Mao Asada - 2009 World Team Trophy - Clair de Lune SP

Mao Asada's short program performance of "Clair de Lune" at the 2009 World Team Trophy (WTT).

항상보면서느끼는거지만 아사다는 여유가없다 안타깝다 분명히 잘하는선수인데...
hanako yamada
今でも忘れられないこの月光のショートプログラム。真央が最も輝いた瞬間だった。 誰もが認める真央が生涯最高の滑りを見せてくれた瞬間だった。感動ものです。
just brilliant
oisin o neill
Kim who? This and fantasie impromptu are so amazing. Her extension in her basic skating is incredible. Also she is so well rounded, she has no weakness other then slight inconsistency.
Wow!!!!! Just.... BREATHTAKING!!!!!
dasha choi
예술성은 빛나네요..
Rachel Wang
Her skating in this was amazing, but too harsh for the music. Clair de Lune is gentle, literally meaning Moon Light.