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Dr Shaym
Gary sleeps with his helmet. ... or is that his _head_?
Palpatine: Note to myself, when I take over the Galaxy, my first decree will be to kill all Hippies
Max Bui
*freeze frame* *record scratch* *baba oreily plays* *cue intro*
Edwin Drake
Robot Chicken Palpatine is literally adult Stewie
Nice little nod to the clone wars tv series with tom kane narrating at 1:59
Himmat Singh
1:59 hey isn't that the Clone Wars announcer??
The Straight Razors
Man this was pretty Wizard.
Luis McRotten
Gary should be the main hero of Star Wars 7
3:20 Who knew Gary was married to Princess Bubblegum...
Is the narration a movie reference? I feel like I've heard it somewhere.
Archangel Tyrael
the guy who does the voice of Palpatine should narrate more stuff. He's pretty damn funny
Teenage emperor wasteland.
Was that the announcer from the Clone Wars Tv show doing the news announcement?
Alexander Hammond
No, don't pick your...(Sigh) Ladies and Gentlemen, Darth Vader.
Jonsin 1459
I much prefer this emperor palpatine than the real one haha
"Are you an angel?" "No, I'm not an angel." "Are you a fairy?"
Tyrone Bryant
...But then Darth Plagueis was written.
David Cappadoccia
I demand robot chicken make a sketch where the original palpatine meets the robot chicken palpatine!!
dean richardson
1:20 no truer words have ever been spoken
John Hitchcock
Actually, this might explain a few things. Obviously Jar Jar was banished because he was a terrible politician who accidentally allowed the people of Naboo to eat Gungan eggs, and that would also explain why there was some tension between the established in The Phantom Menace...
1:14 Social Justice Warriors in a Nutshell.
"A boiled cow hemorrhoid" Ever since I first heard that I have never looked at Darth Sidious the same. :)
0:35 ...expect that saber in the new movies
Well this helps to explain why Jar Jar was banished.
Knight of Oath
Is that why Jar Jar became a Sith and manipulated Sidious to destroy everything and get destroyed himself, because of the zoning law change and Gungan egg thing?
Eugene Krabs
"I didnt always look like a boiled cow hemroid" lmfao
That's a backwards Star Trek phaser at 2:07
Frida Nyberg
Caleb Hardman - He was nine, she was fourteen, and HE was hitting on HER. :P How's she a pedo?
The Solmanian
1:36 and that's how Jar jar got exiled...
1:57 is that the narrator from the clone wars?
"are you an angel?' "what?" "WHAT?" gold
Daniel Appleton
Mistakes were made..... Darth Vader wasn't always the sharpest knife in the drawer. :)
0:36 music?
al Mamlūk
Holy shit, they actually got the guy who does the voice for Admiral Yularen? That's awesome
"Unfortunately we're obligated to follow that dumb kid's story" XD
Cynical Films
What movie was that soupposed to be at the start?
Giordan Diodato
So.. Boba Fett (the movies Boba Fett) got popular because...?
Rex Galilae
1:59 Palpatine watching the Clone Wars Season 12 aired exclusively in the galaxy
The angels are actually a race in star wars inhabiting certain moons in various systems i can't remember which ones tho...
Humans are Shit
Angels do exist in star wars world
Gary's daughter became Captain Phasma.
Actualy he joined the sith before getting into politics, and killed his entire family btw
Slug of Borg
3:01 I got a Black Series Boba Fett figure the very same day I saw this. I feel as though I have contributed to the problem, I will now be indirectly responsible in some way or another when Boba inevitably showes up in episode 7 in a completely unwelcome and unneeded manner which further demeans his once enigmatic and epic character.
The Perchable
What movie is this spoofing?
2:06 I love how he's pointing a phaser at his head. And holding it backwards.
Pat O'Reily
This was probably robot chicken's best sketch
Simple Curiosity
And there was no mention of Darth Plagieus.
Imperial Legion Battlemage
Enough with the KFC commercials!
2:03 I just now realized that guy on the tv is the same guy who does the introductions in The Clone Wars.
Xnes Shadowfang
I watched this one video and now my recommended bar is filled with star wars
In a way, I'm glad the prequels happened.  They provide so much good material to make fun of.
Will M
is this song the Who
Tanel Murd
how is the voice of the Emperor ? i need to know...
Jovanny Ramos
I can swear that is the start of a movie just don't remember which one tho.
The Nuclear Otaku
is this a parody of something other than star wars? like with baba o'reilly and the freeze frame?
BGamerSaurus Discussions, Roleplay and gameplay
poor boba fett and was that his mom
Does anyone know the name of the song playing ?
Starring Space 1999's Alan Carter (or at least his action figure) as Young Palpatine.
Ryan Matthew
the choice of Baba O'riley was on point
Jeremy Newcombe
Legends has it Gary later became to be known as Tr-8r.
Phoenix Lindstrom
Justin Buell
Omg... "Who is the narrator?" "What is the song?" Scroll down five lines and find the answer in the last person's comment who asked that question. Or scroll down ten lines and see the same thing.
2 0 1 8 ?
Samuel Murrill
Robot Chicken turning Emperor Palpatine into my favorite and most relatable Star Wars character. If only this was canon...
David Meyer
(Farts) "Ah. Welcome to Robot Chicken, apparently."
luke metcalf
Palpatine is best
Star Wars + Who + The Emperor's new groove= only by robot chicken...
Circe Savan
The guy trying to kill himself after telling Palpatine to get a career in politics is holding a Star Trek phaser. Backwards.
Robert Wang
is that seth macfarlane voicing the emperor?
Obeng Chang
What is the song in this video
Anders Milling
Uhh they got the clone wars narrator.
"Welcome to Robot Chicken apparently."
Record scratch, freeze frame
Northern Lights #5
I bet Finn is Gary in The Force Awakens
Richard Lew
lol hot breakfast programs. He has my eternal respect
Young BZ
I love how the Star Wars announcer from Clone Wars was the TV announcer too.
Jacob Morales
the part that made me laugh hard when anakin says "are you an elephant"
Guys, I'm a dork for saying this, but this video was definitely styled after some kind of movie that is NOT star wars. and I can't find it. any help?
Alex Ernst
"Not gonna lie, mistakes were made."
Jack fox Animations
3:29 welcome to robot chicken people
The announcer guy on TV sounds like The Clone Wars announcer guy!
what is the beginning a parody of?
Which robot chicken Star Wars episode is this from?
Don't be alarmed if your undies turn into a moist towelette
Mattia Peluso
No the helmet of Gary is not his head.
Whats the movie their parading (dont know if i spelled it right)
Astro Fox115
Gary at the end lol
Gabriella Favre
I gotta admit that beheading of Jango Fett was pretty stylish! xD
Herbie Del Pozo
Gary ever ones favorite stormtrooper lol
dill pickledz
The song is 'Baba O'Riley' by 'The Who'
Titanium Sentai
Hesa said what now!?
vegor campbell
whats the song?
Rafael Griffith
2:37-2:40, padme's body expression its priceless, like; No no no, you bett... No no no!!
Zoom Loo
Wow there's like HUNDREDS of gungans. And jar-jar said"yousa say what now". That was funny
Koda Jolly
i want this to become a
"You're welcome galaxy!" Yes!
Andre Hirthing
theres like 4 different clips of robot chicken with palpatine getting thrown down XD
Γιώργος Aρτσι
Omg the voice coming out of the tv is that guy from the clone wars!!!
LP Corgi
What is this a parody of?!?!