Batman's First Appearance | The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Clip

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Batman's First Appearance Scene | The Dark Knight Rises (2012) IMAX Movie info: />Buy it on Blu-ray: /> Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Matthew Modine, Cillian Murphy, Alon Aboutboul -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: />► Facebook: />► Instagram: />► Google+: />-------------------------------------------------- *** TM & © Warner Bros. (2012) Monetized by owner/s. Their ads Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. *** Batman's First Appearance Scene 4K Ultra HD

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Autobot AvengerXL5
0:18 I think that’s why Batman doesn’t do guns.
2:51 This is the moment you were looking for ;)
Alexis Yañez
0:04 Epic
Raiderfan916 74
Still think this series has some of the best theme music
Kengaroo Ang
When I see the sexy Cat Woman, my dark knight rises as well
wing 0
This Batman is better than the Justice league
“Like a rat in a trap gentlemen” (Space ship starts up) “You might have the wrong animal there sir”
Adrian Jutronich
Guide: How to get out of a 5 star chase in GTA. By Batman.
Busy Show
You missed the best part of that scene. When the old cop realises batman is back and tells the rookie: "You are in for ashow tonight, son"
Nat 2wa
Bale was an awesome BATMAN
Put that thing away before you hurt yourself lol
Mittal Variya
I couldn't stop myself from commenting here, but these movie scene is totally outstanding, God bless Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale
Bale is the best batman
He forgot Bats could fly.
Josh Whitaker
I loved this movie series for one reason, not a damn thing seemed like it came from a comic book. It felt real and not ridiculous, like everyone has to have a stupid costume, scarecrow is just a mask, joker doesn't have a bunch of bombs with his face on them or gag weapons like acid spitting flowers, ect. There were only 3 things that were iffy but it worked magnificently. 1.) Joker wasn't burned with acid with a permanent grin, but just had scars and paint. 2.) Baine isn't on venom like in the comics or shows but is still really strong and can still break batman's back. 3.) Raj Al Goul wasn't an immortal man using the Lazarus pit for regeneration, but instead, much like the dread pirate Robert's from the princess bride, passed the name of raj al goul down to successors so he can be immortal that way. These movies moved away from ridiculous comics and went for as real as possible.
That Getaway is beyond cool.
3:50-4:06 Still find this epic. Batman driving towards the police cars, the bike spin, and Zimmer's great music.
Pietro B. Vitali
That cop had such little screen time but he also had some of the best lines in the movie like: "you are in for a show tonight, son"(homage to TDKR graphic novel) and "you might have the wrong animal there, sir!" really shows how great the writing of this trilogy is, all humorous lines, but take them into the context of the story and the myth surrounding the Batman in Gotham's history and it'll always take you back to why Batman is one of the coolest comic book characters ever!
This is probably 10 stars in GTA V. And Need For Speed Most Wanted
The Joker
Christian Bale= THE Batman!! And I dont care about your opinion ^_^
Lesson: Don't underestimate that one guy. Don't be like this dude 4:22
Loki Is Awesome!!!
Man this scene was awesome! I love Batman and his ride!😏😋
Randy Listiyanto
And still there are people thinking Affleck's Batman is better than Bale's. What a shame, the gap is very significant
When the cop shoots batman and he just stares at him is literally the best thing ever
Thomas K96
Hans Zimmer's music is just Epic
Captain Obvious
2:51 this is where it gets started, so epic
cai vue
His appearance in this scene was so awesome!
Nat 2wa
Bale was an awesome BATMAN
sudhir penumala
The soundtrack ❤️😍
Man! The music is so epic, when Batman's standing on the bridge! :D
Reginald Alexander
0:21 it's just a prank bro
I watched this scene in IMAX (1st time in IMAX) as a preview for I M Legend. It was epic & a very unique experience. I will never forget.
Reginald Alexander
this batman has some epic scenes
Mahdi IranP
Hey fans...Don’t Forget the Amazing soundtrack By Hans Zimmer
Salvador Eduardo González Flores
The Dark Knight Returns
arian rds
nolan batman is the best
Even though I like Affleck’s Batman better, I’ve gotta admit, Bale’s Batman is so much more meaningful.
Mesiiah E
Every movie in this trilogy was Oscar Worthy. Nothing Snyder will ever make could tie this trilogy's noose.
2:51 That music is so epic 👌
Johnny Utah
Batman > Black Panther
Dark Knight Returns homage
Asrar Ahmed Qureshi
No one can play batman as good as bale....i think the batman's suit and all that stuff is just made for him and him only
Salman Memehood
0:35 is pure EarGasm
2:51 the feeling of betrayal
Tony Zhou
I love The Dark Knight Trilogy but my favourite is The Dark Knight because it has a bigger story in it. Batman Begins: an origin story The Dark Knight: know more about Gotham and see how dangerous the Joker can be The Dark Knight Rises: very powerful and emotional
Mannnnnnn I wish he was still batman . Should've been in justice league
Green Leader
that catsuit tho !
Hobie's Garage BBQ
Ben Affleck said a year or so ago, “the Nolan trilogy were really good Batman movies. I want to make a great Batman movie“. Can you believe that? The Nolan trilogy is comprised of masterpieces.
This one scene by itself is better than all of Justice League and BvS combined.
Syed Fawaz
Batman's Entrance and that Music - EPIC! Gives me chills every single time i see it. Wish i could have seen this in IMAX
Prxnce Anime
When batman was perfect as christian bale that is
U cant stop me punk ass copbitch
Catwoman is hot af
Jacob Huffines
Out of all the batman's bales is my favorite
Don't Read My Profile Picture
3:34 How could you lose him He knows dae the way
Pandas are cool
That cop destroying his gun made the movie longer when you think about it.
king maker
batman is the best example of a superhero without superpowers . he is the best!!!
Suck it Snyder
Abdullah Sami
A complete masterpiece by Christopher Nolan 😍😍😍 Ben Affleck & Zack Snyder can never be anywhere close to this 😍
Mr SportsGuy13
I miss The Dark Knight Trilogy, especially after the failure of the DCEU.
Andy Lau
Christian Bale still the best Batman!!
Nolans batman is just next level!!!!!!
Jobs mine
nothing but respects , respects for Nolan. thank you sir. Once a classic always classic. Thanks again Nolan. I hate comics and . superhero shit. but The Dark Knight Trilogy is my ultimate favorite movie franchise ever. All your movies are a masterpiece. I wish I was the CEO of the Oscars, I would've given you all the awards because you deserve it.
Now THIS is Batman, not some true shitman in DCMU.
Casey Dinger
Omg the chills the whole time! The deshi basara chant when bane pulls a u turn and takes the cops on head on!
Meatball Sub
This is why Chris can do what he wants
Larry Panozzo
I’ve watched this scene so many times
Chong Lee
Hans Zimmer's music is so perfect. It's almost operatic
"I'm going to take down Batman!" J Jonah Jameson laughs hysterically. "You serious?"
Nicholas Littlewood
Best part is when Batman looks at the tablet then looks around him at the cops and the score kicks in
How did bane even get that helmet on ???
Max Isola
This movie references The Dark Knight Returns - Fanboys call it terrible and nitpick the plot holes. BvS references The Dark Knight Returns - Fanboys call it a masterpiece and ignore the plot holes.
The batpods wheels??!!!!! How does it turn like that????
bruce wayne
Nothings cooler than me on my batcycle 😎
2:55: Cop cars directly behind him - 3:04: Cops cars that were behind him arriving.
No one else wondering why the cops didnt open fire as soon as he shot that truck?
The clip started too late! The cops' reaction when the lights start to flicker is one of the best parts of the scene.
shubham vichare
watch this movie with earfons or home theater.
0:01 through to 5:00 was the best bit
labzo labzo
bro... batman is the best hero in the world.. the coolest guy and the main thing is that he has NO SPECIAL POWERS.. like he is a real human and just learnt this fighting and that. Christian bale with batman begins, dark knight and dark knight rises is the best. He is the best.. the other actor in SvB is just so shit and his armour is ridiculous.. he got no skill as well lol. I soooo hope another one of the batman movies come out with christian bale.. like a batman dark knight part 2 or something. BATMAN FAN
Antony Danilo
Epic. Great film.
Megumi Hayashida
4:00 this is just so aesthetically pleasing yet technically questionable..
awesome.. this is how you film BATMAN zack snyder
Domo Domo
2:00 Is.. Is that Orson Krennic? Or the same man who played him?
Swastik Chakraborty
4:22 "like a rat in a trap,grntleman"..4:29"you might have a wrong animal there,sir"...😊😊😊
Eliezer Espinosa
best batman ever
Samyak Vaghela
This gave me goosebumps every time when I watch it!
Madison K
The music is absolutely epic
By the end of the movie those cops were going to regret letting Bane go.
Shubham Mittal
Actually fiction... Preplanned predetermined concepts contents scripts... Full audio and visual effects... Be real be practical..
Mahdi IranP
This Legend inspires me everyday
aryan j
@4.00 who else jumped off their seats in the theater in over n over n over happiness​ back in 2012 ?
2:53 *Watchful protector's tragedy...*
ji min
This scene is the most awesome scene in the movie for me. The appearance goes perfect with the music.
Kerry Smith
4:23 Eleven from Stranger Things: Paaappaa!!!🙃🙃🙃
Shekher Yadav
Whole marvel < Batmat Trilogy
Martin Angeles
Back in Batman’s glory days
hemant rana
i dont think any superhero movie can match the music of this series
favorite Scene