Flexibility and Range of Motion | Beginner Yoga With Tara Stiles

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Aysun Sofiya
The video is too fast and the music really doesn't fit to yoga. I was't able to relax and do the poses correctly as a beginner because they weren't explained.
belita ross
And now afieojfaioaijeofiaoiefoneoinfaoinfa and when you ready meet back up to you middle.
Sweetpotato Inthegarden
this goes a bit too fast,especially for a beginner. If you really want to open up your body more, you need to pause the video and breath more into the pose until you feel relaxed. Too fast paced for beeginners
Cathy Bloniarz
Dear Lord, I felt as if I were in a marathon.  Way too fast for beginner.
Lyleen Azwan
why is she talking to fast? arent this suppose to be calming..i dont feel calm when she talk to fast..but i like the yoga tho..
Very rushed for a beginner video. I wanted to relax and listen, not be stressed and have to watch and change everything I'm doing every couple seconds :/
Luke Skywalker
Thank you. I like that your videos are to the point. Direct and informative, very well done. I look forward to trying more.
Joyce Lee
ok this is not as easy as she makes it LOL
Nearly killed myself.
Patty Lewis
Love this! Fast enough to keep me from getting too bored and slow enough to relax.  Short, sweet and uncomfortably comfortable.  Can't achieve every pose but Rome wasn't built in a day either.  Thanks Tara!
Kate Dubbs
This is a great routine but it's a bit quick, I'd like to follow along with the video without pausing and un-pausing it but still be able to spend a little more time in each pose. Also ... Tara sounds a bit like an auctioneer while she's explaining the poses.
i liked this video a lot but found the background music a bit distracting :/
Quincy Cunningham
How long should I stick with the beginner video before I move forward?
Alejandra Diaz
This is great, but it's a bit too fast for us beginners. But thank you for uploading and sharing your techniques:)
Voice really annoyed me at the beginning but i tried to get past it and use to it, its a great video :) 
Ineta L
the pose rotation is wonderful but is the instructor in a hurry? i got too lost and couldn't keep up at multiple parts. also the speech was very fast which made it not relaxing at all. 
You do them too quick! Beginners need time to see the pose and then do it. I likes the poses but just found it went too quickly
ellen crates
240lbs and haven't worked out in years.... I didn't die.  We will chalk that up to miraculous.  yaaaay
Pépé S
Nice routine... But it's going way too fast!
Emille Kent
we would much appreciate if you could slow down your speech to match your lovely body movement......which will highlight your inner emotional settlement..all together a superb soothing performance, thanks.
Anisa K
6:09 I stumbled over :/
you talk far too fast for beginners
Kelsey J.
i'm gonna do this every morning, THANKS
Maria C
Her voice rushing every movement stresses me :$
Frankie Ellis Mobile Beauty
I think this video is far too fast paced for beginners. Poses aren't explained and there is not enough time to move onto the next. It all feels a bit rushed especially for a beginner as stated. It's all a bit fast! I think this would be better for beginners if it was a little slower paced inbetween poses.
Jessica Saggio
Thank you so much for this! I've never done yoga before but I followed this routine and honestly it was so easy and I feel so great. Will without a doubt be trying to do this everyday!
Prajwol Uprety
you make things look way too easy. Hats off! 
BS Abstracts
I wish this was slower or you gave us newbies the name of the poses so we could at least write them down.  This would be amazing if it was slower so we could really benefit from the stretches
Rachel Smith
I can't touch my toes, I can barely get my hands past my knees so how on earth am I meant to do these poses?! :(
Zach Johnson
I've been following this video all week as I wake up and before I work out and I've been enjoying it. I already think I've become more flexible and my muscles feel relaxed.
Windy Girl
I loved the constant movement in this video and as opposed to regular yoga, which I find to be too static for me. It may come from having past experience in dance.
Her arms and legs are SO LONG. I literally can't do some of her moves purely because my arms and legs are not nearly as long and lanky as hers are. Ugh. Frustrating.
Honestly this video is amazing! I tried a couple before this one and they were too confusing or boring lol. But this one is truly amazing! She is so easy to follow and gives precise directions. After doing this I felt amazing and relaxed. All of the tension in my muscles was gone and I even tried having my mom do it lol didnt work very well tho. I will definitely try more yoga after this because I am in love!!
k den
DAMN this is harder then I thought?!?!?
For a yoga beginner, this is way too fast -So if you're doing this video as a beginner, I would strongly advise you really just get into the basic-basic-poses such as forward fold/downward dog, not to mention that before doing all that you should learn how to breathe 'yoga-style' first, and stay there for as long as you need to until you feel your body relax and soften up to the pose (don't overstretch and try to get to this point quickly!) - TAKE YOUR TIME and don't try to keep up with her as a beginner - just take up the poses and really do them slowly. :)
manel kh
I appreciate the effort you put into making this video, but the background music is really annoying and reduces concentration and I think the coach speaks too much and too fast, maybe that's her way but for a beginner I didn't fully enjoy this.
Doug Grinbergs
Other job is an auctioneer? (;-) (;-)
TK PrinPrin
It look so easy, smooth, flow like water when see you do it. But it's not when I try .. :)
Hine Fatai
I prefer this video only because I like the steps only rather then a long chatty one so that I can watch and then do it at a slower pace in my own time
cemre aydın
i made it today :) amazing feeling.. make that after a hard exercise
Good video, but annoying way of talking..
Jake Nelson
so rushed.. i did not enjoy this video
Carmen Harber
nice moves, but I found that there was not enough time on each move and towards the end I even got lost. Just a little more time for us beginners to perfect each move would be great
Shan Shan
I enjoyed the poses and definitely felt more relaxed and stretched out, but she rushed so much we could have held the poses for atleast 14 seconds each! sheesh. That said once I get the hang of it I really did enjoy the video
Hannah Moore
I love this video I just wish it was a bit slower. I had to keep pausing so I had enough time. It'd be nice to just flow. But other than that I love doing this routine in the mornings!
Tiffany M
I would've enjoyed this a lot more if the music was soothing, not frenetic.
Agnes Dall
Thank you! It was really awesome! I enjoyed doing this!
Melody Luna Games
Loved the routine but I wished it was at like a third of the speed.
Maria Reyes
her voice relaxes me... i don't know why xD but i really love her voice :3
Steven Senger
This type of video is wonderful for me. I don't have an hour and a half each morning for a full on yoga routine. I get a nice quick ten-minute stretch out, and feel great. I liked the direct communication; she doesn't sound like she's on tranquilizers. Granted, I have very little experience, but I still think this video is great for me, a beginner.
thank you! this is great for me.
Omg talk slower shit your voice is not relaxing I can keep up with you but your voice
She should talk slower since this is for beginners,I find it hard to concentrate on her and on myself at the same time.
hauntingshadows x
you gotta change the music. its not relaxing at all
zikashika flora
i really like TARA and hows she perform it. thank you. i really like it
Jane Moody
Fairly precise instruction, although a bit fast-paced for a true beginner. I was able to easily follow it though I've been doing yoga for several years (have had a year off due to injuries so...).  Don't like her style of speaking - whoever said "airplane hostess" made me snort. Too fast paced for what is supposed to be a relaxed practice, although she IS clear. 
pseudonym of a nerd
I liked this video but I wish the music was a little more soothing...
Sue Hamilton
shahy khedr
why is she talking like that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :@ i was irritated not relaxed
Love it, but she speaks way too fast for me xD
tina sun
i love the yoga routine but pls change the background music into something relaxing and light 
Tracy Mokake
This was WAY to fast.
Shari Murray
I do this everyday its very good
I have now realized I'm a lot more non flexible than I thought...
Zenia Lüpke
The music really killed it for me - couldn't focus at all.
Louise Alric
I can't concentrate and relax with this music in the background. Too bad...
Nahelli Ch
Can't stand the music =/
Raja Rb
who just stopped midway and just watched her XD
Man that was so rushed I felt more anxious afterwards
Allison Parks
I have a hard time stretching because it hurts my back so much! (I have severe arthritis throughout my whole body but mostly in my lower back) This was the first flexibility and range of motion stretches that did not hurt my back what so ever! It made me feel open and just all over great and relaxed! I recommend this to anyone with lower back pain!
drew crosland
I can say from firsthand knowledge yoga is amazing and used by Americas special operations forces to increase flexability, range of motion, and functional strength all contributing to tendon and ligament upkeep to prevent injuries or recover. 3 times a week. Stick with a routine each month and then switch. If your a beginner rewatch to slow it down or pause until ready to move on. BREATHE she doesn't imply that enough but BREATHE get that down before doing ANYTHING. Cheers:)
Mary McCartney
I have been doing yoga for decades, and I agree with comments that this is much too fast. Part of the effectiveness of yoga is to allow the body to gently stretch and release tension. Tara does make many valuable suggestions and observations, and despite the speed, is a good teacher. I found a great solution to the speed - go into the cog button, go to speed and change from normal, the default setting, to a lower speed. I found the .75 setting to be a much better flow and her voice still sounds normal. Again, Tara is a good teacher and knows her stuff.
Rasa Banel
good workout,hate music
Maria D.
She' s a great teacher BUT: these movements  are too fast and hard for beginners; this seems more like a gymnastics or some stretching, than a yoga class; her continue voice kills me every second I listen to her and the music is not appropriate. Yoga is first of all a spiritual way of seeing and living life, not a gymnastics or a run !
Tara Tops
if anyone has problems with the speed u can make the video slower on a computer or laptop by clicking the settings button at the bottom of the video and changing the speed
Thank you.  When I was fitter a few years ago I use to do a "yogalatis"  routine 2 times a week,  Yoga once weekly and then walk 5km 3 times a week weather permitted...then the condition I have accelerated and encased my full body causing me now to being on verge of loosing the use of my legs according to the specialists.  I have decided I am TAKING BACK my life, my muscles and my joints.  I found YOUR routine and the positions are what I am currently capable of doing.  I AM going to work myself back to be at the level of Yoga to where I was again.  I LOVED Yoga...I would come away so relaxed and calm.  I look forward to that once again
you sound so enthusiastic that  had to watch another video .... sorry if this is offensive i just meant to help your future videos.
Justin Tyler
I really like these videos. My girlfriend and i have been doing them together.we started with the flexibility video and strength building then moved onto core. I think core would have been difficult if it was the first yoga we had tried. The reason she talks like that is because she is keeping tempo with the way you should be breathing. Keep making videos you are amazing
chillerkiller 99
She sounds like a pissed stewardess during the safety demo...
really, thank you for your training!!! I just decide to start morning yoga and i see some vidéo of it for beginner... in fact you're training is the best i've seen until now. thank you very much it was very relaxing 😄😄.
Though I enjoyed the movement I found the upbeat/fast paced music to be quite distracting... Would suggest choosing something more soothing for future videos :)
Caroline x
I agree, you were talking way too fast and almost sounded bored like you really didnt want to be in the video.
Geez, can she speak any quicker!?
I can't be the only dude trying this out haha. Great video...my parting words are DAMN aint she fine!
Nikki Riddle
Really liked this. I have never done yoga before and for the first time watching a video I didn't feel like it was too advanced for me. I'm not near as flexible as her xD but I felt like I could modify everything she did to fit what I'm able to do. I would have liked to hold the poses for longer and still follow her through the video, but hopefully I can memorize this quickly enough to where I'll be able to do it on my own and hold them longer. Excited to move on to the next video!
Claire Hessing
There are lots of programs that say they are for beginners, but still require a lot of flexibility and strength.  This one is truly for beginners!
Bianca C
This was a great introduction to basic yoga moves, I'm going to be doing this everyday now. And as for the music and how fast she talks, this is a video for a reason, just mute it and play your own tranquil music in the background, and follow her lead and pause it as she goes to adjust your position, it's not very hard!
I thought it was a little fast too.. so I went to slow the speed setting down and accidentally chose a faster speed. That was hilarious.
louise rosser
Is yoga good for people who have depression and anxiety
Allison Parks
I came here thinking that this would be a breeze...... boy was I wrong haha it pushed my flexibility and strength further than I thought it would! Absolutely coming back here everyday!
The Dark Lord
is it just me or are yogas just boring>? tried but find it so boring
Taylor Derefaka
This is a great video, but she went way to fast. I would like to relax a little more and really get into my stretches. And the music also sucks, not so yoga-ish.
Michele Lea
It does appear rather quickly paced for a beginner, but the beauty of YouTube and internet videos means you can pause and then continue whenever you please. And let's not forget how much you'll appreciate the quick pace once you have down. Feeling slowed down isn't any better. I know this because I'm old enough to recall yoga on VHS and that my friends is SLOW.
Michele Lea
It does appear rather quickly paced for a beginner, but the beauty of YouTube and internet videos means you can pause and then continue whenever you please. And let's not forget how much you'll appreciate the quick pace once you have down. Feeling slowed down isn't any better. I know this because I'm old enough to recall yoga on VHS and that my friends is SLOW.
Snow Queen
How should i be able to do this as a beginner? I can't even do the "downward dog" ?
CartmanKyle StanKenny
I really liked the excercises, but man… ur running through it… wish it was more like a real yoga class.
Rodney Ragsdale
Are you able to CC this video? I see you have in other but not this one.  I use it a classroom and would help if this was. Thank
Undene L.
I actually appreciate the speed at which she goes. While I myself may pause the video, I find that trying to hold poses a very long time can be painful and difficult. Maybe speak a little slower but the pace (for me at least) was great.
Alej Torres-Zayas
Thank you so much. I always wanted to do yoga and the beginner videos really help me!! Really grateful
Rachel Hickman
This was so fast! I enjoy feeling the stretch more through longer pauses with each position. I also think the tone is a little rushed and aggressive, rather than more smooth and calming.