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20 years old Ronaldo first official match with Inter Milan and the first match in the league Old Channel Link: ◄ ... For daily updates and videos join The Facebook Page: ◄ /> Squad[edit] Goalkeepers 01.Italy Gianluca Pagliuca 12.Italy Andrea Mazzantini 22.Italy Raffaele Nuzzo Defenders 02.Italy Giuseppe Bergomi 03.Italy Massimo Tarantino 04.Argentina Javier Zanetti 05.Italy Fabio Galante 07.Italy Salvatore Fresi 16.Nigeria Taribo West 21.Italy Luca Mezzano 24.Italy Luigi Sartor 33.Italy Francesco Colonnese 35.Uruguay Martín Rivas 36.Italy Mauro Milanese Midfielders 06.France Youri Djorkaeff 08.Netherlands Aron Winter 13.Brazil Zé Elias 14.Argentina Diego Simeone 15.France Benoît Cauet 17.Italy Francesco Moriero 18.Italy Nicola Berti 40.Portugal Paulo Sousa Attackers 09.Chile Iván Zamorano 10.Brazil Ronaldo 11.Nigeria Nwankwo Kanu 20.Uruguay Álvaro Recoba 23.Italy Maurizio Ganz 27.Italy Marco Branca 27.Italy Alessandro Sgrigna Ignore Tags a lot of majestic Skills, Dribble and Passes Ronaldo Corinthians Brazil Il Fenomeno r9 Brazillina Cruziero Psv Barcelona Inter Milan RealMadrid Ac Milan Corinthiens retired perfect skills moves tricks Manchester Cristiano Messi tricks skills moves dribbles Gol goal hot Timão Red Devils paulista serie calcio liga world cup super liga ligue premier league new 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 first comeback injuries hatrick soccer football legend fenomeno nutmeg panna comp incredible zidane ronaldinho kaka forlan Inter Milan Jose Mourinho champion Phenomenon Brazil Brasil penalty barca barcelona best spanish justin bieber lady gaga accident crash sports elastico hoscus pocus step over pedala flip flap inversoronaldo done two of the most impossible elastico flip flap ever perfect skills moves and tricks Ronaldinho revilinho pele maradona cruyff laudrop zidane romario messi cristiano ronaldo liga clacio seria primier Copa America league bundesliga elastico hocus pocus flipflap inverso pedaleta canos nutmegs panna dribbles real madrid barcelona classico vs versus man u manchester united city chelsea arsenal juventus roma bayern munich fenomeno phenomenon king best player ever barcelona vs versus real madrid 5 0 29 10 2010 Neymar Ronaldo,Corinthians,skills,dribble,passes,playmaker,tricks,goals,2009,2010,2011,Serie,Calcio,uefa,cup,liga,Champions,league,preimier,bundesliga,Manchester,Barcelona,Cristiano,Messi,Fenomeno,Finalisti,C.,R9,hot,campeonato,paulista,santos,Treino,Best,of,Kaka,Pato,Bagio,Beckham,injury,goal,ManU,Real,Madrid,Milan,Brasil,Brazil,comeback,Fans,Training,São,Caetano,Palmeiras,primeiro,segundo,timao,Ponte,Preta,Ituano,barca,psv,nutmeg,step,overs,panna,hocus,pocus,flip,flap,r10,Neymar,2012,Zidane,Ronaldinho,Pele,Maradona,Bale,2013 Real Madrid 2014/2015, Cristiano Ronaldo 2014/2015, Ronaldo Skills & Goals, Gareth Bale 2014/2015,Toni Kroos Iker Casillas, Best Saves Ever, Jesús Fernández, Diego López,Raphaël Varane, Raphaël Varane Pepe Funny Moments Sergio Ramos Fábio Coentrão Marcelo Daniel Carvajal Álvaro Arbeloa, Álvaro Arbeloa Real Madrid, Álvaro Arbeloa 2014/2015, Nacho Fernández, Nacho Fernández Real Madrid, Sami Khedira, Sami Khedira Real Madrid 201472015, Toni Kroos Real Madrid, Gareth Bale, Real Madrid, Gareth Bale Best Skills & Goals Ever, 2014-2015, Xabi Alonso,Real Madrid, Xabi Alonso, Luka Modrić, Luka Modrić Real Madrid Ultimate Skills, Ángel Di María, Isco, Skills, Asier Illarramendi, Skills, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo The Legend, Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo 2013-2014, Cristiano Ronaldo 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo 2014-2015, Cristiano Ronaldo 2014/2015, Cristiano Ronaldo Skills & Goals Pre-Season 2014-2015, Cristiano Ronaldo Best Skills & Goals Ever, Cristiano Ronaldo Best Skills, Cristiano Ronaldo Best Goals, Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Show, Cristiano Ronaldo Ultimate Skills & Goals,Karim Benzem2014/2015, Karim Benzema 2014,Jesé Rodriguez, Future Talent, Jesé Rodriguez, James Real Madrid, James Rodriguez, James Rodriguez Real Madrid,Season, Real Madrid The best Club in the World, Real Madrid Champions League 2013-2014, Real Madrid La decima,barcelona real madrid 2013, el clasico 2013 highlights, Barcelona VS Real Madrid, 2013, Goals, HD, Highlights, El Clasico, Classico, EL Classico 2013, Barcelona - Real Madrid, Barca Real 2013s Real, Alexis Goal, Alexis, Ray Hudson, FCB, Barca, Neymar, Messi, Amazing, Sport, LaLiga, LFP, Liga BBVA, FCBHDWorld

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Abdullah Mohamed
this is how you make a phenomenal debut and win the fans hearts in 90 mins forza inter
Thierry Koffi
You can easily guess from that video that nowadays defenders are 16 year old barbie teens compared to the more manly defenders of the 90s. Defence is very bad in football now, thats why you can see Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo score countless goals and not even care. I aint sure Cristiano Ronaldo can score against that same Brescia defenders, and dont tell me you dont agree about that fact.
Chris Qbanz
Ronaldo never needed a good team to out play his opponents and he was also a play maker in his prime
Videos Ps4
Note it that everytime he recieves the ball, he needs to control the ball with his back on opponents goal having to turn around a defender who is putting all his weigh on Ronaldo's back. This is like playing in super blaster hard mode, ridiculously different to Barça/Messi or RealM/CRonaldo or any game these days.
shrish123 kumar
those defenders were defenders
Vladimir Maric
The Best Ever!
Faruk Ekinci
90 minutes match - 50 fouls on il fenomeno
Shiva Ranabhat
thats one tough league
M. a
Justin Lee
2 signings on their debut, Recoba will always be remembered especially for this match coming off the bench and scoring 2 late goals all from outside the box including a free kick top corner stealing the limelight from Ronaldo
Ryszard Kiliński
Those freaking italian defenders kicked R9 down and into his injuries... relentless.
Saswata Roy
Who the hell is Cr7? There is only one Ronaldo
carlo marinangeli
Haha serie a has always been the hardest and best league until 2010 inters treble but now 2016 serie a is back with a lot of good teams
Emanuele Cordaro
Il più grande di sempre. Ma il chino Recoba fece due magie...
luca cetrangolo
il migliore di tutti i tempi e il migliore ronaldo l abbiamo avuto noi orgogliosi
Mene Tekel
Why do the people who upload soccer videos always think it's a good idea to put a horrible song over the highlights? It's not a music video.
All Kina Ting
very nice
Cristiano Ronaldo
Fantastic Video Man , Keep Going
Good Work! :)
In quella partita debuttò in serie a un altro mio idolo: DARIO HUBNER.
Digamber Kharayat
Really very tough defense
Saswata Roy
After that game he was off and running. Scoring 8 goals in his next 6 games and became the Best Serie A player of the season
Great Brescia.
Mr DistuRbed
Ronaldo moreeee
gonzalo gómez
Su sola estampa causaba temor
And this is a defence!
Doug Vargas
very similar to todays messi mark's jajajajajaj ronaldo the phenomenon the best ever.