2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR Review - The Cheater Car

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It's no secret that AWD performance cars have never really been my cup of tea. But with a track-focused setup consisting of KW Clubsports, H&R front/rear sway bars, lightweight Volk TE37's equipped with sticky rubber and plenty of camber, Kevin's Evo IX MR SE simply defies the laws of physics. Use the link or use the promo code "zygrene" to enjoy 10% off the Reflex wheel cleaner. Follow me on IG: />Follow me on Facebook:

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122 MR
Nice car. Keep up the good work, Zygrene. I am also a big-fan/former owner of Hondas. In a few days I will have had my IX MR for 11 years. When I first drove the Lancer, I questioned the feeling and driving dynamics. After my first mountain-run, I started to understand. Like Tommi said, it does not like to be driven slowly. It is the best and, despite what idiots like Mr. Regular and Matt Farrah say, most reliable car I have ever driven. 165,000+ miles, well over 300 WOT drag launches from 5,000-5,899 rpm, countless mt. runs, > 7,000 rpm a few auto-x's, and one day @ Buttonwillow. Keep in mind everything I just said. It still has the original OEM clutch...as in the one that Mitsubishi put into it when they made the car in 2006. It is the DRIVER's that break these cars. Farrah quality rev-matching and The Smoking Clutch upshifts that he attributes to rev-hang are what kills these cars. I have been blipping my drivetrain to 7,899 at-will for a decade plus.
fabio areias
Evo 9Mr....The best Evo off all
I see Evo 9 video, i click like, simple
I love that this guy started with suspension first. The bone stock engine has more than enough power to have fun on track and improve your driving.
Patrick Johnson
The 25 dislikes are the Subaru owners 😂
Shakedown Test
If you're not cheating, you're not winning!
Wilmer Ruiz
My dream car ❤️
Love the rear on these! great colour and sits very nicely
Savior Styles
When I see a new Zygrene video I was stop what I'm doing to watch 👌
Mitch Dore
Great car & great review
Didn't know Han did car reviews!
The Bens Garage
haha, the owner of the car with his eyes closed half the time just praying you don't do anything too stupid.
Chase McWilliams
They have the same voice...
Roman Zhang
Man, you get to review the coolest cars😱
Robert Young
EVO's do power oversteer :D
Kyle Martin
Any plans to review an 07-08 350z (HR)?
Corbin Wojey
i love evos so much
OC graffiti
such a nice car enjoy it man 💪✌ Getting one this 2018🎧
Carl Johnson
awesome car.
Tim Smithe
Another great video, Zygrene! The Prelude videos were cool too, man. Keep it up!
magna vox
The 1080p60 is awesome for this type of video and [email protected]! LOVE IT. Better than nearly all channels. [email protected] is welcome if its even viable.
You should buy a Nissan 200SX for your DD and occasional track use...if you guys did get them in the states...
What Brand and or Name are those wheels!?
what's the color code for the evo mr
Hanzhang Ren
Kevin is a chill guy :D
Farhad Liaquat
Absolutely love this car. Evo ix in this graphite gray color is what’s up. Stunning looking ride
Why does it have an Evo 8 rear bumper
Eric. E
Eric. E
What are the RIMS called
hira hira nono
best looking evo
Julio Mac
This fool said 3300 lbs is heavy 🤦🏾‍♂️
I get the sense you walked into this thinking it was going to feel dull/heavy/understeer-y but walked away very shocked at how well the front end reacted
I love this Evo generation looks (7-8-9).
Peter White
What size and fitment are those ?
Carlos Hernandez
I love the CD PLAYER lol any one knows what model it is? and yeah clean evo 9!!
id lobe to see you do a mazdaspeed 6
Robert Young
Your brake pedal comment is interesting. I've had my EVO for about 10 years and have always felt the same way. The brakes are STRONG but they aren't as confidence inspiring to me as say an S2000 because the pedal is SO stiff. You have to push it hard enough that it upsets your body position if you have sticky tires and want to get into the ABS. I tried to locate a smaller brake master cylinder but it doesn't seem like there is one available.
Henry Kenick
I have a 9 and it's easy to get drama out of it with some cams and an fp red. Back when I ran that turbo with cams it was very alive on the track..... since then I've made it into a street car
Tastefully modified car. I'm sure those tires had a fair amount to do with its handling praise.
At 6:26 I honestly couldn't tell if that was a laugh or the blow off valve lmao
Hey, I've watched your videos off and on for a while and finally subscribed! Just curious, are you in NorCal?
Lin Xu
Why do lot of evo i see have clear windows? They don't put tints.
damn that is a clean GG, even the sticker still on the door panel.that was the first thing i took of on my SE.
Farhad Liaquat
I’m a sti guy straight up but this is one gorgeous evo. If I ever were to buy an evo this would be it. Evo 9 mr and this color. Absolutely stunning.
Holy quiet???? Dude this thing is a beast yet at cruising speeds, it's like a normal car... That's impressive. BTW did you ever do a camera gear setup video? I'm waiting for my go pro "knockoffs" that are in the mail so that I can do car videos finally. Nice job again Zygrene!
Great vid, I think you have the best format going right now.
Bob Doe
If you test drive an Evo 8, there's a difference between the 03-04 model and the 05. We'll see if you can figure it out and why I went with the 05 Evo 8 rs package.
Best Evo made. Glad I was able to drive one a few times.
Jason OC
Another great review! Almost at the 10k mark u should have over 100k easy honestly I absolutely love your channel! Especially since u actually track your cars and I gain so much knowledge from your channel! I used to only stop what I was doing when the smoking tire put up a new car review. But I gotta say iv been a subscriber since the beginning and your channel is the only other channel I'll stop what I'm doing to see your new uploads. Your a true enthusiast in every sense of the word! Keep the vids coming. And the Evo 9 is one of my favorite cars of all time just the mr with the 6 speed is made of glass they break so easy. So for anyone in the market for an evo 9 get the se model. Unless u can find an Mr with a swapped trans it is sweet though how the mr has the aluminum roof Though for weight reduction.
Damn that Evo blow off tho! Great video
+zygrene what size are the wheels and tires and does he have an Instagram
Cryptic Hex
Where can you find one of these, I live in Canada and people have no respect for JDM.
Michael M.A.
what camera are you using? the quality is amazing!!
Versatill King
YouTube reviewer? You aren't s$&#.
Papa Rug
My uncle has a lancer and I'm jealous af
Alex Moran
Great video. :)
Inside Line
How does it compare to a GD chassis STI for you? I really wanted an EVO 8 or 9 before I bought my 05 STI 6 years ago. Unfortunately we never got those cars in Canada and to find one in country or import from the US would drive the cost of the car up almost $10k over a comparable STI. Also if you want to drive the older Evos, come visit Canada! We have imported RHD Evo 1-7s available here as of this year.
Bailey Carlson
What front lip is this?
Slaxl Time
I’ll own an Evo IX MR one day
Julio Mac
that car is not heavy tf
Bandar Alshammari
Where was this taken? Beautiful scenery!!
Tyler Dowd
Well done car
LG webOsTV
Not cheater
Atl Islam 1017
Kevin Boucher
Another Evo vid, another gear grind shift change? 1:01