Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime (Official Video)

Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime," from the 1980 album Remain in Light

Tina Sheroan
David Byrne always reminded me of a 1950"s college professor that lost his shit
Dude 420
this video is like discovering a prehistoric meme
Cackling Cranium
this song is an existential crisis & an anxiety attack
Svens Nation
Went here to see if the music video had changed, but it is the same as it ever was.
Y’all really just dont get David Byrne is just THAT eccentric. Brian Eno said he and David were getting mugged once by like 14 people in New York and as they dragged David to the bushes, all he said was “Uh Oh!”
Joseph Garfield
0:57 my last five brain cells
Goy Ishah
I saw a documentary a year or so ago, stating they discovered that there was heavier denser water at the bottom of some of the ocean's major trenches. I hopped up out of my chair all, "David was right! There IS water at the bottom of the ocean! Under the water! Carrying the water!"
Gil Refael
The story of my life. I saw this song as a child and didn't understand anything. 30 years later...I ask myself, well How did I get here? David Byrne is a genius. He truly understood life
Drug dealer: "What'll it be?" Me: Whatever he's having.
Channel Zig
David Byrne must get randomly searched by airport security a lot.
Logan Hagler
Me: "I gotta focus on this exam!" My Brain:
Bondfall 007
I can only describe this song in three words: Joyful Cathartic Anxiety
A perfect dance routine doesn't exi-
DJBAGEL Eatusbeanus
when you have a green screen for Christmas
Stephen McManus
He never sniffed a line. He is just having an existential crisis.
Scrotes Magotes
I refuse to believe that David Byrne exists.
mila bear
This is the part when I loose myself in these types of music videos and ask myself *how did I get here*
Seeing this on MTV as a 7 yr old used to scare the heck out of me.
Orion Ake
David Byrne with his impression of a chronically anxious car salesman losing a fight with the invisible man.
Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was
Keith Hinchcliffe
I'm surprised at how few people know David Byrne is Buddy Holly reincarnate.
A song about a nervous breakdown.....done perfectly.
I like the [T A L K I N G M O U T H]
Alex Leslie
Fun fact: Tony Basil, the girl who sang "Hey Mickey," choreographed this. Fun Fact: This was choreographed
Max Metall
You have 1 week until JoJo fans come ,and destroy this comment section.
The first meme ever recorded in history
Bill Keon
No band EVER EVER EVER sounded like Talking Heads. Daring, unique, integrity, brilliant. The bridge between two realities.
Happy Hitler
Hours of revising for an exam 0:54 What comes into my head during the exam
Whisky Horse
*during test* me: please focus, i could fail 9th grade if i dont pass this test. my brain: 0:54
Random existential sampler: "The Trial" - Franz Kafka (and movie adaptation by Orson Welles); "Heart of Darkness" - Joseph Conrad; "The Stranger" - Albert Camus; "Ikiru" - Akira Kurosawa; "Groundhog Day" - Harold Ramis; "The Matrix" - The Wachowskis; "Once in a Lifetime" - Talking Heads
RainbowInTheDark _7
This guy's fucking awesome. His dances are everything and he's purely brilliant. It's like a science professor gone mad. Love this style. Dude's still going too! ♡
THE Pharcyde
Etang Bose
When it’s late and I’m bored I send this to my friends and wait for there reactions
St. Paul
Back in the 80's, MTV was music 24/7 and AWESOME! ----now---- MTV has 24/7: Teen Mom Teen Mom 2 16 and Pregnant & Teen Mom 3 ----sad---
Raul Sanderson
Moving to the actual other side of the planet and this is my whole song for it.
I found this by searching "water flowing underground"
The Phantom Ariel - Ариэл Баэрса
Austin Lucas
Just realized the verses are moments of lucidity and the chorus is going back into "the water." In other words, routine life by default.
Victor Lin
I think I'm high
Sydney Beans
Fun fact Brian Eno, the same guy that did the keyboard sounds in the back is the same person that made the windows 95 Startup sound
Mark Haigh
Over 30 years old and still listening. These new songs will never last the test of time like these classics
Gabriel Enriquez
anybody else listening on new years ?? happy 2019 !
Really makes you 「THINK」
There is water at the bottom of the ocean... ...and there's a fuCKING SHARK IN IT
jose amram
"...and you may say to yourself, my god, what have Idone!"....brilliant
Thanks Polyphonic for introducing me to this loveable madness.
Gavyn Samsung
You may find yourself... Inside a 16 year old Italian boy's mouth. (My god, what have I done?)
This guy's only talking in lies... THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF AN ENEMY STAND!
Baza Games
Is this a JoJo reference???
Manoel Souza
Essa música e vídeo ti deixam com um tique tique nervoso kkkkk.
I consider this song the official anthem of the 1980s.
Michael Youngstrom
Some people don't realize what a genius David Byrne is. He incorporates so much into his music. A full show of different musical genres (including African music), art, dance and choreography etc..
brandon smith
I love this track 2019
T.C. Kocher
There is water at the bottom of the ocean!
This video has answers to all the questions universe holds dear
git gud
same as it ever was same as it ever was same as it ever was same as it ever was same as it ever was same as it ever was
Thomas L
This is how Marty Mcfly dances now😂
Chris Conlon
The funniest thing I ever heard, "Quoting from David Byrne" . He wore a huge oversize suit, he said. "I don't need to perform when I wear this suit, I just go on stage, move around a bit and the suit does the whole performance"
Sticker Happy
You may find yourself, watching this video And you may find yourself, watching this in 2019 And you may ask yourself, why does this sound familiar? And you may ask yourself, have I heard this before? And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?!
Mentz Wolf
Guys I think I've found Brandon Rogers' dad XD
In 1980 I was 20 years old. I listened to Remain in Light a billion times.
K Reilly
Add a public comment... Chalkboard. A broken pointer. Pencil sharpener.
Daniel Todd
Producer: Hey David how many drugs do you want? David: Yes
Colonel Kurtz
when i hear this i think of Robin Williams, sounds like him
The future trailer music for the movie about Trump’s presidency.
Adam Eldib
Have you ever all of a sudden started saying the opposite of what you want to, and then notice sharks swimming in your soup??
Leictreon Zwenzheter
Why can't I tell the truth when I speak? Could this be the work of an E N E M Y S T A N D?
Stephanie Dee
If David Bowie and Bill Nye had a brain child.
R. Smith
This song is still as good as it was forty years ago. I can't believe it's been that long.
Naeda Tanner
2019. Oh my God...what have I done??!!✌💖
Ian Getz
I sincerely hope everyone who views this video knows how brilliant these words are. Life, living life, and how we reflect on ourselves. So much deeper than many would see on the surface.
In this video, David looks like the love child of Stephen Colbert and John Oliver...
Mutualism Strawman
I want to reenact this music video for my schools talent show but with no background music so everyone has to watch me flail around and occasionally have four people in the background imitating me
Michael Harvey
Thankyou Windows XP for introducing me to David Byrne and Talking Heads!
Edwardo Schwartz
Green screen competition really were before our time
L Moore
This is my all time favorite video. I don't know why but it is catchy and comical. Innovative at the time it premiered on MTV.
Kev Ster
pop music as performance art, a musical david lynch
Johannes Snutt
Have no idea what the song is about, yet i totally know what the song is about.
Martín M B
Im syncing so much with this song that is drahging my soul across the time an space, i even found myself in another part lf the world.
David Panama
*accidentally dislikes video* "My GOD, what have l done?"
Gene Clark
2019, still holds up. They played this at my prom
Vincent Ree
I just noticed, the fade out lyric "Here the twister comes. Here comes the twister." is NOT in this video!
Ar Con
So at 3:10 is that him in real life and the crazy businessman/college professor guy having anxiety attack is his subconscious?
Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson
Musical brilliance in my opinion.From the 1980 album 'Remain In Light'. Co-produced or entirely produced by Eno.
*Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is just a rip off of Diesel and the Persona series*
William Clark
I used to work for UPS in NY a long time ago. I was delivering a parcel for "David Byrne", I thought nothing of it as obviously delivering parcels you come across people with famous names quite often. Anyway the guy wasn't in so returned the next day (couldn't just call a contact number back then!) Rang the buzzer of a fairly modest (but nice) block of flats. Guy comes down in a dressing gown looking a bit worse for wear and it was David Byrne! I was a big Talking Heads fan before then but had the moment of when you think "is it actually him?!" I mumbled a bit and didn't know what to do, so I was like "parcel for Mr. Byrne, I'm a huge fan and can't believe it's you" and he responded with "Yeah, once in a lifetime buddy", then shut the door almost immediately. The birth(s) of my children don't even come close to that moment!
Brock. Landers.
David byrne saved my life on the precipice of neural annihilation i.e. the anomaly of lobotomy via earthquake blues times 7
Shaun Trimmingham
Had to watch this after watching Supernatural
This flippin song is a banger GOD I LOVE IT
A brilliantly unique and strange person, David Byrne. I grew up to this type of music. Not a huge fan, but I definitely appreciate it for what it is. 👍🏻
noname nosurname
this is a visual description of what having an existential crisis feels like lmao
Darrian Weathington
Its like being inside the mind of someone going cold Turkey off of LSD... I LOVE IT!
(this song is so good) me: this song is so boring *(WAIT, WHAT?!)*
Juliet Schwartz-Martinez
A masterpiece. ❤️
asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw
A song so good you prefer to listen to it that to watch nude ladies dance in front of you #triforcepodcast
Connor Phebus
Whoever said white people cant dance have never seen this gem.
Soggy Cereal
when you find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife, and ask yourself, HOW DID I GET HERE?
Tristo Mietitore
Dude I'm trashed watching this, 1000× better
Hazel Aughton
love the extraordinary weirdness of D B. Thank you for all the crazy times. Maketh me smile