Avengers 4: Endgame Cast Crashes Interview - Unseen Funny Moments - 2017

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Frank Bell
s li
3:26 "You know, his journey is-" "BENEDIIIIICT" _laughs_ "Someone called my name by.. I-" *"CUMBERBAAAAAATCH"* "Yes, that's my name-that's my-" "YOU'RE THE BEST! YOU ARE THE BEST!" _laughs again_ "That's hysterical-" "YOU'RE THE BEST""-thank you, thank you..That was Robert Downey Jr. ladies and gentlemen..." i love them can you tell
Jazmine Youngie Beltran
3:30 oh RDJ shouting like that made my day
Gogon Xpuera
Wow.. anyone need a kiss? go to Roberts downey jr 😂
Chloe Sullivan
Tom: *exists* Anthony: tHiS kIdS a pRoBleM
kookies and cream
my heart shipped loki and natasha for a moment when he held her shoulder
Lu Malfoy
BEST MOMENT: 3:26 RDJ: BENEDIIICT *hello, heheh someone got my name right* RDJ: CUMBERBAAATCH *yeah, that's my name* RDJ: YOU'RE THE BEST. YOU ARE THE BEST *hahh thank you* RDJ: YOU'RE THE BEST *that was Robert Downey Jr. Ladies and gentlemen
Alexandra Justine Jarvis
I love how when they all hug each other, it’s not just those polite hugs. It’s like an actual hug with their whole arms wrapped around in each other.
Tale Works
I swear Robert Downey Jr. And Tom Holland are father and son.
I love how much of a meme is Robert Downey Jr 😂😂
8:12 The way Chris Pratt walked into the shot was just so hilarious, like the typical Starlord walk lol. You can probably take Chris out of Starlord but you can't take Starlord out of Chris.
Zubair Saharov
8:36 I have three favorite avenger and they are: captain America, Iron Man and Thor!!
Stormstrike 2424
I love the way RDJ calls Chris Evans Dorito. That just made me laugh. XD
Sumaira Merzais
Chris Evans is sooo funny! Im dead!
My favorite Avengers: 1. Captain America 🥰 2. Star-Lord 3. Ant-Man 4. Thor (Ragnarok)
Nikhil Gautam
Captain America is my one of the favourite character
dolly 167
0:53- bruce : hey this is AntMan...😂😂 Same situation in Endgame 🤣🤣
TheLili-kun UwU
My favorite Avengers are Tom Holland (Spider Man) Rdj(Iron man) Christ Hemsworth (Thor) Elizabeth olsen(Wanda The Escalata Witch)
Came here after i watched Endgame. Anyone??
Muhd Bahri
Deep down in our heart, We know, We Love Them 3000! 😍😭
Super G
im ded Evans pushes Hemsy so that he bumps into the female interviewer hahaha XD
Nicole Racquel Phoebe Belmpnte
Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt
Floppy Potato
0:15 - 0:21 I Would Be The One In The Audience Humming The Pink Panther Music *P.S. I Almost Put Black Panther 😆*
Bigboss 313
Is it me or does Robert downy jr really act like tony stark😂
Fortnite Memes
1:26 SUP DORITO cracked me up 😂🤣
Andrea P!ATD
My fav avenger is all of them, honestly they're all so amazing :)
Makayla Cutajar
My favourite avengers are 1) Iron Man 2) Spider-Man 3) Captain America 4) Thor 5) Wander
Kaleb Carvalho
Loki and Black Widow together *-*
Falconfeather 23435
“Who is your favorite Avenger?” Me: *LOKI* “...he’s not an Avenger.” Me: HE WAS FOR TWO SECONDS WHEN HE SAID, “ *We* have a Hulk.”
madhu rekha
Tom(lokki): would you like to explain who I am They: a bad guy to the core Me: thats why I love him more
Echo 922
Tom: "Hey would you like to explain who I am? Jeremy: "You're a bad guy"
Kiki A
Hawkeye flirting with Loki starting around 2:23, definitely some chemistry there....
Kaylie Hoffman
RDJ and Jeremy crash the interviews the most 😂
Thea Fegarido
Unknown: "BENEDICT" B.C.: "Hello hehehe someone who got my name right" Unknown: "BENEDIIIICT" B.C.: "Yea that's my name" Unknown: "YOU'RE THE BEST. YOU. ARE. THE BEST" B.C.: "Thank you very much. That was Robert Downey Jr. ladies and gentlemen." RDJ is too sweet 😂😂😂
Everybody who screams it's Anthony Mackie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
binay nayak
Chris even is not at like serious in real life🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.love u Captain
Leonardo Matos
That kind of stuff is what Brie Larson is never going to get.
World Famous Footballers
Avengers leader captain america . I can do this all day . Love you cap 💖
Sad Story’s
My favorites 1.Loki 2. The god of mischief 3.Thor’s brother 4.Tom hindleson
Khol Ke Dekho
They are truely one big family and reflects in there movies.. We are going to miss this group
Jerilee Protacio
Everytime Robert Downey Jr. Keeps kissing or hugging I thought he was Gay--
Ryan Medalla
My favorite character is chris evans,Chris hemsworth,anndd ofc RDJ!!
Emanuely Bogucheski
Anthony Mackie is just the best, he is so funny omfg look at this duuuude 7:19 this makes me laugh so hard
Aprita Das
My most favorite avenger is the one and only - Thor ❤
Aiyana Tarbell
My favorite Avengers is Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, and Loki.
Janiesa Pizza
ok but i like how they have a separate thing just for tom holland 😅
Why Loki in real life is so cool. RDJ is the best btw
Vanilla Orange Coke
Favorite Avengers in order: •Spiderman •Iron Man •Captain America •Thor •Black Widow
Meena Bimal SInha
Anyone after watching the endgame?
7:33 Mackie fangirling over Stan has made my day
Lilisa Kookie
My favorite avengers are The cast of endgame (Srry for bad english
L3ty_the_dark_girl 05
Captain Marvel is the strongest 🤜🏼💨🗡
Lam Le
most of these are: chris evans, RDJ, and of course my baby tom holland
Ground Zero
3:51 -kisses cheek - tHiS iS hIs yEaR! BuT iLl Be BaCk NeXt YeAr!
Tony, The Stark
RDJ screaming for Benedict! LOL
Leticia Medina
My favorite avengers in order are: 1. Captain America ( love him 😘) 2. Iron Man 3. Thor
Gabriel Blois
iron man thor captain america Black widow These are the favorite characters of Avengers
Rakshya A Bhujel
They are literally a big FAMILY just makes me smile all the way to my ears.. 😊😊😊
Angie ST
Doctor Strange and Iron Man are my favorite ones! 😍 Favorite Evil Character: Loki, Loki and Loki 🤣🤣
black widow for sure, then iron man I think
I LOVE Robert Downey is the Heart of this family 😎😎😎
Seema mundra Mundra
chris evans u r so amazing i m dead by your cuteness😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Bryce Sanders
Diane Tamanui
I wish I got a kiss from Robert Downey Jr
AmyCatGirl _Gaming101
Scarlett and Vision *IS MAH SHIP* thats why they are my fav!
Pramela Abirami
My fav is one and only scarlet witch 😍😘😍...
Elijah Valdez
Who is your Favourite Avenger? Me:Chris Evans,Scarlet johhanson, and Sebastian stan...
Reshma Parab
My favorite Avenger is Ironman (Tony Stark)
I think I just pee
My Favorite Avenger 1.Chris Hemsworth 2.Thor 3. Noobmaster69
fabiola ledesma zuñuga
Okey habló español y no entiendo nada pero soy completamente fan de avengers 😍
Karina Kondbattulwar
My favourite avenger is captain America...😘😍
There are three avengers which are most popular 1- iron man 2- Tony stark 3- Robert Downey junior
Alana Marchetti
Rest In Peace iron man RDJ we will never forget you
Emma Baker
Black widow and Wanda and Spider-Man are my favourite 😜
Vandana Pangshe
Partha Basu
Chris Evans(Captain America) is my life! He's my favourite avenger 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Randy Manuel
Chris Evans Chris Pratt Chris Hemsworth
Slight Curv
My favorite avenger is obviously iron man. R.I.P iron man
Sumai Binte Rouf
Captain America is my favorite avengers ❤ 🎉
Shingeki no Equestrian
"Who is your favorite Avenger" Unfortunately, Tony Stark ❤️
Namkhanh Nguyen
David G
"Man oh Man, if you ever see a guy this handsome walkin the streets, he's gonna be arrested. Because he's killing all the ladies. Pow pow".
Purple Diamond
My favorite was when Robert Downey Jr. was shouting at Benedict Cumberbatch 😂
Inggo Mojares
whose ur favorite avenger? me: the guy with uhhh.. um... ya know red thing on.. on his whatever ya there is either ironman, spiderman or vision me: what was the question?
Quba P
Tony Stark and Peter Quill are the best ✌
ChiCa A.
My favorite is Iron man 😎 But Benedikt Cumberbatch is The best !!!!!
Cabbage Pact
Rdj seems like Tom Holland’s father and when he isn’t around he hires a baby sitter, their usual baby sitter is Benedict Cumberbatch but they have others when he isn’t available . Mark Ruffallo is the fun uncle. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are like the older brothers who aren’t usually around but when they are their just roasting him. Tom hiddleston is the neighbor who really cares for Tom just like Rdj and Tom and Benedict formed a little family together when Rdj is off being... rich I guess and doing other stuff. Chris Evans is like a father figure to him or another fun uncle, Chris is sorta the father figure/fun uncle to everyone. Chris Pratt is like a cousin or best friend, He adores Tom and Tom adores him while making each other laugh. Pom is an occasional babysitter/ type of aunt figure (maybe I don’t know) for Tom, when Ben isn’t around. Chris Hemsworth seems like a friend who comes by sometimes and they both just either chat or play together. That there is the family in progress in case I add someone else.
Landon Oshiro
4:37-4:38 watch it at 0.25 speed🤣
Anm Khn
Starlord Iron man Doctor strange Captain America Thor Everyone
T_ba Sab
I really Can't live without these guys they are so funny 🤣💙 I'll go with IRONMAN💪
Liverpool 6 times
IDC Korg is my favourite, in Endgame "some kid on the TV called me a deekhead"
Mahesa Ramadhianto
I know everybody already said this, but RDJ is really tony stark in real life😂
Awesome Eduardo
Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Star-Lord, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, And Scarlet Witch
Who is your favorite avenger *black* *panther* *wakanda4eva*
Gita Awani
My favorite is when tom Hiddleston ( Loki ) interview get crash by Jeremy Renner ( Hawkeye ) & Scarlett Johansson ( Black Widow )
Ashish Magar
My fav: Dr.Strange😍❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋
The Queen
Tony: *hugs cap* it's his year, but I'll be back next year 3:54 Endgame is cap's movie but now we all wishing RDJ's words is true
Shea Kelley
Loki is my favorite avenger Along with 2-Spider-Man 3-Ironman 4- Thor
DØPË Gaming
Who is your favourite avenger? Me: captain America