GTA 5 Infinity Killer Case Solved - The Story of Merle Abraham (7 Victim Body Locations) Infinite 8

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I like how we are focusing on this serial killer who killed 8 people, even though the protagonists (Mostly Trevor) Are 100x worse because we kill at least 40 NPCs every playing session.
Leo Esco
I think that the 8th victim is the killer ! He killed his victims and than he killed his self !
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Rockstar Worked So Hard On Hiding All This Stuff To Make A Great Easter Egg That No One knows Still To This Day Good Job Rockstar
Ruez !
"8th is infinity but standing up" Maybe standing up means alive....
The 8th victim is himself. BOOM! CASE SOLVED.
The eighth was Merle, if somebody's mixed up in fantasy killings and being obsessed with an item, they usually have hints or clues to fact that they are a victim of them self, Merle, recognised what he had done, and left clues to what he had done, and hinted of his death was coming.
Jack Mckenzie
wait...maybe he was the eighth :o
Elijah Cheek
Merle Abraham is the 8th body He won't wait
6:48 I don't know if anyone already said this. The 7 bodies location looks like an unfinished "8" or "infinity symbol" on the map, missing the last on the shore. Is there anything over there?
Steez Been Trapping
Just a thought but does anyone remember in Gta 4 eddie low said he told someone named mrs. abraham that he raped her son and it just so happens that the serial killer in gta 5 is named merle abraham maybe him getting raped is what made him go crazy and become a serial killer ? I dont know maybe im just trying to make a connection some where there isnt one but just a thought .
Who else agrees with me and George Maurice that this guy sounds (or slightly sounds) like Evan A.K.A. Vanossgaming?
Cameron Turley
There will be eight (but he only killed 7 people) means he is a victim?!?!?!? 7 murders 1 suicide.
Maybe the 8th is Merle Abrahams himself.
Landon Davis
And one of the bodies doesn't have shoes
Hey. I wonder if anyone thought that Abraham was the Once someone says it, it's funny how everyone all of a sudden repeats it like they didn't just read the comments.
ChiChin Preston
What if the 8th person is u? 0_0
Something Hyper
Maybe the 8th victim or body was the infinity killer. He knew it was over. So he killed seven in hopes of people would figure out he was the eighth demise. Also he could have killed himself.
The eight victim is himself👏
Lol he almost got attacked by a dog 3:49
Hahaha 3:40 the Dog kill you ? :
One is Done two Was Fun Three tried to run Four called mom Fives Not alive Six Is Nix Seven In Heaven  8 Wont Wait
SyCo Clips
Wait.... " 8 is infinity but standing up. ". Could this possibly mean that he deemed the 8 person person immortal because he got away thus indicating why there isn't an 8th body??
Barrie D.
There ARE 8 bodies to be found in the ocean around the islands. I didn't find it, but my friend did when we were online. I can confirm there is 8. The 8th body is on the ocean bed between the Western most island and the mainland point. It is further away from the islands and so isn't as easy to find but it is there. Best way I can describe it is: There are four large islands, look at the one that is most West. There is a sharp point of land on the South-East tip of that island. Swim East from that sharp point, towards the mainland, until you get to a very tiny island (you can see it on the map). Swim North-East from that tiny island. The body is in that area of ocean. The body is not near an island, so it's tricky to find. Happy searching!
Nice video! Very scary, indeed. I am not sleeping tonight.
Alexander Bondestam
What if the 8th one was inside the jars
notice how the number eight is not written it is the number 8 and if you look up on yahoo answers what does ottffss mean by the way they are the first letters of each number you will be surprised with the answer
Does anyone else get referenced from the 5 body bags in the san andreas desert..? What if these murders were connected in someway..
I think that he killed 7 young joggers where the in the article it said he kiled 8 of them so what if he ment by 8 wont wait is that he couldnt kill the 8th one because he wouldnt stop to rest or as ive heard people say they have seen the killer working on his broken van and you have the choice to help him which I dont fully belive so 8 wont wait could mean either the victim wont wait to rest or wont wait to help. So this leads me to think that he wanted to have 8 victims and theres a song called '9 is god' so 8 wont wait is the killer not waiting for death naturally and you cant class your self as a victim if it was suicide so that still is 7 victims so 9 is god means god is his 8th and final victim so the saying 8 is infinity stood up is refrancing that god lasts for infinity and it says 8 is infinity refrancing that it is acually god. I also would like to pount out that in the artical it says he killed 8 joggers but in real term the 8th was a spin of killer copping abrahams killings
My theory on Merle Abraham is that he was the serial killer easter egg in GTA : San Andreas because their are multiple occurrences that he may had a house in the south with dead bodies their and ghostly occurrences of weird sounds and stuff but thats not the point GTA SA came out in 2004 and thats when he died in the prison so the easter egg and merle might be linked together some how by either knowing each other or the same person. Plz respond about your theory on this
Nick Perry
Thats kinda creepy
Its a reference to the Zodiac Killer, think about it. Infinity and Zodiac, both are symbols
Moist Boy 64
1999 is the year SA took place.
Tay_Got _Em
3:47 that dog was finna get yo ass
He is the 8th victim.
Adam Liljedahl
Maybe you can call the police officers or the paramedics and they will do something?
The killer himself was number 8 i think.
5:41 :O!!! 666 
Hammerd Walrus
the word "Nix" is Germanic and translated to English is "Nothing" First used around late 1700's early 1800's. perhaps the Eighth one you can't find is number six? because six is nothing. and perhaps Merle Abrahams was from Germany or was Germanic.
Melon Gamers
at 5:16 there a message They never leave me try to count 8 words and the last line is formed by 7 words try to count i think its something
Old Channel
Found the 8 :) actually found Merle's dead body but I must keep it secret
Melanie Andrews
Do you know how the killer hid the bodies, in story mode, franklin said that the witnesses of martin madrazo's crimes went missing. Could those witnesses be the killers victims ?
he knew the cops were on to him so he was going to kill himself as number 8 8 can't wait means he couldn't wait to kill him self the he was writing this then the cops found him before he could kill himself as the 8th
He killed me with I was looking for the scrap letter pieces. I was playing as franklin and I was by trevors hangar in sandy shores and there was a van sitting there. He killed me and then Franklin wakes up on a train track and you have to move b4 it hits you
colin brown
well it says there "will" be eight so that means future tense so therefor in one of the future gta games they will reveal the eighth killer
Kevin Twiss
U read the sign on the back right? He is an ungrateful un, maybe he wasn't the infinity killer, and the infinity killer pinned him for it and then he died, making him the eighth. The infinity killer may have been mad at Merle for posing and he got him killed in jail.
P.s yea 8 wont wait later when cops closed in on him in the desert he was writing but interupted and just wrote 8 wont but theres a NP scrap that says he died in prison and his last clue on prison wall just reveals the location of bodies were water and land meet were a volcano once stood is were 8 rest.
Kyle Bark
2:23 The tally mark is 5 and on San Andreas there is 5 body bags dumped in a hole in the desert?
Nice detective work. And there are some videos out there talking about Freddy
ole olesen
So this newspaper was written when Michael Trevor and Brad was robbing the bank in Ludendorff Hmmmh?. Just saying
Pennywise The Dancing Clown
The killer is Lester, if you don’t believe it find it on the GTA Online setup with Avi
The 8th body is around the very top body found just on the other side
Amanda Hughes
victim 8 is not dead
ant v
Do you work for Rockstar or something?? How the hell did you figure all of this out....
Deven Hayes
He was the 8th because he said 8 wont then it said he would return
Calvin Lenton
Its weird that he had 666 clips or bullets.
The ghost that appears at 23-00 Is a whole different Easter egg and plus he killed 7 or 8 young men
the last one was killed on starfish island because theres blood spots all over it... im not sure but i supose that im right. :)
Anyone bother looking at the newspaper?
Nicolo Bollozos
or or it could be franklin because he jogs and he is single HE COULD BE THE 8TH!
ty barney
if you think about it there's seven bodies and some of the clues are in sanora national park and the ghost girl is in sanora national park so the eighth body has to be the ghost girl! RIDDLE ME THAT MO FO!!!!!!!!
Right 4 suggestions 1 The 8th is himself 2 The killer was Eddie low from GTA IV 3 Somehow he got out of prison and still to kill one more And I think he may have killed that girl called scarlet it's on the gta 5 internet thingy her killer was never found
But in the last mission franklin could decide to kill of one of the players......what if franklin is the killer and faking his death
BlueFire OC
its easter egg from freddy krueger
Speedo Time
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Había un diario en la 2 casa Fijate
Merle Abraham Was 8 I think he planned to kill only seven but to fulfill Infinity 8 legacy He must commit suicide But as Ps4Trophies show the place he was supposedly apprehended that kind of covers why '8 must wait' he has to wait for his own death.
Logan Parry
omg i just realized something i know why merle picked that location if you look at it closely it look like a child crying and he killed children the way i found this was when he did the over lap this is awesome
I agree 8 must wait it is himself because they had to wait to see if he was guilty therefore he is "8"
XFallenX Angel
So Basically here's what me and my little brother came up with all the clues are scattered but if you follow the pattern we took which is find the note read it then go to his home read all the eggs then from there go on to grand senora park which shows both his messages from the first he says "8 won't wait" then on the second it says "8 won't" which to us implys that he was caught and then thrown in jail where he then wrote his last message killed himself and then if you go over to paleto cove in the daytime on the pier you'll notice a trashcan with the number 8 printed in blood near the bottom which disappears at night
Yeah my guess is that Merle himself is number 8, only thing that makes sense.
At night. Look around mount chiliad. And there should be a ghost. That's the 8th victim
Steven frankenberg
5:39 the ammo says 666 you know this means...
khiem nguyen
5:30 look at top right corner five thirty
in gta 4 there was a serial killer killing joggers who wasnt caught could be linked
brandon hart
the 8th body has to be cj's mother [from gta san andreas] because if u go to the back of cj's house in gta 5 u  see a note saying find out whos i forgot her first name johnson's killer.
Иннокентий 123
maybe the eighth victim is the ghost lady on the mountain
When u overlayed the map it looked like a face maybe his mask
brent paton
bro there are only 7 in the water. 8 wont wait means him. he killed himself in the prison. thats why he died so soon after. hes the eigth
Jules Boslough
its "wrong un" not "um" BC sandy shores is supposed to be a country, redneck part of San Andreas, therefor they don't have a proper dialect and accent, and "wrong 'un" is a more po' dunk way of saying "wrong one", the neighbor was saying Merle Abraham's was a wrong one (a terrible person) probably because one of the young joggers to be killed was the neighbors son. maybe? just a thought.
thou lion serpent Sun 666
i had to solve this entire thing just to get into a crew
Elmachete 1219
hes a illuminatee look at the amount of bullets he has in minute 5:35
Olli Pajukoski
The Eight was Abraham... 
its not a volcano it the place in the ocean where the bodys are
Clout got Game
the 8th boady is merle abraham
Woody Killz
Lol did u guys noticed the charging dog at 3:45 lol
Lester Is The Killer Watch NoughtPointFourLive’s Video
Umang Patel
8 Must Wait.... Maybe the 8th Victim is our GTA 5 Character
Elijah Cheek
He is the 8 th
There is an Easter egg in San Andreas that there was body bags,it might connect with this Easter egg
I have a felling that he was the last victim because 8 won't wait probbaly signalling he is the last victim and if you go to the prison at a certain point you here a man scream he was killed for his crime by gangsters discarding him and his rush to kill has failed so he ended his life for 8 deaths making the last him only possible to be Abrahams and 8 won't wait was going to be his suicide but he ran from the cops and wrote 8 won't that's when he was arrested and then the story go's forward to the prison death making the infinity 8 killer
How do you pick up the scuba gear0
Mark Lewis
What I noticed on the rhyme when it said "Four Called Mom" 'Mom' <---------- looked like that with apostrophes around it. And I'm pretty sure Eddie Low from GTA 4 ties into this somewhere. He said he tied Mrs. Smiths son in knots after he raped and strangled him. He also said he ripped out Mrs. Abrahams daughters intestines. And lastly he said he raped a jogger. Also I want to point out the angels that can be found in the water above the bodies I think I found 1 in the Alamo Sea it's like right in the middle but there is nothing under it under the water, so why is it there is my question. Anyways great vid, I know I'm commenting late, but I'm still trying to figure this out. I was just sharing my theory on this. GTA 5 has tons of mysteries to be solved!
I am not a derpy cat :[
Lol infinity killer is a rip off of Jeffery Dahmer 0:57
Rabis Legend
"8 won't wait" "8 is just infinity stood up" And he was obsessed with number 8 and there were 7 victims so therefore the Merle is the 8th
Luis Manuel
Many ppl say its jimmy cause hes 18 and the tally marks say 10 inside and other say its michael trevor or franklin or infinite 8 killed himself but haved you noticed 7 bodies were discovered quickly and then 8 it must haved been the new body that just camed out days ago but those tally marks may mean it was five years since i killed except for the 8th person after 10 days or weeks he probably mustve figured it out he probably wanted to add himself he couldnt wait no more but the cops got him in time so they will never figure out about his body but hes the only one the cops found im just saying this easter egg may come to an end soon or it is probably the beginnnig
Timothius Zamora
I realize this is a little old, but by now you know that those bodies were not male...their female. Also if you put a glass coffee table over one of those wrapped bodys you'll be able to see through the wrapping... ...No bull...
chiki bear
so the thing he thought was a volcano is actually the place where 7 of the bodies are at and if you go there you'll see them the killer was Lester who most likely framed Abraham online something happend some guy told Lester he knew his secrets and he knew where he hid the bodies but i mean that's just my theory.
The Infinite 8 is Leister, Mainly shown by the MAIN Evidence in Pacific standards heist in GTA5 Online, there is dialog saying "I Know Where Leister Hid the Bodies" That shows that leister could be him, i am 99.9% Sure!
Merkmusic 950000
The mountain is apart of the Mount Chilliad Easter Egg
IlllIlllI Barcode
We all know who to blame for all of this Trevor.... He killed the killer so that is the 8th body or he found the killer but he took him to the cannibal camp Either way trevor is a sociopath