F1 Top 15 Pit Stop Fails of All Times

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People with absolutely NO musical talent should not be allowed to edit videos!!!
Music so bad couldn' watch!
Boy Frog
The music ruined it. Switching off well before the end.
Valtteri Bottas Fan
that song
General Obi Wan Kenobi
That first one, those ass clowns took WAY too long to put out that fire.
Juli Puig
puta madre, apagame la musica del orto
Glad the music is there or the video would actually be enjoyable...
Nico Rosberg 6 Fangirl
Hahahaha!!!!! 😂😂
Yung Music
At 1:13 it's back to the future
Tony Montana
The music is fine is just the video quality is pretty bad
Emma R
The last one isn't a pit fail that was engine failure
Jack Ryeng
I don't think Jos Verstappen's fire was that early?
heinz 490
the Pitt crew runs when it gets real they have trained for this but when it happens they run for cover
Arber Maliqi
title of the song?? PLEASE ANYONE ?
Doni Muhamadwildan
just turn down the volume u will be fine
Michelle Borders
I hope they're ok
Nico Rosberg 6 Fangirl
That Mansell one 😀
M Hateem Jaziri 02
0:35 i laugh very loud 😂
Gerard Bakker
@1:15. Yep Nakajima... ;)
Richard Miller
stupid music makes it unwatchable
Fangirl of Vettel
hahahahahahaha ahahaha hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hahahahahahaha
DAG 88
Maldonado China 2015 ???
Max P
Shaun Notyourbiz
That s*** f****** music good Lord
Cengiz Uzel
Evertbody burning out there and disco music plays in background
andrew daley
music i turn of shite. andy England
Max P
Beena Plumber
ALL music will annoy as many people as it pleases. In video, when music isn't the subject, the music should blend in. If it stands out in any way, good or bad, it will pull focus from the subject of your video. Do you want people to ignore your videos because they are paying attention to the music, or would you prefer they hate your videos because of the music?
xxstar8707xx 8777
That fu**ing song...
One Toya
3:24..jajaj ..mucho profe Alejo...
One does not simply
this with the fuel should never happen, when the guy turns the sign too early, they have to pull it out nomatter what.
El Rey Ders
Add the haas Australia pit stops to this one lol
Wim De Gier
Hammilton should be there when during the 2013 Malysian GP he pitted at the McLaren pitbox while driving for Mercedus
I remember... GP Germany 1994 , win Bergher on Ferrari
Bizarre Bunny
Jenson button when he drove off with his wheel half on cracks me up
1:00 whaaaaaaaat
So there's this button called a mute button.
Richard Miller
yeah well thats why you like it when your 45 you will hate it trust me lol
Richard Miller
nah thanks I'll just watch one with real sound!!
Turbo Jet
Top Music Fails of All Time . . . c",)
Iena Verona