£28000 Roulette Jackpot! £5000 SPINS!

Ryan Slots
Insane recovery! Commentary on high stake slots coming soon! if you have any slot suggestions you would like to see big stakes on let me know!
big Mo
That ball is rigged
john tucker
People don't look at this like its a good thing or that he "knows what hes doing" he has a serious problem and is going to end up totally broke and alone.
z/3 Z/3
someone explain how he can have over 3k in a 2k limit table?
Puremurk - Gambling Channel
bonus duck4
Any chance you can take me to newcastle casino for the night i dont want any money i would like to watch a big playr like you i will evan buy the kebab after k
There will only ever be one ROCKNROLLA !!! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Ahahah good,adrenalin is explosive,thank,yessssssss like
Jagmeet Gill
Amazingly brilliant
Steve James
Absolutely brilliant loved the video and was on the edge of my seat every spin 😀 fantastic mate good luck to you . Steve
Ocean Marx
Is this real ??
Puppydoo Online Slot Challenge Channel
Some serious degen play here great to watch have now sub to see more 😆😆😆
Can Ulukuş
i think don't play this game better than this price
steve mazer
mate great vid. can you play danger high voltage and bonanza thanks pal...looking forward to the next vid
paul buckland
Broke now ant ya 😜😜😜
lee russell
Omg! Wtf! How what when.. that's crazy! I feel pathetic with my 10p bets lmao
1,05 min. hahahahahahahahahaha
hope you saved some
Roulette Logarithm Wins
lol, of course is crazy, i never played with so many numbers, i normally play with 17 mostly
Connor Lambert
Bet big win big that’s how it’s done son 💪💪💪💪
ElPacho Jrr
You are the best man
This is Crazy! and Awesome!.. i went 2 time to the casino and together i won €140
mr X roulette
Hi well played but why waste so much money. you won but threw a lot at the same time as well. be careful when playing this way. do not increase the bets so much be more patient. liked the song stand on but play smart. god luck
محمود حجازي
He is winning, but Royality is telling me
emce rutek
show to us big bet on book of ra
Craig Jackson
My arse was nipping just watching , great vid 👍🏿
Nice cash out enjoy
kevin ogilvie
Wow epic upload, love the edit also a big sub from me :)
donny pick3
i kinda do what this guy does too, ur chances of winning is very good
Will B
Not to be a prick, really nice to see you have a big win, but this kind of gambling is really dangerous man. Unless you're absolutely loaded you're gonna find yourself in an enormous hole at some point. Like I said, nice one on the win, just keep it safe
Doug Funny
Someone to finally rival @rocknrolla great video hope there more to come.
HolySmokes Am Rich
That was a Good Game to watch. But 5k I would be pissing my pants couldn’t do it. But well done you. I would love to go to a real casino One day 😞🥃drink an ave fun playing machine games.
Asphalt Ricky
Hi. Are you Pigman who I sometimes see on other live chat channel streams?
Legion Slots
15 got hit a lot thats weird
Some very suspicious spins going on there with that wheel. Email me mate - [email protected]
Sparks 69
Funny we have had no more vids from this guy obviously got burned by roulette at some point lol
Sir Pagan de Typtoft
Writing the outcome in the title.... donut
Nice Shot
They let you win that and let you to continue to play, I'm sure they won't mind me taking $500 a day with my system.
Tony Walton
Nice video Piggy, I've only just subscribed to you too. Keep it up buddy.
Makoto Kazuki
Casinos don't rig anything. They already know that pathetic people will have an itch for higher bets. All games are randomly generated with 0 possibility to know what'll happen next. If you win, you win. You got lucky. If you lose, you lose, you were unlucky. The house wins all the time cause they aren't placing a bet. In Blackjack they can't decide to hit until bust. Or hit on 17. They stop on 17. You can keep hitting. Especially with your 13's and you hit and bust, you lost your money, house gained. Next hand you win double. Bet triple and lose it, now house recovered what it "lost". There's 0 potential for the house to lose. Unless people use their brains and leave when they're profiting. But nah, people have an itch to win much larger and often spend more than needed. The roulette wheel isn't controlled by shit, if it had magnets, the ball wouldn't be able to spin slow, medium nor fast. It would wobble everytime it would spin. If it were remote controlled, the jumping wouldn't allow precise movement, ultimately being the same result: random. Everyone thinks shit is rigged when they lose, but when they win they swear by a strategy that doesn't exist. Ffs lol
rimantas Zimkus
Love your videos bro👊keep up a good work 👍
juha yo
Big congrats man even if this is old video :)
Jack Cooper
Banging music and great vid man! Good luck for the future ;)
UnHoly Bones
it does look like there is something more but whan an idiot wouldn't put anything on19 after 16 ? really :D that is like default bet same as 32,23 and 31,13 and 21.12 lol
Maarten Visser
Just came here for the girls.
Nik Roberts
666 devils no add 1 to 35 together and there you get..
bigballs jon
good luck in the future mate hope some big withdrawals are coming your way!!
Danny Mistry
Great run keep it up
Kieren Smith
Steamtower on high stakes
if your gonna place 5K bets. put 1.5K on 3 numbers straight up! and spread the rest across the table! playing like this it's easy to lose and its not worth the risk. it hurts REALLY BAD when you cover like 33 numbers! and still lose and if you hit a winning number you only won your initial placed Bet plus 2 or 3K. not to brag, i don't even consider that as profit! but as stupid risk! plus IMMERSIVE ROULETTE... is FUCKING RIGGED!
Online Casino Wala
Amazing win bro :)
eL Kapitan
We should play 50/50 :D..
Nightcore Beats
Where are u now bro
Dan Pay
Music so annoying
Ватникос Кацалапов
full game please)
Puremurk - Gambling Channel
was there when Paul showed ya first stream, was even more degen than this, love u piggy
James Brown
That wheel is rigged
That guy with the pointlessly long username that you are wasting your time reading right now.
what songs are in the video?
Dnyaneshwar PAWAR
Any gayes give me the id plzz
Amol K
do you using any stratergy or just luck??
That 15 hitting twice when i have like 90% covered with massive bet would tilt me off this planet
My Life As An Innocent Bystander
This video is a clear demonstration that on-line roulette is rigged both with pins which come out at the rim of the wheel and magnets in the individual slots. The way the ball was behaving was insane, it even totally changed trajectory at certain points. However, it is also clear that these on-line casinos haven't quite got their rigging system down 100% so it's still possible to win when you are spreading your bets and betting on large clusters of the wheel leaving only say 6 numbers completely uncovered. I would take the 28K and walk away. I got about 9K in profit playing 'unibet' over a period of 6 months but then lost approx 14K in just a couple of weeks. In the long run the casino wins every time especially when the casino's are a bunch of cheating wankers.
Puremurk - Gambling Channel
was there when Paul showed ya first stream, was even more degen than this, love u piggy
If You Want Roulette Software
hello ...you need best software ???????????????????????????????
samedi tounsi
nice but can ply less bets than that,,,tooooo risky
My friends lost everything in casino. It's all under control. No one would earn money from casino in long term.
Bring home the bacon you greedy piggy! Sick. What casino do you use ?
Ecopayz Ecopayz
instagramda kenanbetting1 kazandıyor. Adam gibi adam ücret komisyon hiçbirşey tok sadece dolandırıcılara inat açmış adam gibi adam takip edin derim. kenanbetting1
Crab Burger
You finally came outta da closet then?? Respect 😁
pigs rule
dhr Yazdi
Donate me something bruff
joop pils
Casino is fore losers. I just came to look at the girl wauw 😉
Valentin Kamenov
Terrible player
NDNG Onur Bayrak
nz trucker
Watch davo slots heil show use some big bets.. best streamer on youtube
“I’m not addicted to gambling I can stop whenever I want”
infinite shadows
Great vid mate love a come back
that moment when it says 1$ - 2k and you drop like 5k on it
jake hart
"Was down 13,000 BEFORE I went degen" I think I found your problem mate
maria I
You won. Now try collecting the money for your account. Suddenly, they will have "technical difficulties" with their site.
Start a twitch channel lad!
Angel Mcfadden
Soulless and sad.
Naim Razak
well done pal..
King Conor OSRS
Big pig with even more big wins
Andy Kelly
The music sucks.. it's probably why 13 people down voted.
OOOOMMMMGGGGGG, what an exciting vid, obviously I'm not in your league on the spending front but have subbed and looking forward to more mad mad videos :-) keep the win train going :-)
Samsung Galaxy
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Thats awesome dude and congrats. Any tips or tricks?
If You Want Roulette Software
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Binh Dinh
thit stupig game ,if play long only loss all.
NPC #5433334
Lend us a quid ?
i think i saw u play couple months ago
Daily Scratchers
This is a legit way to become rich
What's the name of the song mate ??
suraj rai
Wow good but not for every time
At the top of the screen it says 1to2000 stake,yet you’re doing 5000 spins. ? Are you a vip.
Yocki Twiter
Wowww good job
it's like the've used a bouncy ball