Richard Flips a Rare '67 Corvette | Fast N' Loud

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Richard flips a rare '67 Corvette which comes complete with the tank sticker and a customer who wants to buy the shop truck agrees to wager five grand off the asking price in a driving skill test against Richard. Subscribe to Quest TV for more great clips:

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philip martin
"it's a big block" no it's not, it's a small block. "it's all original", no it's not it has a late model a/c compressor. One of the reasons I no longer watch the show.
Peanut Gallery
roadkill is better
juan pablo Ucatolica
Ja ja ja ! Aaron Kaufman sacándose la "Mufa"
Might be worth more with out that Gas monkey crap all over it
Jeff Gal
richard rollins your show will be not seen any longer by me and thousands of others due your greed and it will fail this season
Kobe Moto77
"Click bait"
Its Retros
Bruh did you really sand the rear diff?
Kasey Montassi
better call Saul
Lou Blanc
Salut Richard, pourquoi ne peux t'on pas écouter se que tu dis en Français, je comprends pas un mot d'anglais, ton équipe et toi je vous suis quand même,mais c'est pas évident pour moi, pour comprendre... Bises d'amitié 😚
Why is everyone hating on capitalism?
JeepGuy 9519
Was that mike musto?
I don't get the anger toward Rollins. He may not be the type of person you'd be friends with, but so what. As far as a person goes, he's taken a lot of financial risks, and in the end made them pay off, for him, and all the people who work for him. He deserves his success because he did it by bringing the people who work for him along for the ride.
I thought flip meant he actually flipped it being a dumbass in the car...
Carl Burton
Why did he change the confederate flag helmet?🤔😕
C'mon everybody, it's just a "REALITY SHOW", like hello?! Besides, no one will ever know every damn detail or is perfect in every way, like seriously this is television, YOU ARE BEING PROGRAMMED, LOL IMHO... Richard is thē perfect guy for the show and he plays the part well. Searching the nation to find thē perfect asshole who is always trying to smile and be funny-n-cool all the time had to be pretty difficult. In the end, a great choice for a character is having an upbeat disposition and master salesmanship. Sure, he's a little vain (using the car to look at himself, lol) although he's able to seal the deal with a burnout and then have a beer with various sorts of people... now that's just cool people IMB. They're all basically just being their selves and it's never really awkward even after dropping the f-bombs. The directors and/or film editors could have easily changed the entire scene to whatever they wanted. His bearded sidekick Aaron compliments Dick very well, he's real genuine dude even though he looks a bit Amish for the part. Hey, in order to make TV a lot better and more enjoyable the entire general population would had to have taken some acting classes, but who would have known they were going to be on TV in twenty-five years?! Ha-haha! Maybe it's a better show because everyone is just natural which makes it a whole lot easier to relate, just saying, right?! Overall it's a decent reality show and everybody's individual attitude has really made me smile a quite a bit. BIG thanks for all the hard effort & everyone working together in order to put on this show!
Rick Shaw
Two different drift runs, exact same video footage. Now that is amazing driving !!!
Mike the Mechanic
Ass monkey Richard Rawlings and his bank account friend Dennis wouldn't know a 427 435 horse car if it ran them over.
Chris Johnston
I guess it's a good thing he didn't drive the race against Chief?
Don N
Maybe its just me but that supposed 427/435hp bbc tri-power looks a whole lot more like a small block with a 750 holley vacuum secondary on a cast iron intake instead! Not even close to what was claimed! But maybe I am missing something!
michael lawton
I wouldn't buy that fairlane for $3000... Thats the ugliest car ive ever seen
Big John Fury
I'd pay to see the vette milf in the nude
I am the biggest fan in the world fast and loud always rock!!!!!😉😉
sote ful
I wouldn't pay $7,500
The Great Chimera
Destroyed the Fairmont with the chrome
steve mcdaniel
Dennis needs a haircut! Lol.
Xavier Butler
Pepper planning essay properly type until awful loyalty recall virtue reaction
CJ Colvin
Beautiful old vintage classic F100.
CJ Colvin
What engine does this Fairmont have and how much power is it making.
Jaishree Modhwadia
My favourite program !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pops_OG O'Dell
That 427 bb with 435HP must have been stolen out of the garage and secretly swapped out with a sb. And that damn Ford Fairmont was not no damn drift car. Other than that it was a decent show.
Matt AdRev
Fin Rennard
Drift cars are meant to go sideways. You guys are a joke.
Troy Wiggin
YEAH THAT IS MESSED UP, They say it is a big block 427 435hp and it is a small block 327 what gives!
F Mul
so whats the difference between a 'big block' engine and a 'small block engine' ???
love how there talking about how there drift car is amazing even though like a junkyard 240, stock would still drift better, and all it need is a welded diff
Tom schaffner
4 puppets watching YouTube fails. Fast and loud sucks.🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
lmfao these people are buying cars for $10k+ usd but I can't find one for 1k worth a damn
el do
Old episode.. bearded man still in it.
Ozzy Weezie
Whats up with the southern flag on his helmet?
Neo Gabriel
i thought he literally flipped "Rolled" the car
sam olivarez
Drift car without camber?
Scotty the cracked head kilmore Djje
“We’re both winners? I paid 250 bucks for that truck Chris” Richard Rollings is a moron 😂
Is it union break time? Lol
Travis Johnson
You can see the man is rich and complaining about 5 grand.....very nice truck.
k Sheehan
Mr. Angry
Charles Reyes
He loves his cash hahaha
Aldrin Rohclem Emata
good to see Aaron K working hands-on,,,
weathermann delcrispino
thanks for the show
This programme is just excellent
as a drift car it is pretty lame
Jose Turcios
Albert Magnifico
You're right, it was a small block. Must have been a prop for some filler in the show for some reason.
21:38...what's dragging under the front of the car?
Cary Lenshaw
Ford fairmount ? why?
850hp and no 3 point harness? Big balls much??
Rijals Shrestha
i love your show gas monkey
Ned Head
Ford fairmont from the late 70's ? what a dog ! Those cars where like an LTD's sickly runt of a little brother.
Viii Leee
Love this show:) I even bought some Gas Monkey shirts:) pretty cool.
Such BULLSHIT. Maybe they should start running tampon commercials to better serve their viewership.
Tommy Collins
somebody ready growing defend deserve joy government consumer light blow.
Robert Weissner
Richard Rollins gives used car salesmen a bad name... a fast talking pretty boy with a scripted show that continues to disappoint. Quest TV should hang its head in shame for promoting this mess.
Rich, Hard and Rolling. suck on this haters.
chrome car? what's it called
Djey Niloy
Gas man ke ilove u
Kevin Tu
Sexy car
sebastian rositas
watching this for badass cars, and a hybrid commercial comes up... wtf are they thinking to market to this? gave me a good laugh though haha
Mike R
They said no ones buying cars as a car is sold while they said no ones buying cars lol.. more like no one wants to buy that pos "drift car"
Crossed Rifles
That’s Mike from Big Muscle and he’s got a new show on Motor Trend On Demand.
Richard looks funny with the full-beard; he's gotta go back to the goatee.
brad b
63 split!
John Dziubinski
Damn that "drift" car looks like a bake potato
I hope you dump this program from your lineup, Quest.
Bruce David
Listen up, REAL MEN do NOT ever get a face lift. Richard Rawlings has now gone the way of Freaks like Michael Jackson & Kenny Rogers... An absolutely disgusting show of ignorance and narcissism.
Yuss Ebo!!!
Just rice...goodjob gas monkey
Oliver Klozeoff
Woow way to ruin a decent fairmont.
Nesta M
Dennis face changed so much while richard remaind the same
dyy Fethiiyhn
6:34 putting on sticker. 6:40 meeting the guy with no sticker on. Easy when you debunk videos all day to spot amateur work haha
Don Drone
Ass monkeys lost again
Aiden George
Wait this is clickbait
Trev James
Click bait
Mike the Mechanic
327 not 427
Tom schaffner
Discovery channel sucks. Fast and loud. You tube channel .what gives?
$20k for a truck that can be built for $10k all day long. If you waste money.
Block Head
Fake. Sorrynotsrry
Priya Mishra400
alien and reacherd
rany dela cruz
good show thanks for the upload
Allan Dixon
Sorry not a 427
ray Figueroa
that trucks worth 5k
Jen Thomas
Richard is a punk
eric burhed
Ugly car
Jaya Srinivas
Richerd for God sake did you put sticker named "Monkeys POO"
Build Threads
So, to C2 Corvette fans, what more desirable? The split window or the non split window?
Build Threads
I used to believe action people actually talked real fast because the bids came so fast, but now I realize that he just makes weird sounds.
is it just me or does it look like someone else drove that car around the track?
Andrew B
Ass Monkey... 1967 Vette L71 Coupe original is worth over $90,000.
Pete Smith
This Show,is one of the worst car shows,ever.So much fake nonsense,just sayin'
chris walker
Back when Richard was a cool dude
chris walker
Because his friends are more educated on vehicles