Olympic Venues That Were Completely Abandoned

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If you're new, Subscribe! → /> There's a lot involved in campaigning to host the Olympic Games. Even the loser cities spend an insane amount of money — and the winning cities take home just an estimated $5 to $6 billion (half of which goes to the Olympic Committee!). Hosting the games is a lose-lose situation, and cities all over the world pour millions and billions into construction that looks great on TV but is hugely impractical for everyday life. These stunning Olympic venues were left to be reclaimed by nature, graffiti artists, and more... Sarajevo's bobsled track | 0:29 Linnahall's Communist grandeur | 1:10 Beijing is left for the birds | 1:50 Atlanta's Olympic ruins | 2:26 Athens' aquatic center | 2:57 Hitler's Olympic Village | 3:30 A crumbling aquatic center | 4:11 A record-setting stadium | 4:40 Read more here → /> Sports Lists and Features /> Secrets The NFL Doesn't Want You To Know /> Athletes Who Look Totally Different Today /> Biggest Myths About Wrestling People Actually Believe /> Whatever Happened To Boxing's Biggest Promoter /> Stars You May Not Know Passed Away /> A Look Into Donald Trump's History With The WWE /> Website → />Like us → />Instagram → /> The world is pretty weird...in fact, it's a whole lot weirder than you think. If you haven't learned something new today, you're missing out. Grunge is the place to immerse yourself in fun facts and cool tidbits on history, entertainment, science, and plenty more. It's just like reading books...but exciting!

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This is why the Olympics should be over as it's a colossal waste of money that could be better spent towards that countries poor or sick ,of recent memory Rio and it's poor were treated horribly as they were rounded up and taken out of the city but they also built walls so you couldn't see the poverty on TV as that wouldn't do! Plus add to the huge corruption the games now have, it's sickening!
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So much for economy
terribly sad In 1973 stayed in the Rome Olympic Village .... used for student tours rooms VERYY sad and VERY unsafe. We had to lock all our collected souvenirs in the only closet any of us had that actually had a lock One student could not find her room key, asked at the front desk and she was given a MASTER KEY for the entire complex End of the hall the windows were cracked and plants were growing into the hall! ASKED WHY? Was told Roma and Italy could not agree who owned!
Cory Johnson
All of these Olympic ruins porn videos are the same. Never anything from well ran Olympics. Always Beijing, Sarajevo, Athens, and Rio. Never Sydney, Barcelona, LA, Atlanta, or London.
Jennie Hale
Salt Lake uses all of it's venues to this day.
Brady Ding
hey man you should really do some more research on this. The bird nest in beijing is still one of the biggest tourist attractions. It hosts events almost every week and is indeed, not dead. I personally live in beijing and I think that I have a better view of what's happening to the bird nest.
Beijing will use the Bird Nest again in the upcoming Winter Olympics. After that, who knows?
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Paul Roux
Olympics? Do people still care about that crap? Get real
Ron leitch
Says it all! If something needs to be done for sport, all ‘sense’ goes out of the window, as does any cost consideration!
Pale Rider
CNN reported....... Lmao, nope.
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👍 great vid
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RIP Pontiac Silverdome
Joseph Tabar
So sad.....
Sam Crabtree
So the maracana stadium wasn't an Olympic venue, and wasn't completely abandoned? Nice one grunge
Waste of money DAMMN money SMH
Heather H
Such a massive waste of time, money and resources.