Avenged Sevenfold - MIA (300) HD

Hope you like it. A re-edition of the original -300- video that was removed, all work done by myself in Sony Vegas, added a few different clips. Thanks to the original uploader, he did a great job, and inspired me to do this new clip.

dandy wahyu syahputra
2018 Indonesia🇲🇨
Spãrrow de Barbossa Iβlost
Still MIA 2018 🇮🇩🤘👌💀
Udayaditya Singh
Such GREAT guitar SOLO. Overall a very good song which suits the video. PERFECT timings of scenes and soundtrack.
MIA is one of the most epic songs about war and fighting ever!! Love it, and nice video <3
Austin Hill
This was my favorite video in middleschool, must have watched it 100+ times
Alberto Rezky
Deriska Sundari
perfect doesn't even begin to describe this video.
beacon milk
athina h
Proud to be greek... and a7x fan...
raging eagle
When I watched this film I found a couple things that are wrong with this film, first they would have worn some sort of armour not just go butt naked, secondly the numbers on the Greek side was more like 7,000-10,000. But still they were heavily outnumbered and lasted for several days before been defeated. Now that is what I call bravery.
elden gabriel
saya suka dengan situasi rasis yang melanda negeri saya
Laskar Greget Prolink
Islam are not like that, islam need war just because they just fight because they are challenged by the rome's king. They always freed slaves. Not like that, that was racist, I hope my god forgive your sins. Amin
Muhammad Royyan
Oliver Gomez
7:45 saddest part 😢😢
Operation Gothic Serpent
That part when he walked up to his son after he got his head cut off gave me goosebumps
Luke Martin
never surrender never give up
Muhammad Farhan
Avenged Sevenfold M.I.A🖒
Damn awesome video 👌
Robby maulana
Pada ngomong naon sia teh keheeeeed
I love this shit mane!!! Watch it everyday to get my mind rite and blood boiling
3:08 "Err do my peircings good? ok its good"
Bawes Cool
where is kratos? lol
Mr .Barbar
Thats solo make me crazy👾
Sherry Weers
Its weird cuz 300 is about when sparta and athens went to war with persia...
Jack Duncan
Forgive me for my crimes
oh the memories..this song along with the video never fails to give me the chills
NurZulhafiz Yacob
Proud to be indonesia
Ilham Mubarok
remain me to war of badar field
+Maria Fernanda gostosa
Matheus Victor
brs cade vcs
Hilmi Nazwalabror
good head
Zay Dark
Still MIA🇮🇩🤟
The short one
Only if they had more men.
Thanasak Toprakob
เออ เข้าท่า.
Indrik Toretto
Mardi Versteegh
dat ending...ouch
jeril lumangaya
nice one. this is really good. thanks for the upload.
Jason Voorhees
A lagendary film and great music... Epic!
dj gg
Fucking epic, and the ending was perfect. Great job
Pillowtalk ___
1:57 through 3:00 Badazz moments like wow the slow mo Also love the band and movie
L0RDx P0T4T0 123
Leonidas+Avenged Sevenfold=unmatched badassitude
Bagus yuan darmawan
i can't stop watching this!
Sarah Kerry
its one of my most favourite song
Cool but "MIA" is more about a war with guns like WW1 or WW2 for example.
Dennis Febrian
I like thisss
мя ᖱĐєӎoη
5:04 wiped out 😂
Zamzam Mier
video ini memang mengrikan
the amount of times I've watched this, this is so good
Irfan Sihe_keten
marvin neyman
wooow burn my spirit
タアマエアケᮔᮃᮅᮖᮃᮜ ᮢ
video ini sangat anjing
Muhamad Ridho16
sad ending... I wanna cry
Matheus Victor
brs cade vcs
Ajis Muslim
ist good
Sparta sucks Rome is better
Emre 854
KOKO TiGiszzz
i remember to video klip this. 300 human figth with thousand human
Gadiza Dinawatra
KOKO TiGiszzz
Rehan Cetia
Anybody can tell me the title of this movie please. ?
Edward Chan
2019 siapa yg masih setia dengan a7x
Hairton Robles
Like si crees que Synester Gates es el mejor guitarrista👌👌👌
Ryan Roger's
2019 up
Jeremy Kurtz
Why the hell was it removed? It was perfect.
ersapratama _61
Khaerudin Khaerudin
2019indonesia 🙏
dheztr hana
14 January 2019 lol
Jejen Zaenal
Jeje Legacy
Jadi gini, lu semua kontol mwehehe
aly _123
mission in action
Shahadan Bin Paiman
I like this story??
Gugum Gumilar
2019 i ear it from indo
Jepri Saputra
Mia bets di hati ku
herman kenzho
Nady Rowanda
2019 🇲🇨
Call Me Nocturnal
be de best
wibi raharjanto
Indonesia 29-11-2018
arman maulidya
indonesia 2018 🇮🇩
Anwar Yudha
2 0 1 9 👍 🇲🇨
Rafi Gamer
Sedih bngt
X_ Viral
Juli 2018
Renaldy Widanto
4:05 epic part
MuhammadRafli Arrozaq
Mia ???mia Khalifa ??🤣😃🇮🇩
beja paskid
Like it song
Bank Cola
🇹🇭🇹🇭🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🇹🇭🇹🇭2018 Thailand
Susiami Rachmawati
🇮🇩2018 😊😊
Lukas Yudhistira
Whe are a7x , from indonesian...
Porn Slam
Miriz Studio
Best , 0,75 x speed
Skeletal Gaming
Hail Canada 🍁
2019 go
José Edilson
Endah Sundary
movie ??
Laki Luks
Raymond Benjamin
raja lambe!!!!
Muh. Bahrun
This is amazing
Raymond ID
Perfectly edited....nice video bro...