error [レッドゾーン]

windows red zone error remix

Cookie Caiti
My friend: what music do you listen to? Me: it's complicated...
Manu Karthik
When you try to memorize what you studied during exam
Mr. homa
Лайкни комент чтобы англечани думали что я что-то крутое написал
Windows Plays
Top 10 anime battle music of all time
Luke Vijayan
me: mm good editing buzz feed: *top 10 best anime intros of all time*
꧁Slay Queen꧂
Play this at my computer's funeral
Johsey 4u
i have windows 7 i with that was real *COMPUTER ERRORS* OH YEAH
Мой компьютер когда кот лёг на клавиатуру))
LTSSLV Builder
*Checks computer date* 28/ 12 / *2555* And I seeing this correctly... Edit: I better wait until *2555* to see this epic scene...
Marta Cabedo Alsina
When you install an antivirus from softonic
caramel cloud
windows: how many errors would you like? 4096: yes
Stas Kobenko
Ставлю лайк, потому что батя положмл плитку качественно!
Anthony Vavasseur
When you are bored during a weekend and your computer full of virtual machines
*Watch in fullscreen and show it to your parent.* *Happy pranking*
Jiren chillin in the comment section
1:40 Yeah, I hate it when the tabs on my computer decides to make a fidget spinner. It happened to me twice today 😢
Arctique Moreau
me: opens computer discord, steam, and spotify:
боярышник mobile
Когда запустил 2 вкладке в браузере*
3rb teams
Errors are red, My screen is blue. I think i deleted, System32
Doctor: you have 1 minute 51 seconds to live Me: Damn It!
Game World
Когда скачал пиратку Call Of Duty Black Ops IV. :3
1000 subs with one video?
-why is this in my recommended?- *why hasn’t this been in my recommended until now?*
Лапа _110
Это мой компьютер после загрузки Minecraft
Masi Borisi
28/12/2555 At 0:04 this guy is in the future
Człowiek Skurwiel
Friend:what you listing? Me: my computer is error
Очень смешно, если не было так грусно
Help me to get 1000 subs without a video
This happens when you move your bin into another bin
Old Random Computing
Me: Yo pass the AUX cord. Friend: You better not play trash. Me: EDIT: stupid autocorrect.
Wolfie the Alpha
I played this on my sisters computer and she thought it was real 😂😂 But when she found out I did it Let’s say I was never allowed on her computer again
Windows 7: So Bill, how many errors do you want? Bill Gates: *Y E S*
Psycho DOG
Sir, We’ve Been Hacked! *WHO GIVES A *****
Razrock Shirve
When You Play Minecraft With Ray Tracing Super Ultra Mega Realistic Shaders.
Emilija Žiaunytė
Windows klaida-sounds great ArE yOu LiThUaNiAn???
A Salad
*Blue screen of death YAY! (gets hit by a rock)* Edit:Lmao the captions are beautiful
NitendoGamer Switch wii wiiu
1:46 Is this a sign of the devil?
Me: Opens Computer Google,Firefox,File Explorer,Microsoft Store,Youtube,Instagram,Word,Calendar,Calculator,Adobe Photoshop: Hi The computer: Detected error. Please restart your computer.
Stara shield
Anyone would never be angry at a error screen if this hapened.
Батя кладет плитку в ванной 😂
Drew Danielson
So how many errors do you want? Computer: *Yes*
The Ultimate Power
Youtube gave me this recommendation. Thanks to YouTube.
Nobody : Someone : ''the prophecy is true'' *Virus transcend time and space*
Flauschi Flausch
When you get Actually a Windows Error...
My mind, when question is really difficult
Geometry Dash Noob
if thats mine my face ;-; is this what's your face when its yours?
A Salad
*Cannot run program.Reason: you ate apple* >insert shocked pikachu meme<
Floof Poof
*_alright. I have hacked into the main system and disabled their algorithms_*
F.M.F 96
If Microsoft Windows has an anime intro:
When you download Fortnite on windows XP
bland benny
when you move a picture in word just a bit
raja babu
That's my brain during exams lmao
When you use more than 2 different fonts in word
Suzune & Reika
Error's are red My screen is blue I think I deleted system32 What about you?
Aelayna Desu
This would be cool for some kinda virus. If there is, *how do I get it?!*
Liam Robertson
i BURSTED with laughter at the beginning THIS IS SO FUNNY!!!!
Roxanne NT
Wow this is amazing subs back me pliss
*Watches in class* Me: Teacher there's something wrong with my computer
• M I A •
Turn on captions and just relax and laugh
Emily Duh Jedi
The add I got was for spam..... LOL
Callie Gaming
this is my computer 24/7
Спасибо за субтитры, а то я бы не понял.
_Dad! I think somethings wrong with my computer_
Игорь Черниговский
Только после 7 просмотра заметил, что на часах 2555 год
Geisha_ MSP
Best error music ever I put it in loop its soooooo goooooood 😍
Where'd you put my coffee
I close the error window. _It comes back._ I run a scan for viruses. _It keeps playing._ I restart my computer. _It's still playing._ I take my PC apart. *_I T ' S S T I L L P L A Y I N G ._*
Aqua The Smol Bean
ok but the actual errors themselves "Windows detected that you have moved your mouse. Please restart your computer"
Ghaza panca
Leaked footage of my last brain cell At exam
Ghosdan 31
Люди, поставьте на 2× 🤣
Abdurahman 2008
When your local computer finally gets the answer to 0/0
Can Bey
0:42 i think my computer broken :/ :D bruhhh
Caleb Hansberry
0:06 my friend's Minecraft server when I start my self-expanding recursive chicken farm
AaA Channel
I am : I want to enter the paint program. Computer : error 0:05 .
IIgamer 982
teacher:today we have a math test me:
Ainblot Tezh
*GoOd THinG Im NOt iN WinDOwS 7*
*top 10 final smashes that “crashed” the game when testing*
Lucas de Abreu
Since YouTube is legally bound to recommend one good video per year, it sent me here . I'm glad.
Max and Ruby Oddbods and more nick jr
When you get memz virus
Javi Star
youtube.exe has stopped working *bluescreens*
Pınar Naz Elbistan
My brain cells during a test.
bro i want this track on spotify
Ixen93 •
Used things shop: Guy: Are you sure you want this computer? Me: *YES.*
love karting
Ah mais la mon ordi explose si il y a sa😂
This is what happens when Windows got too drunk
*Mano namorau, vou mandar processar esse Youtube*
Emile Tonos
I have this as my laptop wallpaper, lol, the full vid I mean
MiitsPlayz - Random Games
*Error: Error.exe has stopped responding.*
Thano Car Sans
Imagine if your computer did that XD
Nibedita Das
After april 2018 april quality rollup upadate on Windows 7 my computer stopped working hence I upgraded to 10.
bobasaur squared
Lol my Bluetooth headphones cut off during this
O hai Mark
My brain during my GCSEs
Parker's NBA Videos
Some person was looking over my shoulder and asked me what the hell was I watching. lol
Epic Dude
Me when I attempt absolutely anything
The most powerful viruses: *sweating*
Cindy Forever
*_When your computer has no wi-fi_*
Meh :p
This is the best music of all time :0
np13ma. даня/кузя канон
0:03 um, 2555 year?
This video is not on trending Beat YouTube to death
я конечно не идеал но и ты не Голден Принц
Ошибка Виндоус-это целая секта.
Faith Rosales
this is me everytime someone pats my head
2555??? not my fault it said 2555 yr im just askin
Bearyena Girl
Nobody: My brain at 3 am:
Tiger playz
Error Windows exe has stop working Ok