Parasites - The root of all disease

In my search for health I found to root cause for all disease and the cure. I am seeing many cured as they are pursuing this route. Only natural no drugs.

nyc nyc
My body was filled with worms. I never have been out of the USA. It's a conspiracy.Doctors will not tell you about this.
heavy metals and parasites are #1 problem with problematic "diseases"
Ron E
this is the best, most informative, video I've ever watched in my life. Thank you God for leading me to it! I have been treating the parasites for a couple weeks now and feeling better than I have in over 25 years!!! Thank you for making this video.
Kathy Woloszyk
This makes more sense than ANYTHING a doctor ever told me.
kelby47 nana
I felt sick even after eating healthy. I fasted and prayed for about a week and God just put coffee enemas on my mind. The first day I tried it, I saw parasites and immediately started a parasite cleanse and I keep getting healthier! Praise Jesus!
Kat Penrose
Western medicine is the real evil! They made it illegal to sell natural things as cancer treatments
Valerie Griner
We have a lot of sludge and biofilm in our intestines that needs to be cleaned out.
sara ancell
And sugar just feeds them...but i'm sure you already know that
Alison Ann Ally Allen meat no dairy amd vinegar with cayenne for pneumonia , heat etc So MRSA is do I stop from getting MRSA again? I got it from my dad who was dying of lung cancer and i visted hm and the hospital NEVR told us until 10 days later that ny ad had MRSA and to cover up. Thank you to St, Margets hospital that I contacted MRSA from my dad. Which is ironic becasue my fiancee stated :your dad is gonna haunt you in your grave!" WHich he said this becasue my dad had money. My grandfather invented the Sausage Link Machine! Yes, im from Pitssburgh, Yes I m the daughter of Charles Allen!. My father did not leave my sister nor myself even a penny, not eben a letter. My point is I lovedmy dad sepsite he had millions but never gave us anything. Left my sis and I basically homeless! but thats ok! The problem is the hospital. whY woud they wait to tell us!.Oh, sunblock,,,NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it casue cancer! And YES to baking sida for everything. U can even wash ur hair with it (dry). I out it in my water. You can bath in baking soda and sea salt, epsom salt to rid radiation. Please beware of Wifi too. We needthe sun! They have programmed us to fear it. So, who is one to blame? How about the AMA, the FDA (fraud and Death Administartion)., the Rockefellers, The medical industry,, it is not the doctors, they HAvE to go by the standard of Care! Please also Round up is deadly!. There is a site called Wildkale you can order organic locally. Sugar NO. The only reason Dr. Daniels uses sugar cubes is for BAIT for the parasites and dosage. This lady is right on! God Bless you. I missed folic acid part?
Mary Durham
PLEASE...Google..."Dr. David G. Williams..The Many Benefits of Food Grade Hydrogen"!!! The Best Parasite and Every other type of Cleanse you can do!!! It is AMAZING!!! I, My Family and Friends have used it for 13yrs now with Absolutely Amazing results for just about every "Dis-Ease" known to man...Naturally!!!♥️😀🌞
sara ancell
A wise woman :)
Kat Penrose
I'm not religious, but since I was a teenager and friends started getting tattoos, I decided I wasn't going to do that until I was older, because I believe in having self respect in way that says, "My body is perfect for me the way it is, and I don't need to decorate myself to like my body." I started seeing my body as my temple, which I heard from a Mormon boss that I had, and I really like it being put that way. Our bodies are our temples that we live in, so of course the better care we take of them the better we experience life.
Kathy soccermom
She is correct in somethings but she needs more research. There is no one thing that kills All parasites. Clove, blackwalnut hull, wormwood combination does kill some parasites but not all. Hulda Clark adds about 4 more herbs to kill tapeworm. But she is great to listen to and she is on the right path. I have found that after you start cleaning the colon it is easier to treat things.
Thank yo Lord for this Beautiful women of God your Blessed I learned alot of what your speaking on recently and I wanted to do a video like yours but tou already did it my love God bless you for sharing this info with everone In Jesus Name Amen
Valerie Griner
Turpentine and castor oil protocol will kill most all parasites. There is lots of information on Youtube about this.
Andrew Crawford
I am on my husbands you tube channel, but LADY..... This is the best video I have ever seen. Thank YOU! It makes all the sense in the world! YOU ARE TRULY AN ANGEL!
Thank you - it confirmed everything the Lord has been speaking to me about.
Wolf Pack
and those people who have acne and thats everybody and these creams and stuff won't take it away no matter how hard you try
Christine Degen
Wow ! Wisdom from the Holy Sorit ! Who is this woman ? Thanks amazing n truth
wow she is on point herbs are the healing of a nation  ....
LloydBryce Carson
I wish this would go viral. Thank you for your wisdom and your experience. God rules the laws.
My Undivided Attention
Thank you so much for sharing!
Allison P.
AMAZING I love her I want to cry. This information is so encouraging I could cry
Ezra Reign
This women is incredible! Thank you for this video, God bless you
Trena Morris
Your an awesome woman of God! !!
C Far
I love this woman ! Beautiful soul who listens and obeys the Lord ! All you need is God and Google!!!
Multi DimensionalEntity
What a great lady, I could listen to her for hours.
Listening to how parasites cause folks to go crazy at night makes me wonder if parasites like things lile cocaine and alcohol as well... Very interesting
The Lord's people will be lead to safety through the wildest of coincedences..... Look up Dr.Robert Morse Natural Doctor (search in YouTube) he has dedicated his life to understanding the underlying symptoms of parasites and acidosis (too much acidity in the body) I am 24...I was battling diabetes and was unable to work from lack of "energy" in 2 years I have made a MASSIVE turn around I am now in peak physical condition and no longer suffer from the chronic weakness and breathing issues that was crippling me for so long..... I thank the Lord for revealing this path to me and I pray the path is shown to as many others as possible. thank for your effort!
Norma Suarez
What this woman is truth my mom kill our parasites when specific time of the moon.
Ian Dalrymple
Very smart lady of the Lord Awesome
mark mohad
I Love This!!!!!!! number 1 reason for our sickness is rebellion to our Father!!! Let the truth be told!
Lydia Arcos
I just love everything you talked to us about., Really makes so much sense., †💒⛪🛐👼🕯👑😇†💒⛪GOD bless your 💖💖💖💖💖†💒⛪🛐👼†⛪
Neon River
Thanks for doing the taking for mee (Amen) not the only smarty pants wierdo aware of them wiggleys that 80 percent ppl HAVE .and doing somthing about it doctor FREE bless everybody with this type real knowledge
organicfire organicfire
check the amazing liver and gallbladder flush....
localbrewsoap company
it turns out that mistletoe is actually a really powerful cancer-fighting drug in a lot of foreign countries God might have actually been being literal have you considered mistletoe
clemente miranda
DeeM cSweeney
For sepsis or any other bacterial infection using colloidal silver OR Miracle Mineral SOlution would be better than using the herbs because it works faster to kill pathogens, which you are calling parasites. Sounds to me like you read Hulda Clarks book and bought everything she said. While her information is useful. Her remedy does not kill all parasites. She admits this herself. That is why using herbs and other things are needed as well. Thanks this was very informative video.
Shar Adder
Where do you start? I suspect worms...legs weak and numb. Changed diet and lost 70lbs. Yet, legs sometimes feel weak and energy is low.
Alison Ann Ally Allen
Dr. Jennifer Daniels cure is turpentine,
Inna Malyk
So true! I eat more life food! Raw vegan life style is the best! Watch Paul Nison!
the very act of rebelling kicks you out of the kingdom of heaven, that is, you kick yourself out by rebelling--just as we are forgiven " we forgive those …"
John Watts
Himalayan pink salt pure water get your stomic acid right
Master Prophet
This is superlative revelatory knowledge for optimal health! Are you on Facebook? Do you have a website? I would like to purchase your products.
Makenna Zambory-Daphnis
*Pineal Gland 😌✨
v red
I would like to learn more from you. Do you have a blog or can you email me. Do you have classes i can participate in. This is my journey for now. I feel like this is it. If I get these parasites out of me I can gain my full quality of life back. However, in my journey of figuring my health out these are the types of things I'm learning
Stupid Man
The lady dr genious is hulda clark. And nobody should take anything from a drug store or from a gmo source or from a cultivated demesticaded source. Gods garden is wild natural things that man has not had a hand in creating. Good video but keep it pure keep it clean and fill in the blanks with facts such as not mentioning hulda clarks name.
Makenna Zambory-Daphnis
Vinegar, Fermented Foods, plant based vegan probiotics, pumpkin seeds (raw), parsley, cilantro, wormwood, oregano, thyme, (raw) onions, pomegranate tree bark, papaya seeds, cucumber seeds (organic), watermelon seeds (black, organic), walnuts, green onions, Himalayan pink salt, hemp seeds, core of pineapple/ unripe pineapple & papaya, distilled water and key lime, grape & cherry tomatoes, coconut oil (unrefined, coldpress),
RT True Healing
My absolute Favorite comment from her is this,"We have done everything backwards"
Vicki Kueneman
1stopvillage Just wanted to share some things I've learned: parsley & coriander tea for kidneys, coffee enemas for liver, and NOW Slippery Elm for rebuilding intestines; also Happy Caps from lower ph and they have urine test strips, also for best salt and Parasite Repair and Ocean Minerals from All safe companies! Good Luck!
Candace Fleming
Clarkia tincture is THE ONE.
Denise Flores
She is absolutely unquestionably AWESOME! Thank you-))
K Roberts
Does anyone know if this lady is still speaking or sharing her knowledge?
John Watts
you all have a salt problem and a water problem , eat raw organic , Himalayan salt , pure water ask jesus about the salt
i r
godly people will save our world only if we let them into our world. thank you
Turpentine and castor oil are great for parasites.  Check out Dr. Jennifer Daniels YouTubes
Human Being
Great video! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
Sam kirtlink
thank you soo much for this...Ive been in the dark for 9 years, and finally found out I have parasites. I have seen so many kinds in my stool, I have so many symptoms. yet the Doctors tell me I dont have them! I wish I could speak to you. Do you ever do any more videos?Where are you now in this journey, can you do an update? God bless you!
Bella Gelo
Great info praise God! I see this video is from 2014, do you have more “medical” info videos?
Deborah Morrison
This is a beautiful video. Does anyone know if she has made more? If so, I would love to listen to them or even email her. God Bless
Lora Swatzell
You actually can get more. Parasites from vegetables than from meat.
Alona Broadway
Out of no where I began to experience major joint pain stiffness inflamation etc some days I cant function. Ive had 3 Medical opinions which all have stated no cure its auto immune and is genetic ( Rheumatoid arthritis) yet I cant find a single family member with it. My husband shared this video with me almost a year ago and I just got around to watching it. This women makes more sense than any of the doctors that I've been to. I cannot accept that there's no cure. If they can study how to mask the symptoms why can't they study what the root cause of the problem is and cure it? I'm still confused and trying to find a cure for this RA. If anyone knows of any natural ways to combat/cure RA I would appreciate your comments. Thanks!!!
Suzie Queue
It's the Pineal gland that the occultists ascribe powers so.
Carlos Walls
Wow, God bless U for this great information
Karen Cas
a blessing! the Lord told me so much on this subject. Lord, "dandelion stops parasitic births. alfalfa helps the pH and kills parasites at high amounts." when you mentioned that parasitic births can be stopped and then in time the adult dies, the Lord told me the same. the Lord also told me how to use the zapper to kill parasites. some need more than 1 zapper to die because the charge isn't strong enough with just 1 or 2 or 3 and He told me how to "line them up" lol-i got tired of swallowing pills also-dandelion and alfalfa to kill parasites and maintain a decent pH takes a lot. the births stopped and i could tell they would try to birth but nothing came out, but when i got tired of taking all those pills- the births started again
Alexa Jones
Listen, I have been sick for 5 years! I was in the health food store today thinking just about every word you are speaking. In all of the store, they did not have plain wormwood! I knew then that all these supplements were a part of the conspiracy. They do not want us to know these things so that they can stay in business. Thank you for this video. The whole thing is a confirmation from God. The WHOLE thing...
silvi_a S.
is there anyway to contact the women in the video? email maybe
Alison Ann Ally Allen
so sorry for your husbandand thank you for info
RT True Healing
@TF I did parasite cleanses and basically all the stuff we used was on my channel called RT True Healing
raffy cavi
Patrick Ryan
You should do turpentine for your brain parasites.
Alison Ann Ally Allen
God Bles this woman! thank you so much for this! You are 100 % correct. God is the answer and created natural cures and ANITBITOCS CAUSE MRSA and other diseases. Dr. Jennifer DAniels is the most honest, EX dictir ever and has candida cleanser. It is FRee pdf . and she has the diet to start turpentine with sugar cubes.I ordered her and I have been constipated for a long time and tried everything, I finally got the capsules SAtruday night and had 5 bowel movements since then.God Bless you ll, thsi women, and all the truth tellers! Please look p Dr. Jenifer Daniels. I dont know her! I dont work for her, I am just a sick person that foud her through GOD!r ! AS i found this video through GOD! Blesings.
Shahzad Anwer saifi
alex ryan
Bitterness, Anger, Frustration, and Guilt is a spiritual cancer. It disrupts neurotransmitters, your system cannot produce Dopamine or Serotonin. It's no wonder so many people are on psychotropic drugs. You have to ask the people your bitter and angry at to forgive you for your bitterness and anger, THEN you have to tell them I forgive you. That doesn't you will allow the to do anything to you again or that you want stop them. It's on them from that point on.
Susan Thompson
Thanks so much for an amazing and enlightening presentation. Children persist in asking “WHY?” Sadly such a tiny, yet powerful, word has been drummed out of most of us as we age. WHY? Let’s take a cue from this humble lady and start asking “WHY?” and insist on, or pursue, an answer. Does anyone know her name?
Zoltan Mrena
god bless u forever!
king johnny
jah z
this is amazing
Theresa Geiger
How do I contact you
yes..its 2017..where r u now in ur quest?
LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto-
why is there no web site?
Joyce Samuels
What is your phone number or email
LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto-
you have not explained how to use the magnets? one or two? how do you stick on your body?
Makenna Zambory-Daphnis
I'm pregnant and I'm scared. I know I have parasites and I'm trying to figure out how to safely protect my daughter and cleanse my body as well so I can save her from having to suffer for my lack of innerstanding for so long. Anyone have suggestions for safe plants to use? I know food grade diatomaceous earth and Himalayan pink salt flushes are safe; I know raw pepitas are safe; they only test for three parasites and one is salmonella one is echoli; and unless you get tested around a full moon it's damn near impossible. I don't know how they can be so negligent.
rNd Lioumanis
Fitness & Friends ,with Barb
Coliodal.silver..sounds lokie ur sayin colonial
Jimmy Pitts
parasites eat cartilage...
Very good. Love that southern accent. Reminds me of my dear spiritual mentor Pat Carver from Mableton, GA. I'm glad to hear that someone else is beginning to see or sense a connection between parasites and unclean spirits. Grace and peace to you dear from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Ancil Davis
LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto-
Yes so many think that they should heal with no real effort? you are right you need to see if their is a natural action needed to get results.
Shawna Gunn
Gen. Chapter 1 verse 3....And GOD said let there be light! WHEN A SCAN IS DONE THEY ARE LOOMING FOR THE PLACES THAT LIGHT UP. That's bc your antibodies are heavy in that area fighting disease. I been tiling my friends most of what she is saying for years. GOD said he gave us every tree, plant, fruit and thorns for food and medicine. Believe you me my husband is a physician and I am not into meds at all or going to doctors. When I met my husband I was on the last of my natural journey battling lyme disease. I had lyme for 5 years before I got a diagnosis . I spent the next 3 treating it naturally. My husband is amazed by my progress and my using the bible and GOD to lead me to the next thing to try. One thing I learned you can not get well any faster than you can detox. Poop, per, sweat, liposomal vitamin C, black seed oil, rife machine which is frequency that uses frequency to blow up the bacteria. Hubby when I met him had swollen legs from 2 previous blood clots, i ran frequency on him for DVT and he no longer takes lasics for swelling. He thought i was out of my mind when I first started discussing my lyme and machine. I wouldn't discuss with him my treatment for lyme until after dating about 4 months. Because people are so closed minded to natural healing. Thank GOD he is a very open minded doctor who is into helping people get off drugs if possible.
latoshia cleMons
Shes right wink
Skull dweller
1 john 3:2
Vonidor Johnson
I'm from Willacoochee, Ga. Very nice to see your video
acv for 30 days and all the plaque will leave out of your Arteries?? how do you know that? has that worked for anyone? isn't plaque in arteries fat and calcium from years processed food, rancid Oils, fat , sugar that all also damage endothelial lining that lines all 60,000 miles arteries? isn't dehydration a factor causing micro tears in artery walls
Scram cleared me partially i do not crave bread or sugar anymore. Its been a few months no return of cravings. Now they say i have hpv and high grade hisl in risk of cervical cancer and want to do surgery. Ive asked for 3 months and am using food grade hydrogen and am about to start turpentine. Ive always been concerned of my abdominal weight gain nothing will help. I hope i flush these suckers out. Im positive its parasites and my doctors think im nuts! But i put my foot down. Also turpentine is from pine and pine is symbolic to the pineal gland. ;-)
Valerie Griner
Colloidal silver
Shar Adder
Where do you start? I suspect worms...legs weak and numb. Changed diet and lost 70lbs. Yet, legs sometimes feel weak and energy is low.
alan whitham
I live in northern England so vitamin D in winter is a bit of worry . I take supplements , but I also recently bought a vitamin D lamp . I use it about two hours a day , I don't know if it's doing anything but I do feel a little bit better . There's no substitute for the real thing .