Yoga for Beginners - 10 Minute Beginner Yoga Workout

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SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: /> Looking to start beginners yoga??? Here is a yoga video of a beginner yoga workout that is great for anyone starting out. Whether you are looking to do yoga for relaxation, weight loss yoga, morning yoga, P90x yoga, prenatal yoga, Kundalini yoga, power yoga, hot yoga, Bikram yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ramdev Yoga, DDP yoga, yoga for flexibility, or one of the other many kinds of yoga, this video is a great place to start. Yoga stretches are great for loosening up your body and relieving daily stress. You don't have to take a yoga class to be able to do yoga. With these yoga videos, you can learn how to do yoga in the comfort of your own home! I hope you find this beginners yoga workout video helpful!

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Lorena Bizu
the moves are easy but she goes so fast, not concentrating on the moves and on the breathing
Caroline Laura
This is definitely not for beginners. Much too fast. Great poses but just not for someone just starting out.
had to change it because of the music
Naomi Elaine
This is definitely not for beginners such as myself. Beginners generally aren't as strong or flexible as the woman in the video making it difficult to do. Also it is too fast paced.
Brandy Jones
This just stressed me out. I can't do a lot of this, my wrists and pretty much entire body is not strong enough. Maybe if I weighed as much as the girl doing the position, but i'm heavier and it just isn't happening. Plus I think for beginners, it goes too fast.
the routine is nice... but way to fast for a beginner
I pretty much use this every day & I am in no way a beginner, been doing yoga for years --- BUT guys, the narration/instruction is too fast!! I don't even have time to take 1/2 a breath, let alone 2 or more to really enjoy the flow. It kind of ruins the effect.
Sandra Mesesan
It's really good morning routine. But how should a beginner follow this? It's too fast!!!
nina lynch
bit too fast, good to slow down for me to follow, thanks
christine lukashow
I am definitely beginner, but knew a little of the terminology, I think you have to jump in and do what you can. I liked the straightforward direction, no nonsense. Thanks!
Marilyn Karien
This video is now on my playlist for yoga. Its the most basic, thorough video Ive found yet for sun salutations. THANKS!
Trevy Trev
Good vid however she talks too fast
I liked this video it's fast and straight to the point the music was happy and uplifting btw to me :)
L Hillman
I liked the routine and instruction. Felt a little rushed, though. Also, the background music was rather jarring and distracting (as opposed to calming and supporting my focus).
Alenochka K
I never realized how out of shape I was until I tired this. I was out of breath 3 minutes in lmao
Lisa Smith
my gf, daughter and I thought it looked too hard but it's nice and slow and by the end we were all doing very well, most yoga done these days on youtube is too fast there is bouncing and shaking involved and is done incorrectly, this is how I remember starting  when I was younder being taught by a renouned Yogiand was on pointe! LOVED IT :D thank you
Is there a need for the background music? It's so unnecessary..
Angelica G Hesse
This feels like a great morning stretch routine. Thank you. Like a few others, I would appreciate it a bit slower, giving time to really breathe and feel the stretches. But I like it. And your voice is soothing.
Heber Ning
really intense one ... really for beginner?
Portraitsbyme 32
how is this beginners i made it like 8 min in, and screwed up a couple time's but its my first go xD
Ruth Williams
Way too fast to be considered a beginners practice..dislike !!!
This is absolutely NOT for beginners.
Thomas S.
good video, but... what that music !? can you remove it ? or change it with calm/meditation music...
Tara Severson
this goes way too fast to be considered a beginner yoga workout. The word "quick" or "fast paced" should be added to the title. "10 min fast paced yoga workout"
amelia Smith
I found this video too fast, I felt it should be aimed at people getting back in to yoga rather than for those who are complete beginners 
j webb
I think this is a lovely soft sequence -you don't have to take it as fast as shown. Slow it down to fit in with you. All the poses shown are in beginners yoga classes - difference is the teacher is there to give you personal modifications. If you are familiar with the poses then it is fine for all levels. Maybe should be titled "yoga for beginners who have attended a yoga class'....? we are all beginners on some level!! :0)
Liesl Woolley
This video was a little too fast for me.
There is no way this is for beginners unless you're already super fit and flexible from doing some other kind of exercise. :/
Jenny Newcomb
ugh, what's with the music? Terrible. 
Kayla Carson
video would be better without the music
Pepe GarciaLopez
THIS is for beginers? I almost broke my spine... :-(
nicola radford
This is perfect! Nice, easy, just fast enough to be interesting, really clear instructions. 
Phyllis Ilene Turner
Do this one over without the distracting loud music!  I can barely follow what you're saying.  UGH.  I wanted to introduce my husband to Yoga with this video but that music is hideous and VERY distracting.  Otherwise, this looks like a good place for someone to start.
Nice, quick routine. A bit fast but a little practice makes it much more attainable.
And this is just the beginning! 😄 Excited to incorporate yoga as an activity in my day!
Joe Beckman
i heard some rock music???!!!!!
Omni Smiley
That music in the background is the same as Marty Schwartz training DVD's lol
Carmen Nazario
background music and her talking stresses me out...
I'm a beginner and pretty unfit yet after a couple of goes I could follow this. I used it as a guide and learnt the moves so that I could do it at my own pace and take as long as I wanted for each position. Great no-nonsense video. 'These are the moves. Now go practice!'
Evelina Russo
The sequence may be nice but the music is so disturbing that I could not make it past 1 min
Beeni G
Tooo fast !!!!!!! Not able to catch up !!!!
why is she so far away from the camera
Courtney Emm
I know I am years late on this video but I recently sustained a back injury and am looking to yoga to regain strength and flexibility. Thank you for posting. This was easy to follow and relaxing
Thank you very much, I've been doing this routine for months now. Thank you Tara!
talia boo
I do moderate - intense workouts 4 days a week and this is PERFECT for me! Thank you!!
Ashok Kumar
very useful yoga ... thank s
Lori Skyrud
Very nice yoga. Thank you
Michael Garcia
Super!!! Its easier than it looks. I feel amazing great teacher. Thanx!!!!
hissell bermudez
inappropriate for beginners. She goes to fast, plus the music is also inappropriate for yoga.
Egor Vugapov
Nah! .I did -45 lbs past 2 month.Visit\#JK32gI2 tfwwlkFOZHf7q3enl
Serenity Chacon
Intention: vulnerability & gratitude & trust Thank you very much for this video, I didn't have much equipment nor did I know much about working out as I tried to get myself out of feeling numb after graduating high school. I would work out to this video and listen to marry the night by mother monster. These workouts are embedded in me. I am very grateful. Ps. At the time I didn't know mother monster practiced yoga. One day I would like to develop enough strength to practice Bikram Yoga.
tzena nicole
this is my favorite morning stretch/workout.
Tina Lee
This is great to do first thing in the morning!
elly m
thanks now up to my work
Christelle Pillot
I love this video, it is my daily routine for months now. I have tried other videos, but it is not so efficient or it is too efficient. exactly what I was looking for. Well done. ( and regarding to the comments below, i am an absolut beginner at Yoga, my moves are not perfect but it isnt the point)
john murphy
Out of all the yoga videos on uTube, this is definitely the one to go to. Use it to start & end the day......
Natasja Sens
Great yoga work-out (I'm an absolute beginner).
Nikki F
Good poses, but the narrator talks too much...I didn't find it very relaxing
Linzy B
Interesting sequence..several times you said "take a few deep breaths in this pose"..but moved right on to the next pose within 2 seconds...not exactly enough time to properly take one breath. Eh.
Does anyone know the original channel this came from?
Phiona Richards
Such a shame. Great moves, far too fast for a beginner like me though. And that annoying music, like a radio playing in the background
Kick ass for beginners... Just to prove how much work will take this...
Barbara Pohland
Wow! I really enjoyed this!!! It's a great morning workout or for beginners or returners like you said. Would have been great if there was a few seconds or a reminder for shivasana. Eitherway, amazing!!!
Goldie Go
Thank You Tara, this became a morning routine for me. I feel wonderful, awake and well streched after this workout.
Rico F
Thank you for this video it's really helped me! Finally a routine I can use every day.
Edwin Lee
i cant even sit in that position sad
emre hakki
I like the fact that this is fast unlike most other boring yoga classes.
Faith Obilo
can you lose weight from this workout. please respond!! I'm trying to beat this girl in a weight loss competition, but I am terrible at exercise!!!!
Erika Berry
Great flow, HORRIBLE yoga music!
Biren Shrestha
this is not  a bigenner yoga its a mix of intermediate and other yoga
Василий Суровый
Well.. .I did -45 lbs past 2 weeks.Open\#HIiy327
Thanks for this upload. I reckon after some practise I'll have this on point. I'm fairly new to yoga but this is a good starter.
Marie Gentry
Thanks for the beginner video. These are all very simple. I was mostly able to follow along. With more practice, I'm sure it'll get easier.
So many assumptions that even a beginner has the physical ability to kneel, take the weight through the wrist/shoulder, curl the toes etc. it would be so good, just for once, to see an instructor move and create poses in the same way that a beginner, lacking strength and flexibility, would move and look.
Makayla Mckenzie
That was really good. You do need to slow down a little but not to much. Don't make it easy on us. But just so you know I will be subscribing. Thank you. PS the music was fine.
Norma Adkins
been trying to do 10 min of yoga each day and this was a little to up beat but good flow I enjoyed it
Tm407 01
this is too fast! for beginners!
Ashley Cain
She never stops talking. Omg i couldn't with her
Marie Webb
I have had a knee replacement and am unable to sit on my legs like in the video so what do you recommend?  How am I able to do poses that require that?  TIA
S Wea
Far too fast for beginners and I'm at an advanced level. Did this with my niece and it was crazy fast. Had to keep pausing.
sir reginald pixelpants
Beginner moves, but your instruction style is ineffective. You blow through the poses and don't break to let people adjust, nor do you explain the proper posture.
Nighat Sultana
Shantel Fullerton
I learned about workouts thanks to Unflexal workouts.
Iggy Fitness
Slow it down a bit.
Marlen Vassallo
Good to see that the Unflexal includes new training instructions to build my body perfectly.