd you put 4-0 on half of them
Emiliano Del Rio
2016 will always hurt #sharksforever
McLean Boys
There's a lot of scores messed up
Mon8 zanz8
Los Angeles must win 2018 and 2019
Kyle Ramsay
Awesome job
Best parts 18:01, 16:31, and, 14:34
Julien Torres
Chicago Blackhawks dynasty baby! (2010, 2013 and 2015!)
Ryan Sully
Penguins fan here. I have witnessed all 5 Pens Stanley Cups. I hope the next one they win they win it IN Pittsburgh!! All 5 have been won on the road. Great Video !
Benjamin Miller
not even a kings fan but that has to be my favorite. gives me chills every time
ClearSky Productions
99 is the best one: time for the Stars to get cup #2
ZX Ops
hockey is a good sport because it has a wide variety of different teams winning it all, unlike the nba and few other sports
MegaMonadoMan n
1995 was the worst Stanley cup ever. Detroit should of won that year
tim w
i remember 2012 and 2014 like it was yesterday. awesome.
Bennett's Chit Chat Channel
Sorry I thought the no.were the score of the game
Bennett's Chit Chat Channel
These scores are way off
Bringing on Vlad was a classy touch by the Wings. Still, as a Pens fan this video is fun to watch.
10:10 😍😍
ismael qasem
loved the stretch of defending champs playing to lose or keep their times!
j o e l m s h a n e 4
So they didn’t change colors to be home until 2004. Never realized it was that late
Back to back 4-0 ...wonder who...
Aleksandr Maslennikov
мужской оргазм
HsiangBooPRO 53
Watch as the video gets less and less blurry
George Kincaid
The Pittsburgh penguins are my favorite hockey team
Blake Scagliotti
San Jose is due for a cup :(
Dominic-Alexandre Desrosiers
This video almost begin with 2 cups in arrow for penguins, and it finish with 2 cups in arrow for these again.
Ryan Torrisi
Martinez' goal was the most electric. The commentary, the crowd, the goal horn. Amazing
Sweet Desiderata
at 13:46 time stopped and everything was slow motion for every redwings fan in 2009. i was one of them.
Craig Shells
Someday the cup will be ours, LETS GO BUFFALO
Matthew Campbell
I was 11 years old I'm been waiting for 5 years to win the cup and I'm heard Ralph from wbap radio 820 and shout after the 3rd overtime goal in 2 times. The stars win the Stanley cup! My late father watch it was on ESPN.
BM Canadian
Forgot Tampa won a cup lol
Stevie ray Genoch
san hozay 2019?
The moon shines bright
Magic and memorable moments !!!! Thanks for posting !!
Samuel Bouchard
The 2014 cup must be the only cup won that players do not jump on the goalkeeper
Sauron Ikov
15:20 is what caused everything to go to hell
michal jarabinec
Nice memories and last 10 years for me specially,coz: 2009 M.Satan played in Pens, M.Hossa won 3x w Chicago, Chara Boston and Gaborík for LA a they bring cup to same Town( my district town,Trenčín) ....unbelievable...thanks for upload
Ben Moran
I always hate when a city where there is no snow (or barely) wins the cup. People feel the hype for 2-3 years but then don't really give a shit about hockey, generally speaking. Yes, I'm thinking about Carolina, Tampa, Anaheim, etc.
I think i watched the 2006 stanley cup final
pls add wsh 2018
Christmas Cookie
Yeah that cup in 1990 I bet mcdavid scored all the goals
I remember that Blackhawks and Flyers game like it was yesterday
Joey Drums
Nice to hear Mike Emerick back in 1995 just simply say "The championship to New Jersey!". He was a much more simple and humble man, then. Now, he would take 5 minutes and 1000 words to describe it, like he's reciting a Robert Frost poem. Something like: "31 teams start this journey. Just 2 make it this far. Only one can reach the wistful, majestic mountain top that each player yearns for............................."
Eric Brewer Guitar
The only team to go back to back twice in this compilation...🐧 the only team with 5 Cups in this time span 🐧 hehe just a friendly reminder. Congrats to the great 8 for finally (and deservedly) making this illustrious list. Not quite as emotional as the Ray Bourque one but was definitely up there. See yinz in October 👍