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"It's almost open. Hold on to the thing I'm using to get this door open"
If I could cause that much mayhem by dropping a lightsaber, id have loaded a ship full of them and dropped them from above.
Omer Gaming94
Hmm they should have just dropped Luke's lightsaber on the Death Star the. We wouldn't need the trench run scene and Porkins wouldn't have died
famous youtuber danny de vito
what happened to obi wans lightsaber
Alfred Ashford
For a ship mainly populated by droids those were a lot of human voices...
I always wondered what happens to a light saber if it gets dropped on the floor
Scion of Madness
That car alarm at the end turns my laughter up to eleven.
Was that someone shouting "this is my first day!" ?
This video is why lightsabers made after these all have auto shut off when they drop them.
El Majico
Poor Qui-Gon wasn´t the only one. Obi-Wan also throw his saber..... ...cause he got the HIGH GROUND, BABYY!!
Alastair Barkley
Lots of bad readings in here. Here is what said after going back over it multiple times. ''It's almost open hold onto this.'' ''WHAT THE!'' ''WHOA!'' ''SOMETHING SET THE WATER ON FIRE!'' ''GET THE FIRST AID!'' ELEPHANT NOISES ''OH WHAT WAS THAT'' *Unintelligible* Lightsaber *Unintelligible* ''THIS IS MY FIRST DAY!'' CAR ALARMS Lots of stuff I can't quite understand in between some of the lines. So I didn't include them.
Primus Productions
Marathoning these shorts.
funny thing is there is a blooper of liam nesson dropping his saber Lol!
Jonathan Horant
They had elephant's in the blockade. Why?
Vyash Tuijnman
What's an elephant doing on a Lucrehulk-class battleship? LMFAO
"this is my first day!"
The Brotherhood of Gaming
Umm, did Obiwans lightsaber just... disappear?
0:06 Someone get the first aid kit
Brandon Diaz
I heard some one shouting: 'It's my first day!'
John Canavi
~Later, at the Jedi Temple~ Supply Droid: I can't help you with the Kyber Crystal, but I can get you the spare parts. Why do you need a new Lightsaber anyway? What happened? Qui-Gon: I don't want to talk about it. >_>
The Sentinel
Have you ever noticed that the emitter on a lightsaber is bigger (wider) than the blade it emits? ... I think that's the reason why.
Joshjon Orch
LOL even obiwans lightsaber disappeared lol 
I love all the stuff you hear as it slices its way down level by level! I hear someone shout, "Hey, it's a lightsaber!"
Amnon Willinger
They should do a clip about what causes more damage - a falling lightsaber or a bleeding Xenomorph
LMAO....what was that??? it looks like a lightsaber.... it's my first day... the elephant.... what the hell is an elephant doing... oh never mind.... and the car alarm.... Howlzzzz.....ROTFLMAO... that is classic...
Jake Up
This is my first day!!
The Plague Doctor
Half of those should of been battle droid voices
Isaac West
Nerd alert: Lightsabers remain ignited so long as pressure is consistantly applied to the activator. This is why you see a Jedi's lightsaber automatically turn off when that Jedi dies. This is also why force-wielders don't use the force constantly as, among other factors, they often use it to apply pressure on the lightsaber as opposed to tiring out their finger. In the case of General Grievous, most of him is (obviously) cybernetic, and would not tire out his finger.
It's okay, Federation casualties don't count for anything.
Cool Dude
Don't worry obi wan we still have my light saber Let me juuuuuussst (Drops lightsaber)
why yes youtube I do want a 30 sec ad for 15 sec clip facepalm
Captain Qwaz Caz
If obi wan dropped his on the death star... Wait is this how the death star works?
Where did Obi Wan's lightsaber go????
tristan tabaracci
it's almost open hold onto this (dropped a lightsaber on the floor)
Lawrence Lepes
I love how a siren was heard at the end
Nayops 18
One of my favorite childhood clip! Lmao
Barry Johnson
Sounds like a killer party down there
The farce is strong in these ones.
Neuro 55
"Wow" "What the Heck" "Somebody get a drink of water" "Wha?" "Oh God" "Get the first aid kit" Elephant** "Oh woah" "What the?!" "Where the heck did that lightsaber somewhere?" "Ahh" "This is my first day!" "Owwwww!" Car Sirens**
yea good point
Who needs a wrist strap when you have telekinesis?
James Vickery
so "if" they drop it =P
because something like this would never occur lol :P
There are some jedi/ sith who have straps/cables on their blades.
Wait, both lightsabers went down the hole? Because if not, whatever happened to Obi-Wan's lightsaber?
Francesco Maniero
I'm not sure if it works for every lightsaber, but the button can be locked. Pretty useful when you need to throw your saber for a ranged attack.
Actually, you can cut farts with a saber and make it smell even worse than when first disseminated. The crystals that power the lightsabers are made from an organic energy source and whiskey. Lots and lots of whiskey.
Actually if you want to be more specific, most Jedi had their sabers (More specifically the crystals used to power the saber) Attuned to them. The sabers would activate only for them, and if they drop the saber, it shuts off. However most crystals (Particularly the red synthetic crystals and Luke's green crystals) Were synthetically made, thus they operate like an unattuned saber and can be used by anyone,
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Because there's a button you press to keep it on, once you let go, it turns off. Common sense.
erika hernandez
Throwing it involves a force propulsion and a very precise force pull (after all, one must pull it at such an angle that the blade does not cut the wielder); I presume that the button can be depressed by a simple additional application of force power.
But I think they can lock in somehow in on-mode. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to throw a lightsaber.
Evan deleidi
It shuts off when they drop it.
Eric Penn
I was always under the impression the thumb button had to be compressed for the sword to be active, and thus dropping it would "sheath" the weapon instantly.
it would get in the way of spining the blade around...
Logan the Krogan
If you notice, all lightsabers shut off when dropped. So maybe they forsaw this issue.
Where did you hear that? I didn't know that.
Moon Moon
I thought they both dropped theirs.
Emergency shut off program. Problem solved.
3 People were having a first day.
why the hell is there a car in there anyways.
Then they'd be playing the Wii.
John name
the car at the end got me XD
scott robertson
also the saber has a failsafe that makes it turn off when dropped
Just a question where does Obi's light saber go at 0:04 ????
Because they can always use THE FORCE when they drop it
Robot Chicken knows how to make fun of these movies perfectly.
Destiny Aishi
Ok, I look forward to 'em.
Destiny Aishi
I won't forget
Destiny Aishi
Yeah I am
Destiny Aishi
Destiny Aishi
Hi yeah I remember, ok, I'll check 'em out.
Destiny Aishi
Yup, that was an elephant
As a kid I was thinking to myself, Its somehow very convenient that a lightsaber automatically turns off when someone drops it or has it kicked out of their hands. How does that work? Is it because it only works if the button is held in?
i was told they used the force to hold the button in and when the button is let go of it turns off or they just hold it in with there finger i guess
Dajour M
Lol, " I think theres a lightsaber somewhere" 0:11
Well, first of all, releasing your hold on the button actually deactivates the lightsaber. Second, initially there was a wire connecting the lightsaber to a power pack on a Jedi's belt, but those were removed once power sources were improved.
I guess that is why Jedi are so well versed in the ways of the force. Just for little conveniences like that.
its a lightsaber, not a WII remote.
rofl, this one never gets old.
Do first days in Star Wars always suck? 0:11
and to miss the moment of using Force Powers? never!
they coyld use the force to pull it back...
Komic Klepto
What happened to Obi-Wan's lightsaber? It appears to just vanish as soon as he fumbles trying to hold Qui-gon's lightsaber. Did it also fall down into the lower decks?
Ok I heard an elephant a monkey and a car so that's one bad ass space station lol!
the force is strong in this one
Sam Turner
Was that an elephant?!!!!!
Destiny Aishi
Yes, I agree..That's one. talented lightsaber.
Destiny Aishi
Talented lightsaber, but butter fingered owner.
There is actually a failsafe that turns it off after the button is not held :)
i imagine because a real jedi would just call it back up with the force?
also killed a elephant, killed the new guy and went in a guys ass...talented lightsaber
Destiny Aishi
Me too, looks like Qui-Gon's Lightsaber set off the car alarm...
Destiny Aishi
Maybe sometimes you shouldn't do the "Bring Your Kid To Work With You" day, especially if the person you work for has butter fingers.
Destiny Aishi
Okay, who else heard the car horn at the end of the video? It that guy's first day, and Qui-Gon had to burn they guy's butt with his lightsaber? That poor guy, some first day he's having, huh?
ye... even nintendo had thought of that....
Destiny Aishi
Qui-Gon Jinn*drops Lightsaber* Me:Nice move, Jedi Butterfingers! This is so awesome, I love Robot Chicken, and I love Adult Swim!
Because most of them turn off when they're dropped.
Here's a thought dumbass, TURN IT OFF! >:-D