Will Emma's Super Power Reveal What Her Birthday Presents Are?!

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In this week's video Emma is watching TV and hears that kids around the world are waking up with super powers! Emma begins to wonder what it would be like if she had a super power! Does Emma get a super power?! If she does, could it help her find out what her Birthday presents are before her birthday?! What else could the super power help with? Watch Emma's video to find out! This weeks theme on SevenAwesomeKids is "If I Had A Super Power...." Thanks for watching and have a FUN Friday! ~Emma Music by: Kevin MacLeod

sevenawesomekids super power birthday presents

Zahava Shaw
surprise of course!!!!
Jazzy Tiffany
I love SAK who else I know I love it I love you all
tom Tomas
To keep a suprice
Joans Herzer
You were awesome!!! I would want to keep it a surprise. ❤️
Faheem Ditta
Hi you r the best youtuber omg i love u
MUIGAI stella
Keeping my presents as a surprise seems better. Great video Emma! :)
Cha463 B
I would love to see what my presents are like
Aya Wael
Cha463 B
I love you
mahlet haileselassie
I love you 😘
Marvelous Melody 55
1st comment and 2nd like
Dea Kawaii Squishies
Rainbow Street
Katherine Mae
Love it❤❤❤
Rainbow Dashy
Love you I subscribed no I wold want to keep it a surprise
Delancy Derec
Jessica Turner Pinnock
love ya
sharon aitchison
How did Nancy fly like that
Dimag Gulian
Stanger Danger dont let a stranger in!
Aliza Akram
Awesome video Emma! I would keep it a surprise.
After seeing this video, I'd keep it a surprise, lol.
Imogen Crothers
I love your vids Emma but when u found the big present your dad pecked and I saw his face but it was pritty funny love you xox
domenica santillan
Keeping my presents a surprise my birthday is coming too is on next Friday I love your videos Emma :)
Amber Wood vlogs
For me a surprise
Stephen Treadwell
I'd want to keep it a surprise.
#rainbowvlogs robinson
i would wanna surprise because its FuN greate vid love u emma ur the best
Destini Hutson
Keep it a surprise!!!!
Karmin lauderdale
Zaara Mulla
Hi, I love your videos and your house is amazing and big. If I had see through vision I would want to see my presents. I am not a patient person. keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!
nikkthemouse serna
This is dumb and weird
Marc Black
Kept it. Surprise
AfterTale Sans!
I wish I Had a super power.. Mine would be Flying ;-; I Wish super powers were real, What would You're super power be?
Claudia Vazquez
Ha 😆😉😀😂🤣🤣🤣
Leah Slimes and More
I would want to see what is inside
Colleen Henning
Emma George
See it
Jessica Rivera
Ur my favorite
Cheyannee Smithh
It was not cool
Andrew Skalecki
Yes I would
Kiyla Louise Cameron
Emma you are amazing at making videos but I didn't like it when you used you're power at the ball game you kind of sort of cheated
Ayella Stacey Villagonzalo
Emma said mel
Persis Jaramillo
How is it a surprise if you know what it is?🤔🤗
Haya Khelik
Omg I have the same exact phone phone case and pop socket I sewar to god this is so cool I love you Emma
Alyssa Shores
I would want it to be a surprise please give me a shoutout
Jashanna Fuller
Surprise because if u know already its nothing to be happy,exited,or surprised about
Elizabeth Bendyk
that was unique and i would want to keep it a surprise
Macie searles
Yer tom tomas
hussein shehata
I love your videos. Like if you agree
Macie searles
LPS Family House Toy Fun And Dolls
Sorry, I'd
Wanessa Rinz
it was little a bit boring sorry but it was
Seida Banks
How does this get so many likes?? 🤔🤔😑
ebony so
i would not want to see my presents, i would leave it a surprise because the best part about my birtday for me is opening up my presents and finding out what i got. thanks for the shoutout. love ya.
Tanairy Vazquez
i love your videos there so cool like if you agree
Ashlee Gilgen
Me birth day is tomorrow soo a surprise
Sydney Sampson
If I had to see through visions I would want to keep it as a prize as well and I will never tell because it I’ll keep it a secret
Hannah The Kawaii Potato
Oml you have Glooms outro lmao
Taylor Aki
Emma is the best OMG love emma
Jazzy Bell
wow such an amazing vid as soon as you arrived I went straight to watch you I have subscribed liked and turned on the bell Lucas a lots Emma also it would mean the world to e if I could have a shout out in bed weeks 've
LPS Moca Productions
she said mal instead of mail haha lol liek idk wut a mal is but i do know what mail is
Chuck Johnson
I like Emma but she stops in her sentences way too much and then finishes them after a couple seconds but she is still awesome
Gwyneth Chen
Nice Emma
Lauren Orlando
Surprise 😂
Katie Morgan
Cool love this xxx
abeer blablabla
If u will have powers what WOULD It be?...
harnoor the cutest 6 year old
I have that power
Paul Jones
Well emma when it is you birthday have a great one
Fun with Kayla Enright
Tyler Lampley
I love your amazing and awesome video Emma! If I had see through vision, I would not use them on my birthday presents because I would want to be surprised. I love Emma! Emma is amazing and awesome and beautiful and pretty too! Giant Thumbs Up go to Emma!
Sandra Joseph
I would want to see my presents
Fun slime Time
Naeun Lee
i think the big persent is big teddy bear
Cortney Mayhew
Lyca Kamara
You got the same clothes as me
MINOLTA Toyota Dude 36
I would keep it as a surprise.
Lizeth Pacheco
The girl puts her eyes like a chines
Cole Jackson
Click bait
catlover lovercat
make it a suprise and I want have the power of teleportation
Paul Boakes
I'd like it to be a surprise 📦. Happy almost Birthday 🎂 Emma 💕. I like Nerdy Nancy coz she's her own person and doesn't care what others think 👍. And she's cute 🐥
I would keep it a surprise!!?!?!?! Duh!!!
Amal Husein
I´ve got a super power
Olivia Dunbar
surprise duh it would not be fun to get your presents when you already knew what they were
Melissa Fenner
Thank you so much for the shout out Emma and I would want to keep it a surprise.
cornel stoian
this was on my birthday
Ariella Sansait
Definitely surprised
Gamer Belle
The ending is the best part😂😂
This was posted on my sisters birthday
Alexa PlayS
My tenth birthday is on Tuesday june5
Ta'Laya Coby
Landyn Shepley
I’m to pashined I can’t wait to open my presents
Mireya Ruiz
🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵
I like Milk!
iman wijaya
See it of course
Jessica Robin
This is so copyright but idc I still like it lol love ya