Andrew Bayer - From The Earth

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iTunes: />Anjunastore: />Beatport: />Amazon (MP3): Amazon (CD): HMV: />Flashplayer: /> "An incredible album of sophisticated electronica" Mixmag "Truly progressive... an outright winner": DJ Magazine Touching on everything from Flying Lotus-esque glitch-hop and leftfield electronica to melodic techno and epic progressive, "It's Artificial" is the debut artist album from Andrew Bayer - released through Anjunabeats on 25th July. Andrew Bayer "It's Artificial" Tracklisting: 1. Nexus 6 2. Dedicated To Boston's Waste Management System 3. Counting The Points 4. Monolith 5. A Drink For Calamity Jane 6. Paper Cranes 7. From The Earth 8. We Will Return

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Love the Original & Breakfast Remix equally!
Amazing. Andrew Bayer the modern day equivalent of early Aphex Twin with the influence of Trance, House and other EDM since.
Stanislav Konev
amazing original and amazing remixes from breakfast and oliver smith. this is just one of those songs that has it all. so much emotion :)
i am so used with the breaksfast remix that when i am listening to this, it feels like a remix of the breakfast version...haha sorry andrew!
This is better than the breakfast remix. Sheesh people, GET SOME EARS.
what genre would you put this song in anyone?
2 words: space oceans
@yumvictory 2 words: yum victory
@chrisrreynolds Happy hardcore I think, possibly gabber