Andrew Bayer - From the Earth (Breakfast Remix) (VIDEO)

A clip from "Afternova - Serenity (Andy Blueman Remix)" ( but equally well suited for this beautiful song... AMAZING TRACK, AMAZING VIDEO, ENJOY!

Marc Hollis
As awesome as it can possibly be. l have chills every time l listen.
Peace of mind ♥
Duff man
Lights off, Headphones on, reality escaped. Beautiful
It is a beautiful video, but I really miss the original video for the song...
Getting back to what trance should be - no pops, squeeks or whistles - just a beautiful melody, solid bass line and a driving beat! Makes the soul feel like flying. An all-time classic.
Jesher Lanzagorta
Cerrar los ojos he imaginar con esta hermosa obra de arte me eriza la piel es lo mas asombroso..... Mexico