When Naz Hit New York 🗽| Prince Naseem Hamed | Full Documentary

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ysma 97
Imagine if naz was in his fighting days in this social media era, he’d be the most popular fighter in the world by a country mile
I feel like there was something beautiful about this time period. everyone seems so much more "themselves" if that makes sense
Evan Odum
What a gem. Sometimes surfing YouTube you find these lil treasures of the past you never knew existed.
Marothi Kalushi
I loved this guy so much!!! He was like Mohammad Ali on crack 😂
Rocko 89
I remember as a kid buzzing for the next morning to find out if Nas won or not, because we didn't have sky 😂👊😪 Still don't have sky. Thank you IPTV 🙌
Tom Marshall
Whoever did the soundtrack to this doc it bangs
muhammad talha
They should make a new documentary titled ... When AJ hit New York🗽 😂😭😭
Brano Jr
So many throwback soundtracks in this well presented documentary, well done lads 👊
Jean Francois
Naz was A egotistical boxer who was lucky to fight in the error when there was a lot of old Fighters also most of his fights were in Europe with some sub par opponents didn't take long for him to be exposed in the Western Hemisphere Kevin Kelley came out of retirement for that fight and almost beat him five me a break he didn't even want a rematch with Barrera or Kelly
Ted Josiah
Everything was better in the 90s music, sport, people,
Gurpal Singh
Love him or hate him, the man is gifted
H. Jules
Trump: He has do one thing. Win. And win BIIIIIGGGGGGGGG HUGE
Mass Effect
Lmao that Asian dude asking for free tickets cracked me UP. His accent was funny.
How does Donald Trump manage to find his way into every single media production/video from the 90s? 16:56
The 90s was such a brilliant decade for British boxing. Benn, Eubank, Calzaghe, Lewis, Bruno - all world champions. But I take Naz over them all.
One of the people who made me fall in love with boxing. Say what you like about him but he was the ultimate showman!
Josh Greaves
Naz, cocky, arrogant, showy! But most of all AMAZING!!! What a boxer I love him!!
Jinn Mallik
From that Very First Moment the Prince Stormed through the UK taking his Skills International to his Last Moment of a Brilliant Career, was there was Grateful was Entertained, Boxing History on Record the Prince Immortalised Thank You Naseem Hamed.
i wish i was born earlier... i cannot imagine the hype seeing all these amazing fights take place
Calton Joseph
"Oh, thats that boxer dude." "Prince Naseem Hamed" "...Huh?"
Toni Blackstone
This is confidence over 9000
😂😂😂😂 I heard Donald say those same words in a presidential speech 😂😂
Ted Ex
The legendary Naz. Only another legend could dethrone him. You are immortal Naz,you brilliant fighter,you.
Joe Stanley
13:16 “I don’t have money to buy ticket you give free tickets” 😂😂😂
Absolute bangers in this doco. Who ever the lad at Sky sports did the music, defo did raves in the 90's and loves his MDMA. Top work on the doco though in all seriousness. What a showman, what a boxer. Unreal he was in his prime. Long live the Prince!
Talking trash while arms around shoulder is a beautiful moment, brotherhood and rivalry.
Darcy L
*I came to show that he's not the fighter he say he is' as he gets knocked down several times one of which was almost a ko and then finished in the 4th. LoL!. Props to Kelley though for a great fight and for finding a way to land his jabs and also knocking Naseem down more times in one round than he has been in his entire career. Naseem retired way too early at 28 but to him he had enough money to care for his family and being constantly away from them was too hard. Family came first for him and I respect that even more than his boxing skill.
chris Bryson
13:15 "YOU GIVE ME FREE TICKET?!" hahahaha ahhhh, god bless America
FINALLY something refreshing. Most entertaining fighter of all time!
Mohsin Hamid
My parents told me they were gonna name me after him 😭
Carlos 619
I envy boxing fans that were able to see 80's and 90's boxing fights.
سختزنی دیرکش
RIP BRENDAN INGLE Naz wouldn't be Naz with out you
Prince Naz was a Rowdy Fighter blessed with JackHammers for fists
The original Conor mcgregor. Actually, Conor wishes he had that type of cardio.
Thinker Babam
lol that blond kid L) HE WAS IN MY SCHOOL! HE IS A WISE GUY!
CloseShave TV
All my memories from growing up in the 90s staying up to watch Prince Naseem’s every single fight. Love it 👊🏾
Ali Tha Realist
lol I love how he randomly has dance seizures in the middle of the fight 😂
Marcus Herbold
Prince head looking like a pez dispenser when he gets hit 😂😂😂😂
The music in this episode is awesome all the classics
Abdul Wahab
well this is naseem hamed one fight much more exciting than Floyd's whole career
O_O This fight is friggin mind blowing. It's really a shame that they hadn't started using high-def or high framerate cameras yet at this point. It's the kind of thing which would be really cool to watch in slow motion, especially if the fps of the camera was really high.
Twisted Life
no he was too much. overacting. wouldn't like this type of person doesn't matter how good he is at boxing
The intro is an absolute masterpiece, well done Sky.
16:03 😂 Jesus christ! This kid just made me laugh for like 10 minutes
Ghostthat Caboel
Glad that I watch him fight in 90s
This video was a nice to watch. Sky Sports Boxing, thank you for sharing. Love it.
nick Ronin
having seen this great video now i can tell that Conor has study well Prince Naseem
andrew lee lomas
Remember watching naz when i was a kid and thinking this guy has super powers, im 30 now and still think he did 👌
The Wedge
props for the period correct soundtrack!!! really to me back.
Floyd is nobody when I watched this boy
Street Skater 66
Fat little dosser now though🤣
Surely Naseem took risks that many never lived on that type of edge,he was sure royalty for boxing entertainment.Fun to witness his fluid antics.
He puts his arm around him and tells him he’s gonna knock him spark out... 😂 what a fucking legend! Absolutely amazing fighter.
ModernWorld Expert
Worst decision he made was underestimating Barrera
One of my favorite boxers. Always brought excitement to the ring.
Uni Amni
He understood, that boxing is not only a sport. Its a SHOW !
R i z w a n
Nice sl2 on a ragga tip i haven't heard that song for years(at 1:42)
None Ofyourbusiness
Award for best documentary soundtrack goes to this.. took me back to my teens. Now I feel old lol
I rate him 4th best British fighter of all time.
U Mam
I Love The Songs For The Introduction For Both Fighters Naz And Kelley
Xcube colt
He had a haircut That was popular after his time.
Cool Waters
Use to hate him now I wish he was still around...great fighter.
James Harland
Prince had a chin too ...complete package ...just didnt have the right team to get him into top shape near the end it seems ....fucksake !
M Swayze
Look at the difference between his entrance and performance vs AJ's entrance and performance. The confidence and heart as well were worlds apart. Just goes to show, no matter how big and muscular u are, all that matters is heart.
dynamic zero
I watched this 4 times now, really well put together!
abdulaziz yalahow
Another Muslim fighter a legend y’all period
Sahedul Islam
Naz was ahead of his time when it comes to showmanship. If he were boxing today, he'd be bigger than McGregor
Killuminati S4M
Rumours have it that Kelly is putting up HBO posters for Naz after that fight till this day!
Lilak Monoke
i love how he leans back with his chin up in the air and gets caught almost every time. princeless!
daniel rodney
16:00 where is this dude now? 😂😂😂
Hash Hussain
When frank Warren was controlling boxing
Christopher Engish Eubank
Had ridiculous power for a featherweight, won't be another prince Naz. From his entrances to his unorthodox fighting ability.
Aime Lunio
This man must fight conor in boxing haha
James Mitchell
Kelly was a decent fighter .The comment from a yank guy was bang on naz didnt train a lot as he really didnt need too. His style was unique one of a kind that was natural. He actually partied a lot and I saw him many times in the club in Sheffield.And he was a party animal.The loss wasnt surprising he switched trainers the camp was a nightmare changing trainer after being brought up by ingle to manny steward. He came back once more but you could see the desire wasnt there and struggled against a guy that wouldn't have laced his boots in his prime. Then he piled on weight was jailed after crashing his car injuring a person and leaving the scene.
Vusi Twala
I was waiting for the part where he went to Boxing school and came across one Mr. Barrera, the ass whoopin class teacher!!! LMFAO!!! Instead, we see him here fighting a bunch of nobodies!! SMH!!!
What do you think guys would happen if Naz and Roy Jones Jr were in the same weight category?
Music used for those that are interested: Intro Technotronic - Pump up the Jam 0:58 LL Cool J - Phenomenon 1:36 Sl2 - On a ragga tip 2:34 Moby -Go 4:03 Fugees - Ready or not 7:55 Notorious B.I.G - Mo money mo problems 8:44 Biggie Smalls - Hypnotized 10:10 Janet Jackson - Got til it’s gone 11:02 Underworld - Born Slippy 12:17 Happy Mondays - Step on 13:40 Candi Station - You got the love 14:47 Adamski - Killer 16:16 Massive Attack - Unfinished sympathy 24:41 Ini Kamoze - Here come the hotstepper 🙌🏽
Hated naz growing up but as I got older I appreciated just how talented he was and he became one my all time favourites.
Tactical Brotherz
Skinny kid from Yemen setting records. Glad to have witnessed this history.
hyenachase f
went to america got put on his arse and then got schooled ...by Barrera.
James Chanbonpin
Bravo. Thank you for this. Seeing a young Frank Warren was interesting.
Roban 101
Missed this last night, thanks for the quick upload. One of my favorite fights of all time.
Man they were good times. Grew up thinking Naz was the Matrix. He was brilliant
Maurice Martin
One thing I new about Naz early is that he nearly got hit. I knew that chin wasn't tested. Lighting quick to protect his chin. Blazing speed and underated power
This the real Swaggy P, not Nick Young
Kriztofer Plitzkin
God I miss the 90s... Boxing was something else. And that soundtrack !!!!
Hood patrol
This guy will always be the most entertaining boxer ever lived
El Pistolero
I know Sky are late to upload their PPVs but 22yrs is ridiculous!
Fantastic video put together. Pre Zionist world order. Things were ok
Naz is naz. Once the best ever to wear boxing gloves.
Naz was a madness. He brought style entertainment and people together
Prince Naz is my favourite boxer of all time. Grew up idolising this fella!
hammad qamar
naz took him easy in the first round but then relized his mistake and came back..
Rod Barrett
Great fighter and so fit.how is it he’s gained so many kilos since he stopped? One extreme to another.Thanks for the memory’s lard arse.😀
Spring Bean
What a showman. What a legend. And thank god for Tyson Fury.
Richardo Pakanza
usman asif
No one can come close to his style of fighting 🥊
David Sanchez
The Sus-est boxer ever, he was so flambouyant how was he NOT gay?
Carlos Minez
4:00 name of the music plz
Lightup Darkness
Conor Mcgregor was sizeing him up before floyd fight