Athlete - Wires (Official Music Video)

Follow Athlete: Music Online: />Facebook: />Twitter: /> Lyrics: You got wires, goin' in You got wires, comin' out of your skin You got tears Making tracks I got tears That are scared of the facts Running down corridors Through automatic doors Got to get to you Got to see this through I see hope is here in a plastic box I've seen Christmas lights reflect in your eyes You got wires, goin' in You got wires, comin' out of your skin There's dry blood on your wrist Your dry blood on my fingertip Running down corridors Through automatic doors Got to get to you Got to see this through First night of your life Curled up on your own Looking at you now You would never know I see it in your eyes I see it in your eyes You'll be alright I see it in your eyes I see it in your eyes You'll be alright Alright Running down corridors Through automatic doors Got to get to you Got to see this through I see hope is here in a plastic box I've seen christmas lights reflect in your eyes Down corridors Through automatic doors Got to get to you Got to see this through First night of your life Curled up on your own Looking at you now You would never know

Ethan Hall
What!? Only 84k views, ok people don't know good music, I'm done
This song deserves so many more views it is simply beautiful
I'm the only one from Stelena's first breakup?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?1
Lorena Montgomery
Absolute goosebumps...I listened to this every day watching my sister go through major surgery. Then at this time last year when she was put into a coma and we were told she wouldn’t survive. “Looking at you now you would never know” rings so true as she fought her way back. Won’t ever not touch me...sending blessing to anyone else going through tough times 🙏❤️
Minda Rossalina
Am I alone here, who still hearing this beautiful song at September 2018?
Мята Перечная
Thanks for this song. Me and my son was in same situation one year ago. Even you don't read commetn, I don't care. This song means so much to me
Vampire Diaries?))
Alexis Johnson
My little girl...always your song...running through hospital corridors to find heart renching..... memories....r.i.p. Katz....the song that says it all........
bocha heikham
Atlast i found you guys after searching for a decade..Could anyone believe i search for this particular band for almost a decade!!!! I forgot the song name band name only thing i remember was its year & it contemporay band when it played for that particular time in vh1...but all in vain i could not remember anything but only the melody of thier was kind of mission for me again and again to find this band whenever i miss symphony of those era and some good memories of those good old time...but thank god i finally found u i feel complete again...
Shikhar Singh
why aren't they famous
Wim Vandamme
What a song!!!!
The Umbrella Corporation
Wow. One of my all time favourite unreleased tracks by Charli XCX & I've only just realised it's a cover, thanks to looking up the beautiful lyrics. I love both versions & both artists are incredibly talented. I love it when artists I love, get me into other brilliant artists. Thank f*ck for music. *_It gets to me, it sees me through..._* 🎄👁️💧💡
Shannons Bradley
Always reminds of my dad dying alone. I miss you.x
Andreas Mercado
Virat Raj
This made me their fan..a decade ago
sola wildman
Rip Tristan Wildman love you son xxx
A friend passed this song to me a few days ago, just as I was returning home, with a broken heart, thanks to a girl I was dating for a whole month, what seemed to be steps forward in a relationship, for her it turned out tests, from missing me to having sex with me all night and sleeping together until dawn, to all my affection for she gives it to kissing all my body and almost made me cry. It is not the first time this happens to me, when I heard this, out of nowhere I started screaming wildly crying, when I'm dont do things like this never, every word hitting me more and more, and making me release all of me, repeating again and again '' I do not stop behaving well, why does this happen to me? She said she loved me so much and missed me at all times, she told her family and friends that she made her happy "always the same sentence, but this time I was blown up and exploded. What I want to say, is that everything leaves a mark, everything is connected with wires and cables, what I do not understand, why these people come to my life without stopping, where is that girl that will not hurt me and never use me? or are they simply the same as always without stopping and that is my destiny? It's my best way to explain that this song touched my soul, and hurts like hell.....tx abi girl for the song
Sebastián Qu Ab
We looked at this in class and everyone even our teacher were drenched in tears after this, except me...
Keiran Clarke
0:11 0:42 1:04 3:12 2:26 2:50
This says so much. So many stories to tell. Much more to relate. I'm in love with 'WIRES'. Love from INDIA
Alias v
Revisiting after 10 years , aaah time flies !!!!
Luca Pontes
So this song randomly was added to my apple music library among 6 others. The other songs sucked and I had no idea how they came there but, wow, thank someone or a random glitch for adding this song because it's GOLD. It's reallllyyyyy good definitely adding this to my music playlists.
Sam Morrissey
I didn't get it when came out but love this drawer beautiful
Edward Paxton
Goosed every time
James Haldane
Goosebumps.. Remember at the time thinking, yeah good song but not concentrating on the lyrics so much. A couple we got close to in the neonatal unit made a very powerful video of their kids journey, featuring wires, brings a whole new meaning to this song for me. Can totally relate to every single word of this song having been through it myself
the mule
Being a parent,....GOOSEBUMPS
maisy worthington
I love this song so mach lison to it every day Haha
Such an underrated song and band. One of my favorites.
Ardie Octora
So underrated, need more good song like this
Vanja Resman
I wrote the lyrics for my nephew Dave. He was a prem baby at Christmas.
Roger F
Masterpiece !!!
Alexis Gómez
Reference Thirteen Senses
gorgeous song
Its about his baby in intensive care, recalling the baby’s first night in a plastic box (incubator) and somehow this song reminds people of when there grandad died? Bizarre!
Keiran Clarke
0:11 0:42 1:04 3:12 2:26 2:50
Elen Thomas
My mum would play this song to everyday so I would remember it because I caught meningitis when was 2 weeks old and it was touch and go for a while I was also born with serious respiratory problems and had to be admitted to a special care unit I also had lots of surgeries to try and figure out what was wrong. Early last year I really struggled with depression and anxiety and started injuring myself I listened to this song a lot throughout that tough time. This song has a lot of meaning and memories attached to it for me x
Camilla Freitas
adoro a serie OTH e coincidentemente escutei essa musica pela primeira vez no final da segunda temporada , ja faz muito tempo e ate hj tenho a mesma sensação ao escutar esta musica. amo - 2019
Trevor Walsh
Press rd & ld on red dead redemption II & you will see what I mean
thiago carvalho
One tree hill...Brucas
Patrizio Caira
This is a GREAT deserves many, many more likes....
Fai Fayrush
my inspiration
Helora Reis
reminded me of one tree hill
Anna Sarkissova
so good!
fudddge i feel so old hearing this now. still love it.
Emanuele Troisi
Beatiful Song
Baked and loving Munich next
One of my fav band
Daniel Williamson
Such an amazing and powerful song.
bsd_milner jack
Lovely song!!!!
Grom Hellscream
nostalgia burst gawdamnit!
Ever music!
Miles Dolding
Such a good song
sidney stephenson
rip.. :c
James Westley
Fecking tune
Michał Zybała
Petarda absolutna!
Polly Eve
what's the instrument in the chorus after 'automatic doors'?
Jéssica Mazzuco
essa música merece muito mais views, é simplesmente demais! 😞❤️
Virginia Holder
First time I heard this song Grey's anatomy, second time re-watching one tree hill.
Jasmine Phoebe
comment section save me idk why but this is my homework my english teacher is weird
luis figueroa
Anyone know the name of the album?
Tony Ferguson
Is this about a suicide bomber ummm ha ha
was watching Vampire diaries and suddenly this song played - the timing was perfect! The perfect song - brought tears
Great work, Athletes!!!
Leon Eldridge
@ravinella its just music does it realy matter ??
Leon Eldridge
great song but i wish people would stop relating it to illness :)
Shark Tooth
Only 72000 views.. fuck this world.. make it 9 million... and then you may die.. go to heaven.. i pray..
I don't know why, but everytime I listen to this song, my eyes get teary...This song really does touch a persons heart
i. cant. stop. listenting. :)
very moving
timothée Chancel
anyone else notice how the tunnel and the lights at the back make him look like he has wings and he is a guardian angle over his daughter?
Alhammi Aliff
Hmm, the melacholic side of me always expresses itself whenever I listen to this song. A brilliant song like this should get at least an award( I don't hear them getting even one for this song). Siggghhh, I wonder why british bands are so under-rated when they are supposed to dominate the top charts.
Maaaan! Its been sooo many years since the last time I heard this song! Oh the memories...
my teacher knows the lead singer of them
Oj Watts
I heard this song in my car last Feb' 5th. ........ I was on my way to see my gran in hospital....... we were told that she would never wake up.......... This is the song that i will always remember. Thank you Athlete
born premature i think. got taken into intensive care, born christmas day.
Its about his kid who was born with problems, not 100% sure what.
Katrina Li
I actually agree with this. The song is amazing but the video is pretty dull and doesn't go with lyrics at all. Shame on you, boys, I expected much better!
Great song, naff video!
also disagree about Bloc Party. their music is pretty out there, but the songs are some of the most accurate popular social commentaries around, in my opinion.
naomi strutt
my sister was seven weeks premature and she had to go in an incubater. i luv this song i saw them @ the exeter pheonix in july and this was the very last song they did! emense atmosphere!!!
my cousin wasn't so lucky
Joshua Clarke
This is your perfect song! :)
Ben Mellor
Disagree about the Bloc Party quote, but leaving my music mind open makes me entirely agree with your comment..
Alex Wallace
I love this song, but it kinda makes me want to kill myself at the same time...
lol this reminds me of core d.a.b. radio station, used to play this so many times ;)
great sound,a mature sound ,with emotion
nate dogg
i remember when the skatepark i go to used to play this like 10 times every 2 hours it was great
I love this song! Greenbelt was AMAZING!
This is a beautiful song. I love the staccato lyrics, they suit the emotion perfectly. Simply gorgeous
Ric Tinsley
This song is an account of lead singer Joel Pott's fear and hope as he bonded with his baby daughter after she suffered a seizure shortly after being born and was rushed into intensive care.