Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime (Official Video)

Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime," from the 1980 album Remain in Light

Fun fact Brian Eno, the same guy that did the keyboard sounds in the back is the same person that made the windows 95 Startup sound
Vlad shaw
A guy dressed like he's in the 1950's, singing 1960's style lyrics to 1980's music, with a video fit for the early 2010's, that people in the 2020's can relate to.
Vlad shaw
The talking heads were singing about existential crises and being a living meme before it was cool.
Tina Sheroan
David Byrne always reminded me of a 1950"s college professor that lost his shit
And you may find yourself...watching this on loop for 5 hours.
Shariqwa Witwicky
Cocaine's a hell of a drug
Cackling Cranium
this song is an existential crisis & an anxiety attack
Mutualism Strawman
I want to reenact this music video for my schools talent show but with no background music so everyone has to watch me flail around and occasionally have four people in the background imitating me
Dude 420
this video is like discovering a prehistoric meme
I creamed on your mother I got high on Calpol
when you have a green screen for Christmas
Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.
Chris Conlon
The funniest thing I ever heard, "Quoting from David Byrne" . He wore a huge oversize suit, he said. "I don't need to perform when I wear this suit, I just go on stage, move around a bit and the suit does the whole performance"
Channel Zig
David Byrne must get randomly searched by airport security a lot.
Gabriel Enriquez
anybody else listening on new years ?? happy 2019 !
Heaps of comments about Byrne's relationship (or non-relationship) with drugs. Here is what the man himself had to say in 1992: 'Drugs - I couldn't handle made me paranoid...and quaaludes and bennies and speed and meth seemed know, chemical...physical...definitely not mind-expanding. Tried Angel Dust once: Chris, Tina, and I, and Tina's brother went to a guy's apartment for interior decorator by trade...and he gave us all a puff on this treated cig...well, I could barely walk and I sure didn't wanna eat anymore. Scary stuff...but I guess it's cheaper than dinner for six. Cocaine...didn't do anything for me the first couple of times. Then I guess it found its brain receptor cells. Everybody was doing it then. The road crew would deal to the band...probably the only way they made a decent living. Everybody'd yak, yak, anyone at all...instant friendship for a few minutes. It made me simultaneously very talkative and secretive. Kinda like matter-meets-anti-matter. A problem waiting to happen. Too many late nights (it was usually accompanied by drinking) and spaced out days and soon I decided to stop. So other than a couple 'a wild nights, I stopped. I saw people do funny things. Once, a Hollywood agent came over to the table in a restaurant where Jerry and I were say hi, I guess. He said hi, told us he represented some mutual friends, and then plonked his head down on the table and fell asleep...out. His girlfriend took him away, but he left a little white packet on the table. Some friends got into heroin. It was cheaper. I tried it. Too strong. I wasn't exactly gonna get a lot of writing done on that stuff. But I guess it was a mythic drug..."be-bop...hard rock"...hip writers, etc. The French loved the stuff...musta thought it was cool. Jerry and I got invited to visit the Hollywood producer Julia Phillips once...Jesus H. Christ!...a real Beverly Hills mansion, and she was in the back office looking like a mad scientist...the place was piled with scripts, records, Bunsen-burners, test-tubes, various highly flammable chemicals and books. A sharp cookie with real no-bullshit eyes and ears, but totally out of control. I'm glad none of us got into that stuff.'
Terry K
There is water at the bottom of the ocean!
Donna Leichtenberger
He is telling you something important. Figure it out.
you may ask yourself what is that beautiful song
Dan Widdis
David Byrne & The Talking Heads worked hard & it wasn't drugs. Comments about drugs being important to Talking Head success are from unsuccessful druggies
My science teacher played this once (thats how I got here) and he said that this is a story of a man who feels like a marrionette, like he has no control over his life, and the music itself is super good aside from the message. Also this looks like my uncle and I'm shook
Johannes Snutt
Have no idea what the song is about, yet i totally know what the song is about.
1980s art class at high school, making pottery with this blasting in the background, art teacher waving his hands around dancing to it. A treasured memory.
Still one of the most iconic music videos ever!
This Jim
Lyrics: And you may find yourself  Living in a shotgun shack And you may find yourself  In another part of the world And you may find yourself  Behind the wheel of a large automobile And you may find yourself in a beautiful house With a beautiful wife And you may ask yourself, well How did I get here? Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again after the money's gone Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground And you may ask yourself How do I work this? And you may ask yourself Where is that large automobile? And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful house! And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful wife! Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again after the money's gone Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Water dissolving and water removing There is water at the bottom of the ocean Under the water, carry the water Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean! Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again in the silent water Under the rocks, and stones there is water underground Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again after the money's gone Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground And you may ask yourself What is that beautiful house? And you may ask yourself Where does that highway go to? And you may ask yourself Am I right? Am I wrong? And you may say yourself, "My God! What have I done?" Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again in to the silent water Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again after the money's gone Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Look where my hand was Time isn't holding up Time isn't after us Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Letting the days go by (same as it ever was) Letting the days go by (same as it ever was) Once in a lifetime  Letting the days go by Letting the days go by
Ken Walker
Bill Nye the pop music guy!
YodaVon .VaderWalker
There is no better drug than creativity. All but dead now.
You may find yourself on youtube playing this song with intent
This guy is such a beautiful dancer
Tony Vibe
killa bassline, what is there not to like about this track.. same as it ever was
My "stressed-out" theme music...
ruth talley
Wikipedia says that David Byrne and Toni Basil designed his movements by watching films of evangelical preachers. They included the real far-out stuff like "speaking in tongues," and religious rituals from around the world. Hence the background film where he mimics the ritualistic bowing and arm-chopping. And the increasingly bizarre sweaty fervor of a preacher possessed. I always just thought he was a clumsy dancer.
christine paris
If jesus came back as David Byrne and sang to us....
Y’all really just dont get David Byrne is just THAT eccentric. Brian Eno said he and David were getting mugged once by like 14 people in New York and as they dragged David to the bushes, all he said was “Uh Oh!”
Sarah Mary
This is the best thing ever.
Alex Leslie
Fun fact: Tony Basil, the girl who sang "Hey Mickey," choreographed this. Fun Fact: This was choreographed
Carter Chadwick
Who's listening in 2019. I'm not
Vivekananda Pingali
Remember when songs and their music videos actually had some semblance of meaning?
Filthy Fucktard
Hahaha Stephen Colbert's mental breakdown after the election.
fred esch
Played this song on,my street glide by the Holland tunnel ppl went nuts in the streets.
Orion Ake
David Byrne with his impression of a chronically anxious car salesman losing a fight with the invisible man.
Lisa Spikes
When I was young and this song first came out, it was different than it is now that I’m 55!
Etang Bose
When it’s late and I’m bored I send this to my friends and wait for there reactions
Bondfall 007
I can only describe this song in three words: Joyful Cathartic Anxiety
I'm not a Pumpkin
My favourite talking heads song!!!!
Daniel Todd
Producer: Hey David how many drugs do you want? David: Yes
Edmund Long
i pity and also envy the people who have yet to experience talking heads
Elda Zamora
Does anybody Else have the feeling that Reality became as weird as this Video..... wich was impossible to understand back in The 80s ...
Mark Haigh
Over 30 years old and still listening. These new songs will never last the test of time like these classics
William Clark
I used to work for UPS in NY a long time ago. I was delivering a parcel for "David Byrne", I thought nothing of it as obviously delivering parcels you come across people with famous names quite often. Anyway the guy wasn't in so returned the next day (couldn't just call a contact number back then!) Rang the buzzer of a fairly modest (but nice) block of flats. Guy comes down in a dressing gown looking a bit worse for wear and it was David Byrne! I was a big Talking Heads fan before then but had the moment of when you think "is it actually him?!" I mumbled a bit and didn't know what to do, so I was like "parcel for Mr. Byrne, I'm a huge fan and can't believe it's you" and he responded with "Yeah, once in a lifetime buddy", then shut the door almost immediately. The birth(s) of my children don't even come close to that moment!
Daniel C
I think I got so used to treating this as a pop classic, I never really noticed until now how musically sophisticated this is. Did somebody mention it's an Eno track? Sounds amazing, especially for 1980. This is older than me, but it still sounds pretty flawless today.
Shawnee Peace
Dance on brotha!! Haters gonna hate ...
Randy Clark
I will have what he is having......Wait, I will have Half of what he is having..😀
The Hollanesian
So basically this song is mocking televangelists and preachers?
Ruben Delgadillo
Who else was watching and listening to this on MTV in 1981!
Mr F
Never ever ever never does this video get old.
Clear Water (official band channel)
Pure genius
When you use green screen for the first time
this song and video makes me think of a extremely intelligent man who finds it difficult to connect with other humans beause of it and is there fore and outcast to society
Jeremy Bell
Sucks that people see any level amount of creativity and immediately think that it’s the product of drugs. Like. How goddamn boring do you have to be.
Radley stikbot,etc.
Abelardo Arias
This is my favorite song
Hyperion FLTXL
Drug use in one form or another is the same throughout the decades it wasn't any more special in the 80s when this was produced. Byrne wasn't on's called creativity..... imagination......genius.....synergy even if you choose to believe different who cares... enjoy the art that's what it's here for.
Gustavo Herrera
Genius song. Genius Band. Genius video. Gorgeous.
This is what happens when an accountant tokes a large cloud of meth
Brock. Landers.
David byrne saved my life on the precipice of neural annihilation i.e. the anomaly of lobotomy via earthquake blues times 7
Saw David Byrne i couple of nights ago in Sydney. Talking Heads has been one of my favourite bands since i was about 7 and he was unreal live. still sounds awesome for his age and really put on a good show
Stephanie Dee
If David Bowie and Bill Nye had a brain child.
Anthony Boerio
Happy birthday Tina Weymouth!!!!!
Denver Naicker
video and song is timeless, i admire the feat that he has accomplished in creating and participating in this video and song, i am ashamed that i don't listen to it often in times of contemplation during anxious events
Pls come to my channel 100
my anti-depressant.
Steven G
David is the direct result of a four year education at RISD.... (kinda says it all....)
Andrew Pappas
This song has probably some of the weirdest/funniest lyrics ever and I love it
Oddly compared to most other artists I find the Talking Heads live performances superior. Usually its the other way around.
This is the song you pick at karaoke and halfway through you realize the biggest mistake you made singing it by yourself.
Доријан Брадоњић
He is Serbian, there is no other explanation
Jake Beal
I’ve always seen this as David Byrne getting baptized by the awesomeness of his own music
Bifocal Bensch
"So this is a green screen?" "No, yeah don't worry it'll look sweet once we edit it"
Raul Sanderson
Moving to the actual other side of the planet and this is my whole song for it.
This person is describing depersonalisation as a result of a panic attack
Vanessa ButtuhFly
This is STILL one of my favorite videos. Saw it first on MTV😊
Hans Javis
Idubbz if he had more ambition.
1990 •
David Byrne was such a beautiful man
Andrés Felipe Joon Ángel Naranjo Sang
Representation of O.C.D. Beautiful Song !! ❤😎👊
Raul Sanderson
Listening to this as I plan to move 10,000 miles away with no real plan. Got $18,000 and no clue.
I remember this song when it first came out back in grade school but never saw the video for it... lol he must dis some killer cocaine while dealing with his epilepsy!
The Disturbed
Reminds me of bill wurtz
kevin hunter
Songs don't get more real then this song! It explains everything!
Elf Owl
MY GOD!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!! There's water under the Ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Bond
Saw him for the first time last weekend. Still got it, amazing.
THE Pharcyde
John Videll
If I was married every time I came home and my wife was already home I would step inside the door and call out, "How did I get here?" Every. Single. Time. I will either quickly be divorced or will know that our marriage will last forever.
david byrne was the neil cicierega of his time
Juliet Schwartz-Martinez
A masterpiece. ❤️
noname nosurname
this is a visual description of what having an existential crisis feels like lmao
Jim Ross
The comments section is full of mediocre hacks discussing how someone could be able to do this.
Gail Thayer
It’s called performance art people, he’s brilliant.
For some apparent reason, everybody dug this cool cat. with over 11 million hits on YouTube says it all. Byrne gracefully worked with artists that wanted to use his music, I heard. These comments are crazy and funny as hell.
I don't think anyone was copying anyone else....but those jerky dance moves reminded me an awful lot of Mark Mothersbaugh and the rest of the boys in DEVO
Goopi Beast
His voice reminds me of Robin Williams