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A playthrough of Sunsoft's 1991 NES game, Batman: Return of the Joker. I remember being utterly blown away by this when it first came out. The ads said the game featured 16-bit quality graphics, sure, but who actually listens to marketing hype like that? Well, this was one of the few times where a game lives up to such an audacious claim. The sprites are huge, the backgrounds are all detailed and nicely animated, and the intro cinematic still looks awesome. And that music! Kodaka yet again does superhuman things with this hardware. In terms of presentation, this version absolutely owns the later (awful) Genesis port. Not many NES could ever dream of claiming as such. It plays pretty well, too! It's much easier than the original game, even at its hardest parts, and it has the tendency to feel a bit more cheap with some of the hits than the origina. Still, it controls well and provides an all-too-brief period of awesome classic Sunsoft platforming magic. ________ No cheats were used during the recording of this video. NintendoComplete ( punches you in the face with in-depth reviews, screenshot archives, and music from classic 8-bit NES games! Visit for the latest updates! />

Simon Mejía
One of the most graphically impressive NES games out there.
Ever wanted to see the humble NES stand up to the power of the Sega Genesis? Here's one of the few games that ever dared to try, and it came shockingly close. Classic SunSoft, all the way.
Big Al
Batman: Didn't I throw you off a building and clearly kill you? Joker: I got better!
Game looks 12 bit if such a thing exists.
Doodle Dangernoodle
This game and Kirby’s Adventure are the closest thing to 16-bit on the NES
Alex B
Batman on the NES was one of my favorite games back during my childhood and I still love it! But I really wish that, back then, I knew it had a sequel! D: Thanks for the upload!
Ken Hicks
this was the point where designers started realizing how much more important control, game play, and animation were compared to everything else. still playable today.
Nes beats both genesis and snes version
Nanu Pin
Excelente end. The ship flying, the wonderfull and mysterious music, the colours. Magic.
Eric Lehman
Is this game by chance related to the 1989 game?
quic grid
This game is a Contra knock-off with zero accuracy to Batman's character.
Narumi Jinguji
There is a big Contra vibe to this game. The Joker was murdered by Batman in the last game...unless this game doesn't follow the movie from 1989. The game looks cool and the graphics are outstanding for this time period. The music for me in this game is not memorable. I am hear this music for the first time with this game. The one thing that doesn't sit well with me is batman using a gun.
GORGEOUS looking game for sure. Now my question is why didn't Sunsoft port it to the Genesis directly, but instead outsourced it to another dev team?
This game is short. I like the graphics on the first Batman game better. Was not feeling the jet pack parts. The music is good though.
David Samuel Blain
Video Power Edge style instructions by John Arcade, if you asked me truly personally.
Well... there was a Return of the Joker movie... XD
ShadowQueen Skye
Why does the Joker look like a green haired Charlie Sheen?
Do the Bat Dance!!!
This was such an awesome game
Alan Ruiz
Uno de los juegos mas increíbles del Nes.
Бокан Барабоков
In my distant childhood, Joker's face on the password screen scared me like hell.
Agus Lombax
This is how my Gamer life started,with this amazing game,and that intro 00:35 it means a lot to me.
This game definitely has a Contra vibe to it. No doubt, Batman taught Bill and Lance everything they know.
Giovanni Colio
how does it feel to have 0 dislikes in this video? 😃
Gus Nunez
Great game but very difficult.
There are a lot of batman games i know but for me the best one without the puzzles difficulty but had great music was batman returns snes wish someone would make after the death and return of superman game would make some more superman games.
so let me get this straight, batman is a renowned master of several marshalarts and he can only manage to shoot batarangs in this installment?
Sang Ho
Good game!
jdog 50150
Megaman anyone
Wow i never knew this was actually a NES game at first. I only had the gameboy version when i was a kid