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Tommy Gunz
everyone in politics know she is a cold blooded killer
ted carriker
I cannot believe any Government official is naive about intelligence surveillance and spyware. That's what intelligence agencies do damn it. Some for malicious intent and some for ulterior motivation..can you say Election tampering. No tolerance for officials bypassing security procedure and protocols..i don't care who..when..or why. Damn it..dont make me come over there.
Lisa Mitchell
#LockHerUp along with Bill
Tammy Eaton
Luv your channel, but could you PLEASE get a commentator with a PULSE, instead of a SWITCH?
Tommy Hooks
Clinton pulled the death switch on Chris Stevens !
Arndt Thielfoldt
The "Real Americans" must make sure that what the Leftist politicians, the Obamas, the Clintons, The Fake news networks, Hollywood, FBI and many more tried to do to President Trump and his family. Dont just forget and make friends, it's much too serious a crime to be forgotten easily. Treason is a serious crime and some heads should be rolling. Gitmo must be opened for new "Guests" asap. I'm not American but A Danish Viking.
Excellent compilation of key facts. Hillary, Abedin, Comey & others should be indicted & locked up (at least).
Grandmas Homestead
Trump best realize how corrupt the swamp is. He thinks Mueller will be fair....bull The Dems should have moved on and dropped all these lies about Russia, we have to fight back so our President can get his agenda done. Obama and Hillary should have ridden off into the sunset, they won't so we will see them all behind bars for the corruption and money they have stolen from the American and yes the Haitian people. Why are the Haitians in the financial situation they are in?
Dennis Anderson
When these people get to the other side they will be met with assagais. To be cut, sliced and proded for eternity. Thats right the Benghazi situation was to put an end to our people. Obama & Hillary sold guns & surface to air missiles to both factions of the Lybia war. They should burn in hell for this. The middle east was in a calm state and Quadaffi had a handle on it when he was assassinated by the Obama administration. Obama was quick to tell the world that he was responsible for the death of Bin Laden???? Wheres the body??? I know he was supposed to have been creamated. They didnt elaborate on that one did they. Wouldnt you like to know who did the creamation?
Audrey Debnam
Probably on purpose
Marlon Elmore
My personal opinion about this facade!?!?.... She knew that Yahoo was not a valuable place to post her business...... she used it as a way of communicating classified American documents and the where about of our allies to her family that are well-known terrorist and no hacker are no regular American that stumbled upon the postings of informations wantever be the wiser; just a theory; but that's what I think about it
Oh yeah I know about cia and their drug business when the Corps pulled out of Vietnam two ghost Battalions of Marines who were inducted into the Corps stayed in Cambodia for five and a half months fighting with Pol-Pok’s Army destroying the opium sheds not touching he fields just the sheds to Make sure the government cia boys got their forty percent on the opium harvest and air America flying into and out of their country to insure that they got their forty percent. Khmer Rouge agreed to give them their cut and we came home. Of course we were never there to start with. The first time our company went into Cambodia on Dewy Cannon 2 the New Jersey was brought over with skeleton crew to give us fire support she melted her big guns down because they didn’t have swabies on ship to swab the guns down so they kept firing the whole time night and day to keep the barrels up. Stars and Stripes showed her on the cover with her guns hung down to the decks of the ship as she was heading back home. Some of us had the magazine in our dittie bags and they made us give them back because she was never over there. All of our sea bags were ruined in storage so they gave us slips of paper to give to airlines saying President Nixon said we could fly military stand by in civilian clothes. Memorex machinesback then couldn’t hardly read the paper but the White House phone number was clear and they called the number and Vice President Ford told them let us fly. That way Harry Krismer couldn’t throw cool aid on us LOL SEMPER FIDELIS
Fred Marrinan
Chris, You say you never forget, any movement on the torture and murder of the two FBI agents sent to search the Clinton Library upstairs playpen?
scarlet poppyfield
Outrageous ! Lock her the hell up
HipShot Shivers
I read of this years ago. Why does it seem like new news now? It was one of my major concerns in the beginning. In fact, I posted it on my FB way back then.
CSAcitizen Feather
None of us are surprised. Hillary is doing what comes naturally to her - kills ! We knew this since SHE was the ONLY one who knew exactly where Stevens was located since she sent him there for the set up she has already arranged ! ! She disarmed his guards a week before !
Tommy Hooks
Someone needs to investigate, 'why' Chris Stevens family have remained silent through the entire time from Chris's murder until now. If it were my child, i would have been in their face ! Everyone in the Washington establishment fear the Clinton's or deep state ! Everything i am reading, is the deep state has "something" on everyone connected in Washington !
nicole cameron
Ordered a hit on Vince Foster, Hope you go to Hottest Hades, Hellary👹👺☠️💩😡
Chaz Murphy
Hillary will delighted if she's sharing a cell with Huma!! She'll have a sex orgy every single night!! Uh Huma let's do it again and again all night long umm humi darling🐒❤️🐒
William Carter
Nothing here to see, at least that’s what the left will lead you to believe but the majority of Americans already New what idiots these folks were and how careless the Clintons and associates were when it came to security, now we’re seeing not only was Hilliary and company all guilty in regards to her email scandals and cover up but now we see further information in regards to Benghazi and everyone can now see, that Hilliary couldn’t give two shits about the Brave Americans we lost there....Smfh!
Marilyn H. Irick
No body has been imprisoned! Why?
Nelia Bude
To much talking about this, and no action taken agains those criminals. To much tolerances.
baldor traveler
Wieners nickname should be hairy palms
Amy Irving
*THERE WAS NO MISTAKE WITH HIS NAME! THAT WAS CODE!* Ambassador Chris Stevens was going home to report that he learned Hillary was delivering weapons to ISIS!*
T W Whistler III
Nothing is going to happen to Killary, she is a Clinton with the Clinton Cabal. All of her coworkers will be murdered like Seth Rich and dozens of others over the years. Killary will throw all coworkers under the bus. EVIL BITCH.
jack iloff
Hillary handled by her handler !hahaha!
P Mur
She had to eliminate CS because he was going to expose weapons deals including supplies going to ISIS.
kim rotter
It's way beyond time for her to pay for her crimes! Murder or setting someone up for such is her M.O. time for absolute justice for ALL the Clinton crime family victims. It's time for her to be held accountable!
Lake Tahoe
LOCK HER UP!!! PURE EVIL!! look up speech by Pat Smith... grieving mother of MURDERED CHRIS SMITH!! "what difference does it make anyway????" HRC ***MAGA*** 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Werle Enterprises
Arrest Hillary already!!
Tom Zmit
waiting for three on a tree Obama, Billy and Hillary all to be hung until dead. Justice !
Betty Grable
THE WORLD HAS NO ROOM FOR SUCH ARROGANCE!!! Hilary oabamo must go thank you so very kindly GOD!!!
David Giles
she wanted him out of the picture he ran guns, drugs and kids and knew too much
Wish they could have her head guiliteened off for treasen!
Brian Ballard
SHE WILL NOT GET TO CIVIL COURT. They are headed to GITMO & military tribunal to find the hangmans noose.
Elizabeth S
Hillary is Ruthless to the Bone and there was nothing "incompetent" about what she did, IF she did it on purpose
Chuck Hart
Time for a good old hanging.
Geeman Funman
With all this after all these years, why isn’t this bitch taken out. All you military people still allow her to live. Have balls and take her out.
I see Ewe
I worked for the local goverment of my state, we had pertacal on how we handled information, we couldn't even mention names outside of our office. For Huma to treat information of this magnatude is purely neglegent and irresponsible!
Barbara Perry
Huma is a spy
Robert Lloyd
scum they sent no help shes going to jail
Henrietta Simon
scott florida
No prison! Firing squad or rope! I prefer both
dave rodkey
She deserves the same end...
Vladimir Steinberg
Why that consulate was needed? How many, and to whom visas were ever issued??!!!!
Woogy 1
She deserves to dangle from the end of a rope. And we deserve to get hold of all involved.
Charleen Mcdade
Will clintons ever be charged? Statues of limitations almost up. Clintons know how this works
Colin Wright
Lock her up! She is a Sh**hole too. 😏
Denny Abrahamsson
If someone deserves deathpenalty its the Clintons
Charley Brown
something big has to be going on right now while all this rederik news chaos old news circus circle jerk has us all destracted
Richard Belf
Old news. It was evident at the time he was executed by the Secretary of State to hide her gun running deals with ISIS.
Fasustina Smith
Lester Heath
The witch deserves execution but unfortunately because of corrupt government we'll have to wait for righteous judgement,(from GOD) and then Hell for these evil creatures!
angela martyn
I doubt very much that Hillary will miss a wink of sleep, she truly believes she's above the law and that no one can touch her.
Barbara Perry
Incredible? The incredible thing is how Huma Abedine got security clearance as she's a muslim Brotherhood affiliate...standing next to our Sec of State everyday sharing classified information...OMG..all of the MSM should be jailed for not doing their one ever asked about Huma...I'm no one and I'd be a better reporter that all these fools..they must all be brainwashed to hate US ? Really what motivated these pigs? It's only money?
Barbara Perry
Why does it take YEARS for the truth to come out? Because we have no real press...
Russell Slayton
Hillary & the Podesta Brothers also Huma are all wearing ankle monitor . Look have you seen any of them on tv ? NO, because they have new jewlery , a big ass ankle monitor . The FBI is watching those 4.
Just Saying
Who writes this nonsense? They obviously used Smith on purpose! doh!
Chella Taylor
KUNT !!! He found out that she was running guns a kids.... 600 calls for help texts etc etc. burn in hell you kunt. jmt✌
Ron Lee
Killery strikes AGAIN
What you should have looked into is the ship’s registry and the people who own a ghost ship out of America that delivered the three hundred stinger missiles to the warehouse in Benghazi. I am certain it would come back to obummer and killary. The same as why they traded seven truck loads of weapons and ammo to Mexico for the cargo of the plane that wrecked in southern Mexico with the white powder that obama sent the Marines down to Mexico to bring back with knowledge that the duce and a half’s wouldn’t be inspected by immigrations upon coming back into America. Fast and furious my butt. That was a joke on stupidity but a gun deal to track weapons. I still laugh at the stupidity of it all. Good thing holder was selling sea side property in Arizona. LOL .SEMPER FIDELIS
Back when killary was Secretary of State she was caught by Anonymous selling the Chinese our military secrets. It was on u-tube when they showed where killary’s computer washed to let the Chinese down load the United States Military Secrets and the selling price they paid her for it. I had added it to my videos and didn’t download any because I feared reprisals for doing so. I know anytime you download it throws a flag up if it had certain names attached to it. I was kicked off Facebook and Twitter because I knew obummer was muslim brotherhood the day george soros bought him the senate seat in Illinois. Greta was given the info and she said I was a crazy Vietnam Veteran and asked if I had seen a therapist. I told her Greta because a S-3 officer who was with me in Chili on 9/11,1973 when Salvador Allende went to see allah. After he was sent on permanent vacation the muslim brotherhood sent President Nixon and the Commandant of the Marine Corps a letter stating the they would destroy America from within. I notified President George Bush about Barry obummer never heard anything back from White House but opened a e-mail from two days latter and fried my computer not able to save any content . The computer tech said ever who I made upset had a big computer that opened ever flie I had even my picture albums and placed a wormhole virus that when they plugged into my computer they had a firewall that most corporations have. Lucky the computer company had their tower off line because as soon as they put the power cord into my computer it turned theirs on and they jerked the plug out and then put a file in to their computer to put the virus in it and turned it on to place the virus in it and it blew passed their firewall and fried the tower in less than thirty seconds. They put my tower and theirs into a furnace and baked them both to ashes. One of the owners to the computer shop was a computer expert who worked in a three letter office in Washington DC . He said that what ever I sent them was what caused them to sick a virus that they used on other countries that tried to hack into the United States Government computers. I have had to buy three new computers since obummer was elected as imposters impersonating an elected official as president falsifying birth certificate and citizenship documents records. Just part of the games I guess when you know to much. I had people tell me I was crazy because putting what I knew could get me killed but I know what I have to do to keep family and myself safe. With my 0065 mos I learned how to look into the future. ALWAYS A GRUNT FIRST 0311/31/81/065. SEMPER FIDELIS
Barbara Perry
Hillary needed Steven's dead...he was running guns for her...he would have testified eventually if not dead....she revealed his location and schedule for all to see...anyone affiliated with her is terminal
Literally Stalin
Since POTUS was all that Killary lived for and she lost to the ultimate alpha male she wishes she was dead too. Her life is hell. She won't commit suicide just to save face. Poetic justice for Christopher Stevens. And everyone loves it that she hates being alive.
Rick Sutton
What caused Hillary to lose the election? Was it Wikileaks? Was it Podesta? Was it Comey? Was it having a sexual predator as a husband? Was it Huma Abedin’s sexual predator husband Anthony Weiner? Was it because the Clinton Foundation ripped off Haiti? Was it subpoena violations? Was it the congressional testimony lies? Was it the corrupt Clinton Foundation? Was it the Benghazi fiasco? Was it pay for play? Was it being recorded laughing because she got a child rapist off when she was an attorney? Was it the Travel Gate scandal? Was it the Whitewater scandal? Was it the Cattle Gate scandal? Was it the Trooper-Gate scandal? OR…. Was it the $15 million for Chelsea’s apartment bought with foundation money? Or her husband’s interference with Loretta Lynch & the investigation? Or happily accepting the stolen debate questions given to her? Or her own secret server in her house and disdain for classified information? Or deleting 30,000 emails? Or having cell phones destroyed with hammers? Was it the Seth Rich murder? Was it the Vince Foster murder? Was it the Gennifer Flowers assault & settlement? Was it the $800,000 Paula Jones settlement? Was it calling half the United States deplorable? Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders? Was it Bill’s impeachment? Was it the lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia? Was it the $10 million she got for the pardon of Marc Rich? Or the $6 BILLION she “lost” when in charge of the State Dept.? Or because she is a hateful, lying, power-hungry, overly ambitious, greedy, nasty person? Gee I just can’t seem to put my finger on it…
tony troy
James Walker
These people liberals follow. I rest my case.....
Chuck Hart
They need to hurry time is tuning out.
My President.....Put a $500. Contract on HiLiar and save Money, Time and Aggravations....
june bug
The whole world is afraid of her..she is the WHORE of BABYLONIAN!!!!!!!😈
Frank D. Long
I knew this is what they were hiding.That's why they never sent help.They were selling arms to the Taliban and Chris Stevens would've blown the whistle on them.Hillary was and is all about making money and doesn't care who dies.
david quintana
When ??? When is Hillary going to jail ?? When.. I hear every day "Hillary scared because she is going to jail" But here we are.. Hillary still walking free.. You people think politicians follow the same rules as us.. Satan's biggest deception was to make you believe he did not exist ... We are being played across the board.. even the ones you trust are in the game... This is unholy demons actually fighting for control of this planet.
Frank D. Long
The mainstream media and the FBI is being paid to cover this up.Six republicans were being paid during the election not to help Trump.
Teresa Vogt
She is the entire cast ot the Wizard of OZ.. You have the coward, the brainless, the heartless, the hiding behind the curtain all rolled up in one EvilWitch .. She has done a one woman show..playing all the characters She couldn't be a better candidate she even has her evil little flying monkeys...
Vlad Dracoson
Heh, no it was not a "Russian Spy". It was Guccifer, a simple, dime a dozen criminal hacker who found an illegal and totally unprotected server wide open for looting.
William Critchley
If they never charge for the countless assassinations, they won't this either. Just add to list
cinda schuster
All of them need to go down hillary and obama ALL OF THEM!
Pork Wontons
So? Still she walks free living it up with her girlfriend in Hawaii with our stolen money and bribes as she sold out the US.
Anthony Morelli
Rick Higson
Lynn H
Could you show the link to the email about the proof of this murder? Otherwise the title was just click bait to get us to yr page
Jane Doe
The Clinton Foundation should have been named "MURDER, INC!"
El Tigre
What fits the facts: The terrorists were to take Ambassador Stevens captive so he could be traded for the Guantanamo detainees. A couple of Seals didn't get the message and killed so many terrorists that they got po'd and killed everyone. Why else send Stevens from Tripoli where he was secure to Benghazi where he was in danger? Why else prevent military units from attacking to support the embattled Americans?
Dennis Schell
Joyce Braun
Bill Deplorable Patriot
Status quo just another clean Clinton hit taken out on another Clinton insider. Sadly with some Clinton collateral damage our brave servicemen. Killary & Bill would be an awesome hit team for the mafia, they definitely missed the calling. The Clintons the DC political elite serial killers.
James Menzies
Surely this should be 2012 and not 2011? The civil war was raging in March/April 2011 and Chris Stevens was murdered in September 2012.
Jim Rathbun
Is Wiener in the slammer yet? Or is he still stalking adolescent schoolgirls? Just wondering, ya know?
windsurfer pursley
Regarding Benghazi I thought the bit#h was suppose to answer the phone at 2am
And she is walking free ?
Chuck Taylor
Huma will be found dead in 2018 from an "apparent suicide" as she knows way too much about Hillary's illegal activities. Run Huma, Run!
Paul W
How much of our Embassies secret documents did Hillary and Obama allow the Muslims to capture?
Lani Greene
Killary should be hung
Gypsygirl 1971
Wayyyyyyy too many advertisements, I’m unsubscribing!!!
Gumbo Thundereagle
Rob K
Really SMART PEOPLE acting on really BAD DECISIONS. "IGNORAmCE of the law is no excuse." THEY IGNORED WHAT THEY KNEW. Let me explain.. That statement is factual when you understand the legal definition of IGNORANCE. Most people think it means that the (person does not know) . Wrong..! The word ignorance comes from the old Latin word "IGNORE".. in this context, it means that the person is educated in, or has knowledge of the facts...BUT...willfully chooses to "IGNORE" the law and proceed forward regardless of the consequences. (you cannot run a red light if you know it is illegal and claim that you choose to ignore the law) you will find yourself paying the traffic fine. Loretta, Hillary, Uma all know that what they have done is illegal. Classified information is not given to people without security clearances. To get a top security clearance, you must take a test that demonstrates your aptitude & obligation to keep confidential information out of the hands of unqualified people. Loretta, knows that covering up a felony like treason is also a felony. Uma is not smart enough to handle this information and gave it to Weiner and admitted that "SHE only had it to 'print it off'" . it is illegal to print off SCIF documents. (felony). These people all know the law (Hillary a Harvard educated attorney) . (Loretta educated in the law) (UMA is just stupid as hell) . They knew they were breaking the law so this PROVES INTENT TO BREAK THE LAW. Most people get the word Ignorance confused with Nescience. This means they are uneducated on the facts. Stupid: means they do not have the capacity to learn the facts. GUILTY....GUILTY...GUILTY...GUILTY...GUILTY....GUILTY...! Show less REPLY
Paula Snow
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