Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You Live

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Three Days Grace performs I Hate Everything About You in Orlando at Black Booth 28.09.2009 Setlist: 1. The Good Life 2. Never Too Late 3. I Hate Everything About You 4. World So Cold 5. Animal I Have Become 6. Break

Three Days Grace tdg 3dg life starts now 2009 live Adam Gontier Brad Walst Barry Stock Neil Sanderson

I just love to view these old videos and remember the past TDG, such a great band!!!!
Anderson Camilo
sensacional ! esses caras são fera !
Aaron Meacham
I've been trying to figure out how Adam hits his high notes. Is he really pushing his chest voice super hard or is he using head voice in his choruses?
jeanrayne J
I know this is an older video of him being the lead singer....years after he left it was really upsetting but I still listen to him singer solo & working with other major bands.
jeanrayne J
it's not the same band without Adam...he was like the glue....the new lead singer sort of sounds like Adam when he sings but it's still not the same.
Elias Trivero
2017, 0 dislikes, 1 simple reason 2 explain this, 3 DAYS GRACE
Kevin Colt
man this was a great gig ......!!! wish i was there.. pure 3d ays grace
Ana Vitória Galvão
Muito Bom!! 
emiliano gittar
es cierto..
this was the first song ive ever heard from them xp i was only a little girl.i still love it. one of my favourites
Shady Nya
trhee days grace es simplemente genial :D
Jonathan Roy
Oh my god yes!!!
One of my all time favorites from this band :)
Leonardo Gálvez
Radoslav Penev