1963 Impala Lowrider - Boyz N Da Hood Unboxing and Review

Unboxing and Review of 1/25th Scale 1963 Impala Lowrider Boyz N Da Hood. The builder, Ricardo Becerra, manufactures and sells a multitude of line based 1/25th scale lowrider model cars. A solid build that is worth looking into. I hope you enjoy this video, feel free to comment and share. Thank you! Lowrider built by Ricardo Becerra -for inquiries, contact him through his channel below 760-449-8755 /> Music Produced by Lil' Shadow, remake of Boyz N Da Hood. Equipment Used for Unboxing and Review: Sony EX1 1963 Impala Lowrider by Becerra 9 Volt Battery 7.2V battery FCP7 Macbook Pro

this is so dope, but that front wheel fitment is atrocious
god is good all the time and all the time god is good
mexican know how to build fresh lowriders
Izayeh Coronado
i have 65 impala wagon with hydrolics only 7000
i cried a little, i use to build these & win every competition.....omg the good old days.
Anthony mcghee
It seems as though nobody wants to share information on where to purchase one of these master pieces. If you would be so kind as to point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. the work is fantastic, can't wait to own one myself. God bless
jaime tamayo
Nice ricardo did a fantastic job looks exactly like it.The name of this car was golden touch we never heard or saw this car again cause it was sold and shipped to japan bring back memories
fuzzy wuzzy
i love the look of a 90s lowrider with the gold touches, you dont see that anymore
..Nice. Missing the front bumper guard though...
Mandela Effected
finally, a lowrider I can afford hell yes!!!
Jesus Rodriguez
that Impala looks badass bro I give you props homie keep it up
Decker Ramos
is beautiful men!
Shaolin Cruz
in love 😍
Joseph Diaz
wow that shit is dope..love the year and color
VivaceGenie 1
this would be an awesome desk/office toy
Joseph Sanchez
DAMM DANNNY u got urself one hell of a ride rye theiryea ricardo does some bad ass work made me start building again as well as jevries two bad ass builders anyhow enjoy ur hopper bro...peace out...
B. Rod Clark
I'm guessing that the front wheels are sticking out past the fenders for clearance of hopping & posing capabilities, otherwise Doughboy's 6tray is looking good!
Cruising down the street with my 64
Cavalier Thompson
that is insane!!!!
PlushThe Clutch
do you use quarter scale turbo
John Beer
I don't remember🤔boyznthehood impala saying hidalgo😂 on the plates😂😆😆👏👏👏👏👏😁😁😁😁👏✌✌✌✌✌👏nice whip tho😁😀✌👏
kevin Durant highlights
thats cool!!
I outgrew this cmon someone make gas powered R/c lowrider
Daddy Hammons
i need one like that
Car Dreams in Styrene
Great build ....respect brother
gerald gunn
Hella dope🔥🔥🔥
Narciso Carrasquillo
that impala looks real good nice setup how would i get one?
Ronald Majette
what u charge for a switch box Wit 6 switches bro
Darksmoke 45
what a great creation and a smart guy who created this too. That is suoken fine craftsmanship there to make such a tiny little car with so much details, small parts, and etc. He even made the car function, and electric! that is so damn smart right there and he also made the car remote control I have gotta say to the creator I would love to have one and I wish they would make them and sell them in stores as a actual remote control model. But really all I have to say is great piece, great job, very smart.
Angela Patino
Where can i buy one?🔥
Dope Got the Same last name Hidalgo
god_of _games
ok. thank you. I would love to get one or two of these for my kids.
music is trebly af
that's just beautiful!!!!
LIFER Jurado
Great set up
Jerrett Whitelaw
this is so cool
Hiram Martinez
That is some real good work you got there I used to build them when I was younger never that nice though keep up the good work👍🏼👍🏼UP
That's dope! I still can't figure out how you can servo the front end, and still hop it with the Johnson... I'm a newbie
Nathan Lester
i swear this is a model kit that has been modded, actually i have that car, though i built it stock, instead of a lowrider.
Xplicit fpv
soo cool
So sik
Now that's cool!
Terry Boyd
your study said his description and information is located above thanks but we don't know where can you please just give us the information so we can contact this man and by these Low Rider machines that he have
Cody Clark
were can i get one
Melissa Harney
The movie was not made in the 1960s it was made in the 1990s
Damien Price Corbin
Juan Nunez
awesome brother!!
2JZ Legend _Supra
Love the Music Boi
Arnoldi Flores
Dium it looks like they blocked the car pretty good on that paint job🖒
Armando Medrano
Cindy Lucero
aaron alba
You killed this.
Gabriel Torres
Somebody give him a trophy!
jdmk24 integra
Where can I get the suspension set up at I'm dying to know
Louis Broadway
The skirts are missing... still dope tho
Alfonso Charles
i wana learn how to do that setup on model cars it looks nice.
diecastcarcollecter 97
Yo Danny you make any lowrider diecast car if you do could I buy one I just need your email
Korean Sriracha Lover 오티즈
Dope car man. Good shit.
that looks FIRME
That's awesome working with that small detail
Danny Pena
How can I purchase a hopper from him?
Sean Lal
How much for the car 🚗🏊🏽‍♀️🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Holy shit it awesome
Chris Ortiz
can you do a 1993 lincoln town car lowrider
youtuber guy g.
That ride looks dope
susan heath
Lots of work.
robert gomez
where do you get your rcs
Matthew Baker
That's neat. Kool Lowraider.
Alfonso Rodriguez
do have a contact number for him so I can reach out to him I wanna buy one today!!!
Terry Boyd
, where can I buy one of these at
Alex & Lynda Van Wyk
is the car reail
david martinez
Hello Danny, quick question, how much are these going for (i may start collecting)? Thank you.
That's hella cool
Grigor Kazarosyan
do you still have this i would be willing to by one
Captain Tofu
About the battery thing... Forgot a switch or what??
It looks like a 1964
Gacha Hunter19
I went the. Toy that you have
BabyKolia k
how much was this one thanks for tje reply.
nice work !
I want one how much n when
Canal do Rafa
Eazy-E :D
Stefon Foster
where did u buy
samurai wolf29
We're can I get one
Carlos Higareda
How do I get in contact with Ricardo becerra?
SKL Team
Shut up and take my money
Clos M
How much would you want for it?
Jesus Hernandez
-where can I get one of these
anthony lee
how and where can i order one of those model cars from ?
Where can I buy it
Nancy Chavez
where do you buy the lowriders
Augustine Olguin
how much for the rc
mike Smith
Very clean work love this car.sweet.
How much is it?
Baran Yetgin
nice jobs
Shana Kayy
can I have all your hydraulic cars