The Babadook - Ending Scene (HD)

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He will never leave, because he is still a part of Amelia. Don't let it in.. The last thing in this Babadook ending explanation is the bowl of worms. The last shot of feeding the Babadook worms that Sam dug up can be interpreted as the final, macabre proof that now Amelia knows where her husband really belongs – in the ground, were these creatures reside. I do not own this, for entertainment purposes only.

Alexander Hamilton
When the babadook gives you that babalook and you get babashook
Aaron Lanier
The meaning of this ending so incredibly beautiful and heartfelt. She spends a little bit of time every day in the basement, tending to the babadook, feeding him worms. She spends a little bit of time every day, allowing herself to tend to her grief, slowing burying her past and allowing it to die away, allowing herself to move on from her grief, from her loss, so she can be the mother Samuel deserves, that Samuel needs.
Monikelp Yeeter
*walks down to basement* HEY FAM YOU WANNA PLAY SOME XBOX Babadook: *slowly and scarily appears out of nowhere* aight I'm down
Sai Ren
Imagine if Pennywise tries to come after this kid, it would be an awesome battle to see Babadook and Pennywise fight.
Katrina Rocketman
So they're keeping the big, scary monster as a pet now?
The kid looks like the damn babadook
Last Brain Cell
Were neighborly sacrifices made?
Did no one else noticed the buried dead dog at the very beginning?
Rotting Pork
Don't worry. They house trained him.
Emotional Stephanie
The mother must of been babashook when the babadook tried attacking her
Stephanie Crawford
I think that was the BEST happily ever after we've ever gotten in a horror movie! I'm SO relieved. 😁😌
Well that reduces the price of the house when she decides to sell
I’d like to imagine them sitting around a fire with the babadook curled on the rug
Marc Dumont
Just realized that she's looking at the bruise she left on his neck at 2:16
i have a new channel now this one is old
me at 1:13: jumpscare? no? dook dook? jumpscare? hello? 😯😯😯
Paradigm Juice
Aw it's cute that they're feeding it now
Plot twist, the dead dad is the babadook and the manifestation of the anger and fustraction of being a only parent
Chef Boyardee
*B A B A S H O O K*
Eccentricc Catt
i have a new channel now this one is old
1:21 i was dying (her scream lol) 😂😂😂
Olivia Dunne
Phryne Mnesarete
Grief cannot be killed or banished. Only... managed.
so if just fed it worms this whole time it wouldnt of bothered them .. REALLY
Stephanie Cabrera
Do Not Feed Babadook
BanyMany !
Babadook became like a bad pet dog
Well, Babadook is adorable in comparison with other evil spirits. He only attack grieving people... (which is actually quite bad if you're single.. or a widow.)
Babadook: WHERES MY OREOS :Mum uhhhhhh in the fridge :child oh is this why he’s stalking us :babadook thank you :3
I just babadooked my pants
Slicky Kid
I would of loved a sequel to this movie. But it made perfect sense to end the movie here and just leave it at that without another one.
We have no choice but to learn how to live with our inner demons
Putting the symbolism aside, why do they need to keep the Babadook as a sort of basement pet? Would he get loose and scare other people or something?
BrysontheGhost Gaming
This movie has a great moral. Your depression will always be there for you to feed just don't let it get to the point to where you go bat shit crazy. Also dont keep a babadook as a pet.
sue king
Soo Babadook is do a sorta tolerant dog pet thing? He doesn't seem so evil and furious now. The ending wax really happy
Aldhika Bl
Soo.. the babadook has become these two's pet?
Baller Zone 11 Cristo
*she walks down the basement* Hey what number comes between 2 and 4? *Babadook comes out slowly and scarely* 36
Jonas Keller
The cool thing is we never see the babadook it's an unknown entity
The Physcho Human Flesh EATER
Timur Pak
Why do Babadook eats worms?
Marquis Gipson
What the hack she keeping him under house and eat something oh hell no I see she kill him.
The Physcho Human Flesh EATER
PENNYWISE would win because he knows you worst fear and have you guys even seen the new IT movie It's scary I almost couldn't breath even I was watching the new IT movie at night when my parents were asleep when the movie finished IT was 3:00 am in the morning when I went back to my room I was sleeping next to the closet 1 foot away from my bed I kept on hearing scratches I was scared Then I heard a hissing sound right next to my ear I ran to my mom and dad's room I told them everything they went with me they opened the closet they said there's nothing there my dad said I had to face my fears but I couldn't so that night I stayed up awake all night AND I'M ONLY 7 guys
TheHarmless Bear
2:58 Where The Hell am I What is life what is love what is Grameer????(the bird)
supertiger 11
I wanna the babadook as pet
pumpkinhead guy 101
I'm glad in the babadook movie there was a good ending
So the child's spirit is now trapped in the Babadook?
sammy eagleson
Sam is _so_ adorable❤️
Andrew The MasterX4X Star
Don’t even watch this at night
Everyday's Entertainment
Watch Donnie darko
Dino Con
Wh-Where did he get the bird?
Free De La Hoya
Everybody look for God to be saved from eternal torture
Bella PinkSavage
Man what a whoose!!!
I'm so glad you uploaded this! I always wanted to see this ending as I thought it was cool, and now I can! Thankyou! It's an awesome ending. I love how Amelia tames the Babadook and he calms down. It's pretty funny! It also has a great message too, as the Babadook symbolizes Amelia's depression. It will never go away as it's always a part of Amelia, but she can control it and focus on the happy aspects of her life.
Isa Mekail Mahmud
I wanna hug them both
Jam Lym
This is a beautiful film.
Ashna Antony
ok im sorry but which Strayan house has a basement???
Ashna Antony
what if someone started bullying the kid...
Isaac THE maniac
I love how babadook helped samual with his magic tricks
Dakota cool
0:00 the poor dog 🐕😥
Why do I want the babadook as a pet?
The Insane Zoroark
On the bright side He'll make one hell of a guard dog
I did'nt saw the movie, but at the end the Babadook is nice?
Galaxy Stuidos
Is it wrong I wanted the mother to die because she killed Bugsy?
*accidentaly clicks f* *rushing and spamming esc*
The Devil Swing
Come on babadook you the man!!!😁😂
Skye Tredinnick
What happens when people are friends with the Babdook does he be nice to them or something
*what if the kid is babadook* *And he looks like the damn babadook*
Sire n
1:21 wth lol
Julle Torrpan
i dont get it what happend??
The Physcho Human Flesh EATER
And I'm seven guys
adam Dads
Element Green
Ba ba dook dook lol (^ω^)
Shubham Jadhav
Ye movie Hindi mei hai kya
Mini How To basic
*D O O K D O O K D O O K*
loved the film but the ending was so shit and anticlimatic lool
Kirsten Gregory
I stg if that kid isn't dead by the end of the movie....
The Physcho Human Flesh EATER
PENNYWISE would win because he knows all your fears and have you guys even seen the IT movie I did at night when it was 1:00 am the movie finished at 3:00 am I went back to my room I was 1 foot away from my closet I heard scratches in my closet I started to cry alittle then I heard a hissing noise I screamed my parents ran to my room I told them everything but they didn't believe me my dad checked the closet my mom said I had to face my fears so they left me in my dark room that night I couldn't sleep
The girl reminds me of the Exorcist, and the babadook of Willy Wonka, tf?
Me: Comes down stairs Babadook: *About to attack me* Me: *_WANT A SPRITE CRANBERRY?_* Babadook: *Takes Sprite Cranberry while Fortnite Dancing and singing Mo Bamba*
I mean at least it's a happy ending
You Again
I would feed the sister and niece to the babadook
Guys this is not a happy ending. She actually killed her son at that night.
Ivan Cruz
2:57 How
Agent 8
So it’s been a couple years but the babadook is his father ? Or Now a guy that lives in there basement
Skye Tredinnick
Is the Babdook scared of Sam's mum
Pain And more pain 02938482
Wonder how her tits feel