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"I'm senator, you know." I've covered wars, ya' know?
One True Vikingbard
Is it bad that Seth Green delivers the dialogue from this scene more convincingly than hayden?
I feel you, Anakin.
The saddest part of this? Anakin's dialogue was so much more convincing than that actual bit from Ep. II.
Uncle Joe & Neon Cherry
The boner that doomed the Republic.
Atilla Bora Aydın
That is the most painful thing for Anakin and he was burned alive
My wife has a room for talking about non-sexual matters too. She calls it "the bedroom". Sigh...
No Chance Without Pasta
I find it depressing that this is actually more interesting than the real scene.
Not my proudest fap.
Jokes on you Padme. He did get into it :P
I was watching this while my Mom came into my room. I switched back to pornhub, that was easier to explain.
The CC
if that is her non-sexual room i'm kinda afraid to see her sexual room XD
The Goofy Gouf
R2-D2, getting the ladies since 1977.
Jeremy Nguyen
she moans better than a lot of pornstars
Miguel Ángel
Now I would want to go to the room of SEXUAL discussions :3
I love how they're clearly taking the piss out of how 1D a character Padame is and how stupid this scene is in general.
USS Prinz Eugen
Wow after being Blue Balled like that, I would have gone to the dark side, Much sooner.
Eliza Dark
Rejected! Re-re rejected! *Imitates shotgun* Rejected...
And that's what we call a tease.
Obi-Wan was right. Never EVER trust a politician . . .
rhodel Ganaden
Execute order 69 =3
And THIS is how Padme should have been in Episode 2! Really, it would have made much more sense for her to be MILFing after Anakin, tempting him into a physical relationship and causing him to stray from his teachings. It would be better than dressing her in the backless dress and the black bondage outfit and having her say they couldn't because, "I'm a senator."
Now I want to see her room for talking about sexual matters :D
That Sexy Beast
The power of boners is strong in this one
The Mr. Pete Channel
Anakin was not seduced by the Dark Side of the Force. It was Padme's Dark Dress in a Dark room. With her Dark Hair, Dark Eyes & Dark lingerie!
Hazel Maple
Pretty sad how much better the dialog in this is delivered than in the movie. Ugh, Matt Lanter is seriously the only tolerable Anakin from anything official ever. Why'd it take so long to have a version of the character who wasn't mind-bogglingly irritating?
Trekkie down under
If that's the room for non-sexual matters then I wonder what's her room for sexual matters must be like.
no wonder Anakin Force choked Padme on Mustafer
This is why I would be a Bounty Hunter. I would learn Jedi/Sith abilities, but ultimately live by my own code. I'd get awesome powers along with awesome gear and gadgets. Plus I'd have the most important thing to attract women. A very large and account. 
r2 got a boner
She's a senator guys
It's okay Anakin, we all want Natalie Portman.
John Wolf
This IS my proudest fap
Anakin: It's over Padme! I go on the top!
Onyx Sky
I wish I could just wish away my feelings - the worst line in Star Wars!
Excuse me for a moment Padme, but I'm going to need a room alone, 2-minuets, and an old sock
Katie Rose
I wonder what it's like to record these things xD
milo youngblood
" I'm not getting into this.... and neither are you" Every girl I ever talked to, ever.
Daniel Ryan
I've had relationships like that
Jack Frost
Ahh return of the why boner with a vengeance
31T3 1337 N008
I wish I could just wish I could just wish away my feelings.
This is the weirdest boner i've ever had...
Did they just make an action figure sexily stand up? Well played
How a Jedi could resist that is beyond me...
rambo john
This guys self control is amazing I'm straight but padme kinda turns me on here.
Ohhh yaahhh...
Now I know why he has the longest lightsaber in the jedi order
Sparda Kurkov
oh, C'MON!! this is just getting ridicules! she's obviously begging for the D, so WHY DOESN'T HE JUST GIVE HER THE D, ALREADY?!?
Phil H
Best Padme sketch in all the RCSW episodes.
William Crow
"Senator, you're trying to seduce me!"
The American bar-crawl experience, in a nutshell. 
Cocktease does not even begin to describe it.
She's the representative of tease.
He should've used the Force....or just Force on her. 
Fernando Camacho
Padmé Amidala the ultimate Dick Tease. 
Evey Arlekian
She burned him more than Mustafar ever could.
wow, way to go zac effron
Are you taking notes Georgie~?
0:51 anakin's face
make padme naked next time
I'm a senator you know
Kenneth Huang
Damn too bad this wasn't in the actual movie... Btw, what exactly is ripping off Padmé's clothes at 0:52?  I'm assuming it's not Anakin using the Force, but there's nothing appearing to touch her clothes.
Jake Gittes
Annakin would've sold his soul if she showed him Black Swan
Peter Rasmussen
"This is my room for discussing non-sexual matters." Me:This is clearly a sex dungeon.
Kahlil Kennard
Oh the horrible things I would do with the mind trick
Ayla Cheshir
She's not trying hard enough XD
Johnny Roberts
I don't like non-sexual matters. They're agonizing and tormenting and sufferable, and you can't wish away your feelings.
B. Blair
Truthfully though, this is how women on social networks behave. lol
Austin Gieselman
love this scene i always imitate the end "I will not get into this" get's up seductively "And neither will you?"
'Non-sexual matters'
Azrael Gorge
Astra Cat
This is MUCH better dialogue than in the film.
Something about the way she says "Whoopsidaisy" just makes me laugh x3
Jedi Crush
.......And then Anakin FORCE choked Padme to death. THE END.
aidan theroux
This actually fits so much better with Anikan's dialogue than it did in the actua movie.
Abdullahi Bello
what a tease
Javier Luna
Tbh she did tease him a lot in the actual movie 😂
Low Koalatee
The tease...
King Marsh
I felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of zippers suddenly opened....
Now if Natalie Portman actually did all of these things?
SooHyun Jang
Lmao the way she gets up from the chair!
Good Luck Cake
I'm a senator ya know XD
0:49 because jedi have jedi parts and senators have senator parts
Aaron Francis
I have a boner right now. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?
Harambe Diedforoursins
That moment when this guy does a better job than Hayden Christensen...
I feel weird about this. As do many here, I see.
hunter cheadle
It's bad that this robot chicken Ani was a better actor than the real one. 
Women. Non-sexual. Right.
Super Super Hero
The ability to destroy planets is insignificant next to the power of boners
General Heavy
Imagine if this happened in Ep II
Dino Mario
The sluttiness is strong with this one...
Anakin just bang her and get over with.
Wil Manric
"I will not get into this.  And neither will you."
David Stevens
That action figure of Padme looks more like Jennifer Lawrence
Is that a lightsaber ? or are you just pleased to see me ..
Boba Fett
What... Did... I... Just... Watch?
i mean she was kinda trying him to do it with her soo i feel your pain anakin!