Andrew Bayer - From The Earth (Club Mix)

LIKE Anjunabeats on Facebook: /> iTunes:  Beatport:  /> Audio Jelly:  />Track It Down:  />Juno:  />Dance-Tunes:  />7 Digital:  /> Andrew Bayer's experimental debut artist album "It's Artificial" broke new ground for Anjunabeats - hailed as an "incredible album of sophisticated electronica" by global dance bible Mixmag. One of its most popular tracks, "From The Earth" now sees a full single release - including the much sought-after Breakfast remix and a new interpretation from Oliver Smith. A heavenly blend of intricate production prowess and soaring melodic textures, the original "From The Earth" is a perfect example of Bayer's unique talents. Blending a deeply electronic sound with classically informed musical motifs, Bayer's music manages to sound both timeless and futuristic at once. Tweaking it slightly for DJ and dancefloor purposes, Bayer's own Club Mix is included in the package. Well loved since its appearance on Above & Beyond's "Anjunabeats Volume 8", Breakfast's mix has been a firm fixture in Above & Beyond's set since. Turbo charging the original into a euphoric, cascading peak-time trancer, Breakfast's mix retains the original's musicality - but drives it straight to the dancefloor. Adding a fresh interpretation, Oliver Smith continues his recent purple patch with an upbeat, uplifting mid-tempo trance rework. Anjunabeats is the trance label owned and A&R'ed by Above & Beyond. "Anjunabeats makes everyone else look silly" Mixmag. "The world's most consistent trance label" DJ Magazine. Website: />Facebook: />Youtube: />Twitter: />Google+: />iTunes: />Anjunastore: />Mixcloud: />Soundcloud: /> ------------------------------------------------------------- Anjunabeats Anjunadeep Above and & Berond Trance around the world progressive house Euphonic Tri-state Road Trip Club Dance Dans Dansa Danza Music Música Muzik House музыка musik Progressive progresivo DJ Mix Clubklubb Disco Discotheque disk диск Record Official Track Release Trance International 2011 Rave Party partido parti FESTA Fiesta Night Out Anthem Summer Miami Ibiza Electro Electronic Electronica Электро electrónico Celebration Break Carnival Dub Remix Quality HD High Definition

How are people disliking this song. Andrew Bayer did an excellent job with the melody. It doesn't beat the Breakfast remix but this is really chill too
@Electr0nicMusicLab were you watching the same video I was ? If so what's your dealers number ?
reminds me of Sonic on the Dreamcast
love that robotic digital tune in the background ! Awesome mix !
Electronic Music Lab
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simply wonderful!
Thumbs up If you can see yourself walking to the moon with this song playing in the background
Title is wrong mate.
good call chap
Please fix the title of the video? (This --> The)